S.E. Cupp – The Media’s Obsession with Non-Scandals – The President Show – Comedy Central

S.E. Cupp – The Media’s Obsession with Non-Scandals – The President Show – Comedy Central

I’m here at beautiful… I don’t know where.
Beats the hell out of me. But my guest tonight is
a New York Daily News columnist and CNN contributor. Her new show,
S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, premieres July 17 on HLN. Please welcome S.E. Cupp. -(cheers and applause) -Nice
to see you. Nice to see you. (mumbles)
Yeah. Yes. (clearing her throat) Now you’re a Republican,
and Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio
both criticized me this week. Should more Republicans
be standing up to me, or should they shut up? You know, I’d-I’d love it
if more Republicans and conservatives took a stand
against the things they believed in, not less than,
you know, 200 days ago. It’s been pretty disappointing to see
how the party has unified, not around their principles, but around having an “R”
in the White House. Isn’t that wonderful? No. My name’s “T.”
It’s “T,” not “R.” My mistake. Well, do you think it’s because they care
about maintaining control in a party system
that’s so partisan that it actually counteracts the
ability for people to govern? -Uh…
-(laughter) I think they’re-they’re
certainly interested in-in keeping control
and keeping a majority. The problem is,
what have they really been able to do with this majority? Uh, not a whole lot. You’d think that having
nearly every lever of power in Washington,
you’d be able to get– -I don’t know–
health care passed. -We did. You’ve only got seven years
to work on it. -Oh, we totally did it.
We did it. -Yeah. -Didn’t you see? I went
in the Rose Garden. -Uh-huh. And I said my catchphrase,
which I normally only say on the television show– “I’m the president.
You can believe it?” (laughter) You wrote an article called
“Our Endless Stream of Scandal.” Is that…? Did you watch all of Scandal on
Netflix and just lost your mind? Yeah. So, how do we parse all
the messes that I’m involved in? Yeah. Well, there’s a lot, and there’s a lot of legitimate
controversies and scandals that we as a press
and we as a public and we as a legislature should be looking at
very seriously, and we are. But there’s also some
distracting non-scandals, like you swatting your wife’s
hand away on a foreign trip. I was waving at her. -Not a story. -I was waving
at her, but really low. Right. I think when media outlets, serious and credible
media outlets, uh, create an equivalency
between that non-story and real issues
that are troubling, it’s no wonder
why people hate the media and feel like
they can’t trust us. -Fake news.
-Right. Fake news.
Isn’t it true that that problem, that generally people have
at a level that’s almost underneath
their consciousness, of the fact that mainstream
media, at this point, is a scandal-to-scandal
breaking-news collage, has created a problem in which
real stories get covered up -by exactly what you’re saying,
this type of scandal… -Mm-hmm. and then I can come in,
label it fake news, and rob us of a real dialogue about the responsibilities
of the fourth estate? (applause, whooping) Yeah, the fake news thing
is a… is a problem, and as a, you know,
a member of the media, I find that to be
really, really unfair. However,
if you’re a news consumer, it’s hard to tell the difference
between “not news” and “fake news.” And I’m concerned that
when media outlets focus on the “not news,”
then the news viewer will have a very difficult time
telling the difference. You’re a very likable
conservative, and I’m a very unlikable
conservative. Also not a conservative. -Excuse me, I’m so conservative.
-(laughs): I don’t think so. Well, you know,
that’s really great. Why am I not a conservative? Uh, I don’t think you have any undergirding
conservative principles. Oh, I’ve got undergirding,
trust me. Trust me. Cinched tight. Bad word choice. You know, as you’ve said,
you know, you’re not married
to a political party, this is how you got elected. I think you wore the Republican
party like a rented tuxedo to get elected,
and it… and it worked. -Um, if…
-Thank you. It did, and I wish… I wish
you’d be a little less insecure. You won.
Stop, you know, obsessing about how,
or who didn’t vote for you. Enough people liked you
to make you president, -so just do the job.
-Whatever, man. Three million people
voted illegally, and if Hillary hadn’t won
any of the votes, I would’ve gotten all of them.
You know that. -Right.
-That’s the way it works. -Right.
-I have one last question. What are three places
where liberals and conservatives can see eye to eye
with each other, if not agree, but at least
work towards understanding? Uh, today? Like, these
liberals and conservatives? -Yeah.
-(laughs): Or… Geez. It seems like, um… it seems difficult, honestly,
because we are so tribal and we are so encamped in our… in our, uh,
political ideologies, and… the idea that we
can come together on causes seems almost nostalgic. And that’s…
that’s very disappointing. But I have faith that
there are very good people on both sides of the aisle–
I know some of them, um, in the House
and in the Senate– who, uh… if they can emerge
out of this morass, uh, at some point,
will be able to… to work together on…
on some of those… those causes that used
to unite both of our parties -not that long ago.
-I have an idea of what’s gonna unite
both parties. -Hmm?
-My impeachment. S.E. Cupp, everybody. S.E. Cupp. -(cheering, applause)
-S.E., stand up for a second.


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