Sadhguru-If you’re in ignorance you must suffer. break your karma

Sadhguru-If you’re in ignorance you must suffer. break your karma

-Do we have maximum karma with people, that
are close to us, for example our parents, or siblings, or spouses, and if yes, how do
we deal with them different than others? -I didn’t get the first part of the question.
-Do we have maximum karma with people who are close to us?
-People, are you talking about your wife? We kept her away
from you for six months, so that your karma could be reduced. People, who are close to
you means, not necessarily but generally, you’re always looking for somebody who thinks
like you, who feels like you, who acts like you. You’re looking for a double. This double
thing is a big problem. You know, during World War II Adolf Hitler had many doubles. People
who just looked, just like him, they were trying to speak.. I mean they were trained
to speak like him, behave like him, all mannerisms, everything.. Many tyrants across the world
have always tried to have doubles for variety of reasons. This is a basic trait of a tyrant.
That you want to have a double and because lot of marriages are tyrannical,
you try to have a double. in 1944, when the World War II was beginning to turn against
the third Reich, on a certain day, Himmler was the right hand man of Adolf Hitler, walked
into your safe house where there were eight Hitler doubles, all of them looked like Hitler,
they dress like Hitler, behave like Hitler have been trained for years. and everybody
else who deals with them also have to behave as if he they’re Hitlers. So,Henrich Himler
walked in and said :hey Hitlers!. and said: I have good news and bad news. they all said,
ok, what’s the good news?, The good news is – Our Furer is still alive, the bed news
is- he lost his left eye and he pulled out a metal hook. once you’re a double its a problem
you know. So whatever happens to the double, has to happen to you. if they become miserable
you must become miserable. if you show joy on your face you’re finished. No? Yes? If
you are double is being miserable you must also act miserable. whether you are or not
it doesn’t matter , if you show joy in the double, you not doing the double act properly.
so I didn’t know what to do and what context from what understanding of Karma you’re asking
this. People whom you believe you love and people whom you believe you hate, both of
them that is a lot of karma you may never meet that person is somewhere, far away ,but
you hate them. You definitely have a lot more karma with Pakistan than Lithuania, isn’t
it? So, karma is not because of your engagement in life with something. Karma is because the
way you deal within yourself .It is something that you doing to yourself .it is not something
that life is doing to you .it is something that you doing to yourself. So, what kind
of karma you do to yourself is your choice. we were looking at this as today. if you wish
you can become joyful ,if you wish you can become miserable .you can become blissful,
you can become ecstatic, you can become utterly and you can cause a gun it yourself without
any is just you. So, this must be understood karma means action. whose action?
My action, or in other words :this is a great insight into life, that you understand -your
life is your making .it is you’re doing. it is not somebody else’s doing. only because
it is you’re going, only and only, because it’s you’re doing, there is room for liberation.
if it was God’s doing, how the hell are you going to break it? If the trap was God’s trap,
creators trap, that is no way you are going to break it, because it’s your doing. that
is why it can be undone. after all, that’s your doing. So, you can use somebody, people
around you, either to break your karma, either to cause a karma of liberation are to cause
a karma of bondage. anyway you’re doing something always. you can’t help that, isn’t it? .physically,
mentally, emotionally energy wise- something is happening with you all the time awake,
or asleep, you cannot dots that. if you’re aware you will cause karma of liberation.
if you ran away, you’ll cause the karma of bondage. you need not necessarily be married
for that. You can simply do it. sitting alone in a room for the rest of your life you can
create karma with everybody in the world. it doesn’t take anything because it’s something
that you’re doing within yourself. it is not an interaction with somebody. it is something
,that is happening within you. You are like a silk one. silk is a beautiful five burner
fabric, but this is like a silk lawn using his own metal he’s wheeling the cocoon for
hands. This cocoon is very important .it’s going to kill him. if he doesn’t break it
someday, if he breaks it becomes a beautiful butterfly- free to fly, if he doesn’t he will
die within the cocoon. That’s what Karma is. if you crack it ,it becomes a source of
liberation, something very beautiful will happen. no warm can ever imagine what it means
to be a butterfly, isn’t it? But if you die in it, then it becomes the greatest bondage,
because you died in your own cocoon, not somebody else’s making- your own making. so karma
is not about somebody without close to you ,or far away from you ,it’s not about somebody
it is what you’re doing within yourself. The very fundamentals of karma mean it’s my
doing. Everything that I am -is my doing. The moment you think I’m having karma, because
