Safety Fears for Truckers in Calais – BBC NEWS

Safety Fears for Truckers in Calais – BBC NEWS

The Road Haulage Association has told
BBC southeast it’s concerned migrants will try to smuggle themselves into the
UK on lorries, again, this summer. The so called ‘Calais Jungle Camp’ was dismantled
last year but we’ve been told hundreds of refugees are again gathering near the
French port. Drivers are reporting road blockades and migrants trying to get on
their vehicles. They’re now very concerned that they’re facing the same problems that they witnessed last summer and the summer before and
that’s clearly unacceptable conditions for you know, a driver that’s just
looking to to do their job and to provide an income for their family. To
face the kinds of problems that we we witnessed last week and that they
witnessed over the past couple of years is just completely unacceptable.


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