Sailors Cheer Navy Captain Relieved Of Command After Raising Alarm On Coronavirus | NBC Nightly News


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  • OnTheRoadWithEric says:

    So that’s what’s the the so call democracy government does, get rid of any body that is a whistleblower. Lol

  • TheLicktySplitz says:

    It is so shameful to fire this upstanding man for doing his job and protecting the men and wen under him. They're just mad because he told the truth and didn't act like everything is okay. If you want to make yourselves look better put Captain Crozier in charge of things or someone who will actually care snd help. We need more people like him.

  • Well if you sailors got faith in what the captain did, then do something about it ship want move without personal.

  • The commander of the USS Roosevelt was astonishingly stupid and he is clearly unfit to hold that position and rank. I believe he deliberately did what he did, not following the chain-of-command, to maliciously tell the world that his ship was infected with Wuhan virus to make the US military and President Trump look bad and undermine his Presidency. But what the commander actually did, was weaken the US Navy in the eyes of the enemies of the US and put his ship and personnel/crew at military risk from an enemy attack of opportunity because of the disarray on his ship that he broadcast to the world by doing what he did. It was right that he was 'fired' for acting in a manner unbecoming of a commander of a USS aircraft carrier — and affected the good order discipline of the Navy — for not following the chain-of-command and either leaking the information directly to the media himself or being careless in disseminating email information about the virus on his ship, in a manner that he knew, or ought to have known, would be leaked — thereby compromising the defensive capabilities of his ship, planes, and crew, and/or would undermine the capacity of the US Military, and/or cause detriment or harm to the command of same.

  • Ever notice how anyone who compromises the military, instantly becomes a hero of the Left?

    People, last warning, you better get your priorities straight, because sycophancy is not a vaccine for China Coronervirus Plague. CCP wants to ruin all of you.

  • Our government doesn't care about its people any more. They only care about their own motives and Will twist and turn the truth. Common sense says help the sailors on that ship no matter how they twist the truth. Those sailors are our people not pons for the gov. To play with.

  • He will get chin checked the first chance a patriot gets. Loose lips sink ships and he broke the chain of command when men have died in Leavenworth for less.

  • Robin Holbrook says:

    Your a real man Sir From one Vet to another I salute you. God is gonna give you your promotion that I'm sure of .

  • Truthful4ever says:

    There are a FEW good men lef who believes in doing what is right regardless of the consequences.
    God bless you Captain.

  • Touchofgrey53 says:

    As I understand it, he is being reassigned! To where? How about reassigning the sec. of Navy, Modley! Like, maybe to Death Valley!

  • The acting navy chief is taking Que. from Trump. Anyone who speaks the truth will get fired from this government.

  • I wonder how many times that Captain tried to get those sailors transferred before resorting to writing a letter. Trump’s over riding reaction was “he wrote a LETTER!!” Obviously, being barely literate, Trump finds that the most outrageous thing about the situation. “He wrote a letter? It’s not a class in literacy”. No, it’s not, the Captains obviously not in need of one, he expresses himself eloquently enough. Unlike Trump, an uneducated, illiterate, moron!

  • God bless you Captain. All the changing stories from the Navy's top brass make me think that they needed a scapegoat for the sailor's DYING on his ship and he wouldn't keep quiet about it. If a man can't stand for something, he will fall for anything. Captain Crozier stood up for his men and for me he needs a promotion. Im guessing he raised the alarm by the book and his superiors were slow to act so he took matters into his own hands, knowing full well what the consequences would be. He hasn't been relieved of duty because of any security breach or for not raising the alarm with using proper procedures. He is gone for insubordination. He can hold his head high. God bless you Captain.

  • Leave it to our militards best and brightest to relieve heros from high ranking positions when THEY DID THE RIGHT THING. Ohhhhh boohoo the guys that make military decisions daily and dont wear military uniforms got their feelings hurt. I hope they know their reaction was more embarrassment than that letter would have ever been.

  • Joseph Merritt says:

    Too many reporters and civilians simply don't understand the discipline and procedures of the armed forces. This was an experienced officer who willfully violated operational security procedures and the chain of command. In wartime, he would have been court marshaled. The military is not a democracy. You follow established rules and procedures or you leave.