of my wife- you missed the whole point. the karma is not because of her, karma is not
because of somebody else, karma means- my doing ,my action. this is my creation. that
bondage is my creation. to the liberation also has to be my doing. Somebody can help
you But, this is an inside job; because it’s an inside job a little outside help is needed.
but it’s an inside job. you’re not having karma with anybody, Karma is about you, it
is you’re making, it is your bondage, two people maybe living together ,doing many things
together, one maybe becoming free , another maybe getting entangled .isn’t it so? Isn’t
it happened, that living together, doing the same things. One is using this to get entangled,
another is becoming liberated. Because it’s your doing. if it was each other’s doing
then, both would be entangled, it is not so, the very word karma means it’s my doing .nobody
else is involved in this business. -Sadhguru, fear of failure, the fear of change
gets me immobilized. How can I change it? -fear of change does what?
– Fear of failure, it makes me immobilized .How do I change it?
-immobilized? For one ,who is seeing this life as a steppingstone for a larger possibility,
for him there is no failure. for one, who is looking at the simple events of this life
itself as the goal of life. For him there is failure and success. if you’re just seeing
this life is a steppingstone for a larger possibility, if you have a good deal- you
use that for your well-being. If you have a bad deal you use that for your well-being.
the economy was in the boom and every full could be successful. when the economy is on
the boom, everybody gets carried. now there is been a meltdown. now it takes something
else to be successful. So, when the economy was on the boom, you could’ve brought a certain
dispetion towards the money that’s flowing in. now the economy is down, the tabs are
all closed up. it’s time to come meditate ,walk in the mountains. There is a lot of
time. a lot of time on your hands isn’t it. when there was money it took away your
time in life. now the tabs are closed lots of time. So, It doesn’t matter what the hell
happens. it doesn’t matter what the hell happens with your life. if you are seeing this life
only as a steppingstone for a larger possibility, than whatever the situation -it is beautiful
and very useful .very very useful. Once there was a farmer, like you. Who was tired of various
natural factors of ruling his the quality of his .. crop. so one day he called Shiva.
it was a wildcard entry. so he found access and Shiva said –what? he said I’m tired
of all the natural nonsense happening. Obviously you aren’t a farmer. I know from history,
that you are a hunter. You are not a farmer. you don’t know what it means to farm. Why
don’t you leave the nature in my hands? I’m a farmer, I know when it should rain, I know
when there should be sunlight, I know when there should be wind. I know everything .you
don’t know because you just hunter. And you’re crazy ascetic. You definitely not a good farmer.
the wrong times it’s raining, at wrong times things are happening. You leave it to me.
Shiva was one of those moods, he said- okay, nature is in your hands. Than the farmer planned
his crop. planted a maze crop. Rain! broke the land and sea, okay soaked up the 6 inches,
than-stop! Planted, right for 2 days, rain! Sunlight! Today I’m working in the field
.Clark! Everything just happened the way he wanted. a beautiful maize crop came.
He was overjoyed , you see. his good nature should be in farmers hands. and then when
the time to harvest came, he wanted to see, because none of the birds were coming ,he
was surprised ,because that also he said- no birds. Than he went and open and saw a
nice big everything, but he open and saw no grain inside. and he thought what the hell
is this .what did I do wrong. than he couldn’t figure out ,because rain, water ,sunshine
everything he managed properly .then again he went back to Shiva. But, he was in this
condition ..he waited for many years for him to open his eyes, by the time he’s in on these
many years the fields in the family everything went to.. but he wanted to know the answer
. what went wrong? He is farmer first. and when she opened his eyes he asked I did everything
right ,but there is no grain. Did you sabotage my crop? Shiva said. I’ve been watching.
You are doing a wooden charge so I didn’t want to interfere. the rain was great, the
sunshine was great, everything was fine ,but you stopped all the winds. I used to always
send fierce winds. which would threaten your crop. but because the plants felt pushed and
threatened, that put their roots deeper into the grain happened .now you have
great maize crop. so various situations in your life ,either you you can use it ,to make
yourself stronger and better ,or you can sit and cry. This is a choice you have .everything
,it doesn’t matter what happens ,the most horrific event happened in your life, that
also can be used for your growth and your well-being. if only if you have clearly seen
the small events of your life ,when I say small events I mean your business, your marriage
your children .all those big things. all these things are just a stepping stone. this is
not new to you, because in this culture the publicity over centuries or millenniums that
told you your life is about mukti-your marriage, your business, your social life -these are
