Sagipoka Thappadhuga || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Sagipoka Thappadhuga || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Yes, mom?
– ‘Got ready?’ – Yeah, almost. ‘She is a really nice girl, so is her family.
Behave well and do not let go off this match.’ Yeah, mom, fine!
– ‘Also, shave your beard.’ Mom, I’ll pay heed to anything you say
but this. Beard is an emotion. Is he Sai? Hey, Sai! It’s been a while, bro!
– Yeah, bro, I know. Where are you headed?
– My mom found me a match. So.. What! You want to get married?
– I know you’d find it funny. How come you are here? A girl said she wanted to meet. So..
– Won’t you ever change? – Some things don’t. Hey, bro! There he is! Look! Why is he shaking his head like that? Won’t you ever stop shaking your head?
– Remember when I made our teacher pee in his pants? Oh, yeah! I can’t forget that.
– And I toyed with our hostel’s warden. Remember? Yes, I do. That served him right.
– So, bro, what else? Bro, but what you did with that girl was so wrong.
– I told you many times I wasn’t at fault. I told her I already was committed but she still fell for me.
– Cut it! You kept giving her wrong signals. So, you were totally at fault.
– No, I’m not. – What is happening? Tell me. I’ll tell you a story
and you tell me who is at fault. How do I talk to her? Not now. Come here.
– Alright. Why are your eyes red? Are you high already?
– Why are you here? – I’ve been tailing a girl for a week. But I didn’t even get
a chance to talk to her. Hey.. Are you talking to me?
– Look how disjointed he is. He is always in a trance. Say something, bro.
How do I talk to her, bro? You can’t catch fish just like that. You’ve to trap them.
– Could you talk simple, please? Every girl has a friend who can be bribed
by buying her chocolates and pens and pencils. So, first, befriend her friend.
Everything in this world has a process. Hey, bro. – Hi!
– You want me to drop you anywhere? Not now! Get out of my sight! I’m already frustrated and then comes this girl.
– Is this girl pretty? – She is right there. She looks
like a painting of Bapu’s. Bro, I can now trap the fish. Hi! Hey, Catherine!
– Get lost! Can I have a word with you?
– Yeah, alright. What?
– Is she your friend? – Yes. So? I’ve a crush on that girl. Please, help me woo her.
– You think I’ve no self esteem to.. Why is he calling now? Hello?
– Did you tell her about me? – Yes. I told her you’re my friend and you’re a nice guy.
– Thanks a lot. Please, see to it she likes me back. Alright, then. Talk to you later.
– You only call to talk about her, don’t you? Oh, no! Tell me, what’s up?
– I’m at home. And you? It is 2:30AM already. I got college tomorrow.
I’ll hit the bed now. – Alright. Yes, Divya?
– ‘Your phone was engaged for an hour. Whom were you talking to?’ To a friend of mine.
– ‘Who talks to just friends so late in the night?’ ‘Anyways, have fun.’
– No, wait.. How long do we wait?
– She’ll be here. There she is. I’ve to talk to you.
– I’ll be right back. Did you even tell her anything about me?
She isn’t even looking at me. Who the duck is he?
– Who the duck are you? – Forget about him. He is like that. Not just in traditional attires,
my darling looks good in any attire. You never commented on my attire, did you?
– That is because you look like a tomboy. You look decent too. What’s cooking? You bought flowers,
wrote a poem and got dressed well. Where to? I’ll propose to her today. Hey, you are here!
Actually, I wanted to come meet you. I know you like me.
Infact, I’m here to propose to you. Stop being sarcastic, girl.
I’ll propose to your friend. You think she’ll accept? You’re joking, right?
– Of course, not. You know what? She is feeling jealous that I’m talking to you.
I like how possessive girls get. W-What about our relationship? Y-You even kissed me the other day.
– It happened on the spur of the moment. I placed my hand on yours. You didn’t mind.
So, I kissed you. Also, you asked for it.
So, don’t blame me now. I told you I’ve a crush on your friend.
Don’t you get it? Guys can’t do with just one girl, can they?
You need a girl to be in love with another girl to get physical with
and dozen more girls for dozen more reasons. Why do you toy with our feelings
just for the kick of it? How could you talk to her like that?
It is so wrong. I didn’t know how to get rid of her.
Too good she is now gone. That’s what happened. Tell me, who is at fault?
– He is at fault. Alright, fine!
– Anyways, I’ve to leave. See you later. Bye, bro.
– Bye! Hello? Well, I’ve reached.
Yeah, cool. I’m sorry.
Had I known it is you, I wouldn’t have even come. And why is that?
– Because you know my past. – I do. So? You’re there when it all happened.
– I was. – And still you would want to marry me? I would if you want to.
– Every guy starts out as a gentleman. But after a while, you’ll start spying on me.
If I’m late home, you’ll start suspecting me. And even if you get a mild headache,
that’ll be because of my past. Saying you don’t care about the past
isn’t as easy as said. I’m sorry for wasting your time? Shall I leave now?
– Your parents set up this date, didn’t they? – Yeah. Since I know your past, you don’t want this marriage.
What if it wasn’t me, but someone else? Say you both like each other and get married?
What if he then gets to know your past? Even if he didn’t know your past,
you’ll always be worried about him knowing it. Also, I’m not trying to be a gentleman,
I’m just being myself. Everyone has a past,
be it a guy or a girl. If someone says they don’t have anything
from their past, doesn’t trust them. How much ever you try, you can’t undo your past.
That is why it is called past. But, future, it is all in your hands.
You weren’t at fault about what happened. You only did what you thought was right.
So, past should be forgotten fast. One final word I’ll pull you out from your hopeless past
and take you to a better and happy future. Past is past.
Will you take me as your husband? Like I said, past is past. Don’t just stick to your past.
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