  • Xiaojian Yang says:

    What the captain did is very unprofessional! he let the US opponents, such as CCP and Iran, know that US army is at weak status. this could break the military power balance and arouse CCP or other terrorists' attempts to undermine the world order that US has been holding since WWII. the leaking could cause disaster way worse than the virus. this is commonsense, military speaking

  • In the service everyone has a boss. Chain of command. You have a problem you bring it to your boss. And wait for a response period. Your not the lone ranger. You disrespected your boss. Now your relieved. Fired

  • This should boost Navy recruiting for the next 5-10 years smh?‍♂️ #SaluteThisCapt
    Not related directly, but I loved Behind Enemy Lines

  • Projectheureka says:

    So proud of those Navy girls and boys. Indeed Captain Brett Crouzier is the true hero here.

    Because. A true hero's duty is to protect all existing Life, not to destroy Life!

    And to do that, sometimes, to safe the life of your comrades and private citizens' lives you have to go against and breach the chain of command and tell the Public the truth!

    That, is the main reason why all soldiers in the navy, went and will continue to go as far as to endanger their health to crowd UP and applaud and salute the man!
    That, courage to peacefully but deceisely risk your life to protect all others is what sociopaths as Trump, Putin, MBS, lil rocketman etc. Pp will certainly never get.

    As an old godless Pacifist, I too can only salute that one Navy man as a true dedicated warrior of protecting existing lives, not imaginary values nor unborn lives.

    Captain Brett Crouzier, I for one, thank you for your services. Of warning your comrades so they can be medically helped in.due time and the Public. I am no friend of any military nor of militarism as a profession. BUT, you are the true hero in this dark-age era lead by pathological liars and other wealthy religious fanatic sociopaths.

    Captain Brett? Whatever the elite idiots claim, lie and blunder to the Public do not matter on the long run. You did well in trying to protect lives. That IS the original and true definition of a hero, Sir.

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  • What a pickle. Did the secretary of the Navy authorize procedures for safe removal of infected personnel to preserve the carrier as an asset? Having it functionally impaired has national security implications. That is the real question, and if so, what of the following of those directives?

  • We have 11 aircraft carriers in total, followed by China, UK having 2 each. Smattering of other countries having 1 including Russia. We have good deal of redundancies with aircraft carrier groups but we do not have any redundancies with ICUs, PPEs, Q: how many aircraft carrier groups do we need? Should we reconsider our priorities? I think Capt. Crozier is a hero.

  • There’s a chain of command, the chain of command cannot be broken for any one person Or even hundreds. Loose lips sink ships.

  • Moriah Bortz Rodriguez says:

    My nephew is on this ship so are others sons and grandsons so on behalf of my family thank you for standing up for the sailors! Anybody with family on this ship is worried everyday and this man did this out of love and concern which was his duty. Shame on all of you who think other wise!!!

  • Richard Hernandez says:

    Crozier tested positive for coronavirus showing symptoms during his command while on the USS Rosevelt. Pretty smart by writing the letter and violating naval regulations knowing he would be relieved of duty. First to leave his crew and first to get into a navy hospital on shore. He should work for the CIA.

  • I'm a Navy Vet, 6 years in with 4.5 at sea. My ship did combat ops in Desert Shield and Desert Storm served 3 years in the Pacific and 1.5 in Atlantic and Med. There seems to be a serious discipline problem in my Navy. The collisions between ships and a captain running amok of the chain of command as well as using an unclassified server is a terrible sign of discipline problems starting at the top. Now I look at the video and see that the lack of discipline is evident in the crew which is in a close mob and not social distancing.

    My ship was harassed numerous times by Soviet cruisers, destroyers and aircraft. We never knew what their true intentions were so we had to always be ready. The enemy does not send a text before doing something hostile. I am certain that the Navy was working on a plan to help those sailors but this isn't a car that you can just park on the side of the road and walk away from. Communicating your grievances to anyone who will listen and using an unsecured means is just what our enemies are hoping for. Yes we do have enemies but they are always shooting at us. It was poor judgement. This is a nuclear powered warship, not a party boat, likely carrying some sort of nuclear weapons. You need to keep your wits about you and trust that seniors have bigger picture view than you. Who actually thinks the Navy was ignoring the problem? Once you have enough sailors sick the ship would become operationally ineffective. Then what? But the Navy can't just run a Craigslist ad at the nearest port and get replacements. Replacement personnel have to be trained and qualified to do the job so now they would have to strip other ships of people. This is not easy and my guess is that this was not happening fast enough for the Captain. We are all guessing about the particulars but the armchair quarterbacking is not possible because the Navy is not a Reality Show. Its just REAL.
    Go NAVY!!!

  • What a disgrace. This man's actions could have led to a mutiny on the ship putting it in jeopardy leave aside making the US look like a fool . Thank God we have Orangeman and not Puffing Bama as the Commander in Chief.