all just means to get there. eather you go with it or you will without it .but whether
you are a Sanyasi, or you are in Samsara your only goal is mukti-Yes? the goal was not just
for Sanyasi, for everybody it is mukti-if you can walk alone ,you work alone ,you want
party going with you- you walk with the party. that’s your choice. you want to get there
quick ,you walk alone. you want to go there having a picnic on the way slowly, you go
with people .choice is yours ,but the important thing is whatever the hell you doing- is only
one goal .if you have set this up, then all the events of life everything is beneficial.
the boom is beneficial ,the meltdown is even more beneficial actually. It is also ecologically
very good you know-the meltdown .so the fear of failure. failure is bad enough. fear is
adding spice to it .isn’t it? success happens to you not because you desire it, because
you earn it. Everybody desires comes only if you’re capable of it. No,no,I’m
very capable, but.. That’s the but.. I’m very capable, I was doing very well five years
ago, but now.. yes, but now situations has changed and you don’t know how to live with
it ,that’s all it means .if you have set the larger goal for yourself, than just eating
,breading, earning a living have set the larger goal for yourself all this things are fine.
today you have a ..I’m sorry to torture you with reminder, 12 course meal ,tomorrow
you have just dry bread ,both can be enjoyed isn’t it? both can be just fine .actually
it’s good for health, not to have a 12 course meal .its good for the tong, it’s good for
the society to have a 12 course meal ,not good for your body. a lot of people by choice
there having a simple meal. by choice that having a simple meal. if nature assists you,
what is the problem? suppose you can’t afford anything else, you can always buy our sanjivani
ganji.what do you laughing, its very nutritious. and you can also buy a bottle of pickle. you
can live on in the rest of your life. Very nutritious and good for your health .you live
longer. you can even throw a sanjiviny party. Why not. I’m sure you can make that much money
isn’t it. No, but I can’t pay my rent, I can’t pay
my electricity bill, you can come and work here. If you
don’t have a building will put you in a thatch roof. At least the cowshed is there. you know
we all slept in the cowshed to start with. The things that are not a little better. you
don’t know how it will be tomorrow. when we slept in the cowshed, we were like this only.
today also I like this only. when we are in the cowshed we were not like this, we were
like This only, now also we are like this only.
wherever the hell we go, whatever that really happens this is our living, because success
and failure is not in the volumes of money flowing into your life. success and failure
is not dependent upon the recognition, that you find in the world. you’re successful in
life, if you know how to walk with Joy trough hell. Meltdown is not hell. I know there is
a certain amount of global warming involved, but is not as hot as hell. It’s not bad at
all, its very good. I’m sure you can do with less food, smaller house, smaller car or walking
is great. walking is very good for heath. some man who just became hundred years old
in Coimbatore city and not met the man I reading the newspaper just a month ago, he became
a hundred hundredth birthday. they asked him -what is the source of your health and well-being
because he still strong and good. he said that I am a walk King. to put a hyphen in
walking and said I’m a walking .everyday I walk. hundred I’m still walking. so your failure
could be extremely good for your well-being. Don’t be against your own well-being. So
Ganji and walking sure recipe for health. The is no such thing as failure. Failure is
an idea, because success is also stupid idea .your idea what is success and what is failure,
isn’t it? If you’re trying to change the world change your idea. Isn’t it easy? You
you just change your idea of success and failure everything is great isn’t it ?if you were
a beggar on the street, today if you could walk into the restaurant ,eat .. of those
are paid 10 rupees bill, this would be the height the peak of your success. Isn’t it
?so you gotten trapped in social situations and it is not even your idea, why am I crediting
you with this, it is somebody’s idea of what is success. don’t become a slave to somebody’s
idea. at least have your own idea. you have no idea of your own. don’t deceive yourself.
every idea, every thought, every emotion, every value that you have is picked up from
somewhere and it rules you from within. it rules you from within. your religion and your
society, your culture has trained you to believe. that this is it . the first and foremost success
is that you’re not a slave to anybody’s idea. this is success. Whatever the situation of
life -you’re alive means your successful .isn’t it? No? Admit it if you’re successful .this
is success your life. you do not know the value of life, you’re crying about the share
market, you do not know the value of life because the demographic is going up and down
you want to die? no , no, but I lost so much money. There is
no such thing, these are all social things, is another existential things. we created
the society for the well-being, not to take our lives. Yes? You created your family, your
social structure and every other damn thing for you well-being not to take your life isn’t
it? now every damn thing can take your life. Don’t make things that you create, things
that human beings create larger than your life. that is the basis of your suffering
.you’re not interested in the creators creation. so magnificent. you enamored by petty things.
so you have to suffer. if you don’t suffer how? what is the value of enlightenment? you
have to suffer.. if ignorance doesn’t bring suffering to you -why would you seek enlightenment?
what what would be the value. somebody said ignorance is bliss. there always been selling
ignorance of course. said I told you the power of marketing in the morning .people have been
telling you ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is bliss. you know during the 60s people popped
LSD. Love, sex and drugs .they popped LSD and they began to think their superhuman.
and they jumped of tall buildings, because they believe they’re going to fly, and they
did fly for some time. you know when the Wright brothers flew, they were airborne only for
24 seconds and that is a great feat. When, I you know, when I was 17 years of age,
I built my own thing lighter and I tried to fly down the hill, because it was downhill
I flew. I believe it looked like a long time, but I believe, I could’ve also done something
20 seconds, but then when you realize it is not built to fly than the bliss is over. I
came down with two cracked ankles, but these people jumped off buildings, they were blissful
in their ignorance till you hit the ground of course. see if ignorance does not bring
suffering to you, I would be disappointed with life. I would be very disappointed, then
all my striving and who I am, doesn’t mean anything, its have no significance ,its has
no consequence. If you’re in ignorance you must suffer. This is not my wish. this is
the way of life, whether you like it or you don’t like, that the way it happens . -Sadhguru. all the cultures in the world .they
have a common thing that there is a very human life taking away your own life or somebody
else’s life is not considered proper,but if if one is really suffering, when his got a
bad deal in this life, then why are kindest one start a new game and this one and restart
the game. Is anything wrong with that? -SO, if I have a bad deal don’t have the right
to shut it up and come back again? if you have a bad deal with your job you could just
quit ,if you have a bad deal with your marriage you could just divorce ,if you have a bad
deal with the society ,in which you live, you can come to Isha yoga, isn’t it? If
you have a bad deal in Isha yoga center that you go to the mountain .so these are not good
enough reasons for you to end the process of life. first of all you didn’t created.
so you don’t talk about ending it. unless your identity, as a separate being or a separate
person has has disappeared and you and the social creation are just the same .you come
to that point ,then you can just throw away your body consciously, then you’re allowed
to do it ,not by damaging the body, not by hanging from a tree. we don’t mind burying
you under the tree, but hanging from a tree is neither good for you will not for the tree.
we already looked at this, whether it’s a good deal or a bad deal ,if you have a larger
purpose everything is a steppingstone. everything is a steppingstone for your ultimate well-being.
if you have set the larger goal, every situation that you get into your getting so identified
and caught up with that, now it feels like it’s better to end your life. anyway this
is a lot of bull, because today something is going wrong you want to end your life,
tomorrow morning something is going right you want to live, you want to have your third
baby. You want to get married once again. if things are going little better tomorrow
morning will have plans. everything looks bleak- you think of suicide ,isn’t it? this
is just a game that you’re playing in your mind. it once happened- a salesman decided
to go into a new development ,housing development. He though no other salesman would have still
ventured yet. because it’s a new development. said he wanted to be the first one, be the
early bird .so he went and knocked in a very fast house that he saw there a lady came and
opened the door .without giving her a chance he just slipped into her house, took a lot
of cow dung, fresh cow dung from his bag and threw it all over the new carpet. in his head
say I have a wonderful vacuum cleaner, you watch it. I’ll clean this carpet without even
leaving the slightest of order. if I don’t do it, I will eat every piece of this cow
dung myself. I will eat it,so the lady asked: would you like some tomato sauce? because
we still do not have electricity in the house .what you need is a little bit of tomato sauce.
tastes a little good then you suddenly want to live. just eating cow dung, you feel like
dying. You stood up and said Sadhguru, if you know what you are telling such nonsense
should not come out of your mouth. there is no meaning to Sadhguru, when you are wanting
to end your life, because it’s not worthwhile sitting here that’s what you’re telling me.
it is not worthwhile sitting here. you are not in grace? You’re somewhere.. about how
your job is not working ,how your family is freaking you, how something else is happening
..that’s all you’re thinking about. Just be here.. suddenly it will be worthwhile,
I’ll make it worthwhile.