  • Now he was tested positive for the coronavirus. You could imagine how many more sailors have been infected when the top officer of the Carrier contracted virus. It is getting harder and harder for the US Navy to cover it up.

  • Are we China now. They fired a man for speaking becase he was worried for his sailors we are just as bad as China they silences the docter that discover cronavires and we are doing this now because he was worried about his sailors. HE IS A AMARICAN HERO.and amarican should be ashamed especially if those sailors die from cronavires

  • Why is donald not held to the high standards like our military members?

    Shameful. donald does not have our nation's best (it's blood & treasure) interest.

    mark esper (West Point 1986) allowing underlings to pander to dear leader's (only of his Al Queda/base) non-concerns for our military members' lives and well-being; was last in his class at West Point in leadership, setting the example, being a moral & ethical compass.

  • This is not a cruise the Diamond Princess…the sailors do not have individual cabins..having seen the catastrophe in the Diamond a leader he acted bravely before the entire crew is infected..he is not only protecting his sailors but the entire navy community and their families…salute to you Sir, Captain Crozier !!!

  • Charles Nemon says:

    A Navy Captain loses his job for being a hero. A presidunce keeps his job for being a coward. trump plus the coronavirus is a double threat to America and the rest of the world. Vote him out. Lock him up.

  • So he needed to be relived of command for asking for help because the commander and chief (trump) haven't tested the sailors in close quarters and it was an outbreak on the ship. As a navy vet I think the fired the wrong man. Trump is accountable for his troops and sailors. If they didnt get help it's on him.

  • THat is most likely BS that Cpt didn't follow chain of command !
    Of course any Cpt would have but it must have fallen deaf ears and therefore he took his command decision upon himself , sacrificing himself for his crew! Salute Cpt Crozier!

  • just look at trumps administaration, they all look like taken straight from a mental hospital. they also would be able to start in a star trek movie without any extra characterization.

  • Reading through comments seeing so many people calling captain a hero. I guess now I understand why Trump was elected.

  • Chris Sanchez says:

    Fired for sending an email on a unclassified server…hmmm. ? something tells me Hillary will remain silent on this one.

  • Just the same as the way communist China treated the doctor who went public with Corona. People in power do not like to be shown to be saving face instead of lives. If those in power do not listen then THEY are responsible for creating these desperate situations.

  • This event is not about public health it is an exercise in government control. If we do not take immediate and far reaching steps to curtail the emergency powers that our public official posses we run the risk of living in a constant state of siege. No public official, under any circumstances, should have the power to limit or restrict lawful activities.

  • The proximity of the sailors while cheering on their captain speaks millions. Trump and his administration are all of a sudden concern with the chain of command. Meanwhile Trump handed Russians classified information in the White House and that is okay.

  • Leaders like him should be promoted. He did the right thing. The one responsible for firing him should be fired. Our military needs a lot more leaders like this navy captain. This captain is an example of what makes our military strong. We have many in leadership positions that blindly follow bad policy. Just ask yourself who you would like as your leader or in charge of your son or daughter. The crew of that captain clearly showed their support!

  • A good general is like this Capitain because he cares about his men's lives. All soldiers on the ship will remember him!

  • I'm betting that Trump won't be intervening and going to bat for this Captain but how many convicted and suspected war criminals has Trump intervened and gone to bat for?

  • CL Lowboy King says:


  • Someone in another youtube post mentioned about being in the military and how this Captain compromised the Navy by making this public. Which is bullocks in a ship that size this would've come out in the News services sooner rather than later with casualties resulting in an even bigger black eye for the Navy. The Captain isn't some spring chicken he is a seasoned professional he knew what the consequences of his actions and he did the right thing and the only reason why he made it public the way he did was because his Superiors- dimwits were paralyzed in deciding on how best to resolve the situation, and with the clock ticking in an environment no different from a cruise ship this was a time bomb waiting to explode.
    Kudos and much respect to the Captain for acting and however unorthodox the means it has made the Navy aware of this problem- a reality check in which hopefully leads to the Navy coming up with proper guidelines and SOPs regarding future cases of a COVID-19 outbreak in its Ships.
    Captain Crozier was correct in stating its men and women are the Navy's most important asset and through his actions saved the Navy millions of dollars in losses in manpower and in its operations. Now he is being used as a scapegoat for the Navy's inability to care for the Men and Women in its Service- a shame. Captain Crozier's decisiveness is a gain for the U.S. Navy his dismissal is its Loss.

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