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  • Guruji, Many chronic patients , depressed lot could not get up because their karma could not be set right by any type parikaras etc., I have seen many in my relation itself. Even suicide prone person could not be protected 24 hours. Fate is very strong on them. God's power is explicite in those cases.
    If wisdom itself is affected , how that person or their relations can save them or protect them ?
    This is not applicable for all. Kindly don't generalise.

  • David Tinx Lall says:

    🌞 Isn't it so 🌟 Action : ) .. Life is only our own doing.. We create our own shortcomings and bondage.. yes or no?.. What can be done can also be undone πŸ’― Fantastic ⭐✌⭐

  • Karma of liberation comes from wholesome view, intention, thought, speech and action you take in your life; Karma of bondage happens through unwholesome habits of negative thought and action. Do no harm, hurt no one keep thoughts and actions on pure motivation

  • karma- that word was the reason for my visit to this video. my original meaning for it was the job ( u r a teacher, u r a dancer etc )Β you are supposed to do in your life.Β  As usual a psychologist (Β they areΒ modified dieticians u cannot like all what they say!)Β used this word to denote all the deeds that u did in ur lifeΒ and the fruits u enjoy/suffer becoz of that…and a new meaning for the brain gym in this video's beginning!

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    Life can be a bitch most of the time but it's totally worth living in my opinion. Think of it like this: We won the lottery when we were born since we were given at least a chance to exist and experience this life.

    Just enjoy the ride and do as much good as possible folks. No need to complicate things.

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    sadh guru is a fake (he should be called sad guru) do not follow him. he said and i quote from one of his you tube videos "people say they suffered trauma in their childhood and all that BULLSHIT! and this why they say they are like this now." Tell that to the persons that were repeatedly raped by adults when they were toddlers, or the children that were locked in cages beaten to a pulp for most of their childhood, these things happen in the world and if you can imagine a scenario its most likely it is happening to kids all over the world. Say it to them Mr sadhguru it is bullshit! This man is an idiot. Say to to soldiers traumatised by war that PTSD is bullshit! He is not the voice of Shiva in the slightest. By paraphrasing hindu texts and telling riddle like stories he thinks he is a spiritual leader. He is nothing but a conman! Do not be drawn into his bullshit, stop watching his videos and do not donate a penny. a dollar a rupee to his Isha foundation. Telling you a few enigmatic facts he draws people into his following. He is not a voice of spirituality, hinduism or anything. He thinks he is intelligent but if you listen long enough you see he really doesn't know at all what he is talking about.

  • Lately people have started re-posting Isha owned videos under their personal accounts to steal the traffic and generate ad revenue through click-bait titles and decitful descriptions. Some have started new channels with Isha videos and started embedding their personal sales materials for various products.

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    A child who dies young from illness, war, bad circumstances, etc, it is not their karma (fault). Why do these philosophies always place blame on a victim. Some people are victims of bad circumstances and dealt a bad hand.

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    Big help for anderstendin better inner self.Very nice and very wise story which let you know better life comments

  • Thanks thousands times.
    Karma is action and also the reaction.
    That is the bondage .
    However, by being grateful and gratitude to the creator.
    Our constitutional position is being a servitor of the creator.
    "Bhagavatgita AS It Is"

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  • such a clear explanation especially on the silkworm's transformation & liberation to become a butterfly or end dead in its own bondage inside the cocoon it built.

  • The reason, this wise man reffers to Karma as exlusively personal is, because the change needs no justification, it should happen to all of us, within us, the more people changes the more this planet becomes more beautiful and more evolved. I think Karma effects even others but this should not leed to a victimization state of being.

  • To the woman who fears failure: The sense (or belief) in failure is a learned experience. Other's have taught you 'how' to 'feel' weak, unworthy, less than perfect, unacceptable, etc. These ideas are passed on by those before us because they still reside in the mind of those who teach us. All mankind has entered this earth to learn lessons meant to bring him into the state of spirit so that he recognizes who he is. Instead, man spends his life wallowing 'as' the flesh, listening to the mind (that has ben influenced by outside thoughts that are filled with false, evil lies along with truths. Like a beautiful crop of wheat that has been infiltrated with snares and weeds. God said "The mind IS the Battlefield" and that WE are in charge of renewing the mind. God said "There is ONLY good or evil". So renewing the mind is making ourselves aware of the 'evil' in the mind that directs our feelings, speech, and actions. The mind is not 'us', the mind is our servant. What is in the mind (that has been given certain thoughts to think about) is up to us to figure out if it's good thoughts that are working for us or if we are harboring evil thoughts that cause us to suffer. "Fear" is a demon. God said "Fear is not of Me". So rebuke Fear…stop thinking thoughts that are fear filled: 'I will be punished', 'I will be ridiculed", 'I will be laughed at', 'I won't be trusted by other's'…These are thoughts that probably won't happen (except in your own 'weed filled' mind) and even if they do we must realize that ALL that happens are lessons that are meant to bring out our higher selves which is SPIRIT not 'flesh ruled' lives that allow the ego to lead – which doesn't work for anyone. Now, what IS failure? Failure IS a stepping stone that always shows us what road 'not' to travel. So WHY fear that which brings us to higher ground in our thinking, feelings, awareness, perceptions, discernments etc. Of course, if we refuse to become aware of circumstances and CHANGE ourselves then we will repeat the same lessons over and over and over. God said to "Rejoice in ALL things". Look at 'failure' as a Crossroad in life instead of a scary ogre. Crossroads are put into place in all our lives to either continue doing what we're used to doing without change or to consciously change what isn't working and make a turn in the opposite direction. What do we change? The wrong/evil way we think, speak, or act. God said man brings good or evil into the world by our thoughts, speech and actions. The purpose of life is to return to what we were created to be – Spirit, instead of thinking, talking and acting the way other's told us to be – clones of the flesh. Unfortunately, Hindu's are brought up believing in millions of man-made thoughts of god's and goddesses' and don't have a a clear understanding in just how we are to strive to attain a spirit led life. That's why people who follow man-made cults/ideas, traditions, easily follow a man who professes to know what life is about but all he is doing is teaching the same things you learned in the Hindu way of thinking, speaking and acting. ALL of it is man-made ideas passed on to man for centuries. You must wake up and stop yourselves from remaining 'followers' and find your own LEADER within your own self…he is 'you', he is your spirit 'leading this life' of yours. You think with your mind of flesh instead of your spirit so that's why you give your mind and power to a stranger who professes to be your 'leader'. Wake up! BE what you already ARE instead of remaining asleep. Pray to your Creator, God, to reveal Himself to you and He will…or you can keep listening to this Hindu man teaching his Hinu religion, and ask questions that he gives answers to that don't make sense or help you or offer you any break through that changes your life (honestly changes your life).

  • INFINITISH Bhati says:

    jabhi toh mai likhta hoon, yei toh aap ke uppar bhi laagu hai aapka gyaan bhi aapka nahin sadhguru aapko bhi toh kahin se mila ya haasil hai! πŸ€” yei toh koi hai mere andar πŸ˜‚ jo mai baatey ya likhra hoon nahi toh mai yei sab nahi karta hoon, maine bataya na mera koi khaas bhaut bhaut khaas mujhse khafa ya rootha hua hai koi saya hai mujhpe πŸ˜‚ ab sadhguru aap apne khaas ko duniya bhar ka attitude dikhao, hum yei hain voh hain, hum kuch bhi banadetey hain, vahi duniyadaari mei jo kahani hai, toh mai bhi yehi kar raha tha ki banao mera kya banaogey! πŸ˜‚ sadhguru kuch baatey jhooti nahi boli jaati agar mai kahoon na yei duniya meri hai toh yei jhoot nahi hoga, kisi bhi baat ka koi matter nahi hota sadhguru mujhe mere school mei meri hindi teacher nei ek play mei apne dosto ka baap banaya tha… πŸ˜‚ ab krishan bhi toh apni jadd(root) he toh dikhata hai arjun ko ki mai yei hoon! yei toh krishan bhi kahin aur se leke aaya cheater krishan. πŸ˜‚ krishan bhi toh apni jadd khud he tha… πŸ˜‚ mai jhoot bhi bolta hoon! mai dukhi nahi hoon koi aur dukhi hai sadhguru, koi khaas! 😏

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