Ryan Reynolds Describes His Pikachu Method Acting Process

Ryan Reynolds Describes His Pikachu Method Acting Process

-I know you just got back.
You were just in Asia. -I was, yeah.
-How does that jet lag feel? -It’s amazing! The Beijing to Tokyo
from New York jet lag, I always say it’s sort of like
whitewater rafting backwards. But you’re not
whitewater rafting backwards. You’re in the middle
of an interview. -[ Laughs ]
You’re living in hell right now. -Yeah. Yeah.
-Thank you for coming here. -No, it’s fine.
-We love you. -This could get
a little psychedelic. -Good. Good. I love it. Watch him melt down.
It’s going to be great. Stay tuned for that.
-Yeah. You posted this recently
on Instagram, and — -Oh, yeah.
-That’s you. -That is me.
-As a child. -I think I’m about
three years old there. -Three years old. It says,
“This is Ryan Reynolds, 3. He’s enjoying the water at the Kits Community Centre
wading pool. Ryan lives
at 2382 Oliver Crest.” [ Laughter ] -It’s amazing, because, like,
you know, the newspaper — The local newspaper was like,
“Okay, guys. We have a semi-nude, vulnerable
3-year-old boy. The only thing that’s
going to make this better — Let’s let them
know where he lives.” -Oh, my God. -“Let’s let them know
where to find him!” -Can you get creepier than that?
Gosh. -Right? That’s just like — “Brought to you
by upcoming tragedy.” Yeah. Thankfully I was okay. I had three older brothers
protecting me. Yeah. -I just — While we’re
going down memory lane, must be excited that
one of your first shows, if not your first show,
“Fifteen,” is streaming online. -Yeah, that’s kind of weird,
though. I was 13 when I —
That was the first job — first job in show business
I ever did. I also had a paper route
at the same time, which is, like, nowadays,
you know, it would be just like cocaine
on the side. -But this — We have the clip
of the opening credits. -Oh, no. Oh, no. -Yeah, here’s Ryan Reynolds
in “Fifteen.” Look at this. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] -Oh! Oh! -You were Billy?
-Wow. Yes. I was Billy. I’m still Billy.
-Who played the drums. -Who played the drums —
I was actually — I was actually just
a life-support system hooked up to teeth at that age. I was like — It’s like, “Wow.”
That’s amazing. -You really had a good set
of choppers back then. -Yeah. I guess you kind of
grow into your teeth. -That’s what happened. I want to talk about
“Pokémon Detective Pikachu.” -You’re excited. Yes.
-Yeah. I am excited. I love Pokémon. I saw this trailer
in front of — I forget what movie I took
my kids to, and it crushed. And I was like,
“Oh, my God. That’s Ryan.” -It’s amazing.
-It’s really great. And, you know —
The way you market your movies, I’m a big fan
of the way you do this, because you always
make it interesting and do something
a little different. You put this, like,
“making of” — like, a fake “Inside the Actors
Studio” thing online, on YouTube. -Like a method actor trying
to portray Detective Pikachu. -Yes.
-Yeah. -And this is —
I want to show everyone, because I’m very excited
about this. Here’s a quick clip from it. -This is a funny anecdote. I was on my way to pick up
my daughters from school when I heard
that I got the role. Well, I didn’t show up at school
because Detective Pikachu, he doesn’t know who those
two little girls are. Who are they? -They’re our daughters.
He just left them. -He doesn’t have a wife. No. He’s a little yellow guy, lives in Ryme City in
a briar patch or something. [ Cheers and applause ] -The whole thing — Got to
watch it. It’s really funny. -With the assist
from Blake, yeah. -With the assist from the best,
Blake Lively. We love her. But what’s funny about this — Because it kind of got lost
in translation… -Very much so.
-…when you went to Asia. -When I did press for
“Detective Pikachu” in Asia, a lot of people thought
that was real, that I was, like,
being quite serious. And, I mean, even the casual
most glance at my résumé, you’ll see I’m not
Daniel Day-Lewis
or Christian Bale. -You’re not method-actory. -Christian Bale, like, you know,
lost 412 pounds for a role once. And then gained, like, 1,200
pounds to play Dick Cheney. -Yeah, exactly, yeah.
-Look, I graduated from, like, the Aerosmith
Online Acting Academy. -Oh, my God. That’s
a very prestigious school. -It’s a big-time school.
-That’s a big-time school. -Can you tell us what
“Detective Pikachu” is about? -“Detective Pikachu” is —
It basically takes place in Ryme City,
and he’s unraveling a mystery. And there’s another young guy named Justice Smith
in the movie, who’s a phenomenal actor,
and these two find each other. Well, both of them
are looking for something. They’re trying
to unravel a mystery. The whole movie’s
kind of like that. I just love it, because,
to me, it’s like — You know, the news these days
is just, like, pouring piping-hot lemon juice
into your eyeballs. So, like, it just feels like
it’s a nice, like, amazing, fun adventure that just sweeps
you away for a couple hours. -Pikachu talks,
and no one can understand him. -No one can understand him except Tim,
the guy that he finds. So everyone else
just hears “Pika, Pika,” and Tim actually hears — -No, I mean, it’s unbelievable.
-Tim hears “Deadpool,” so, yeah. -He does hear “Deadpool.”
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Did you think of
changing your voice for this or doing a character?
-Well, yeah. No, I totally did. When we first started, I was
like, “I think I should do…” Because it’s sort of like
a film noir. Somebody likened it —
It’s almost like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”
had a baby with “Blade Runner.” So I was like, “That’s cool.” So I was like, “Okay, let me do
an old-school gumshoe, kind of, ‘Columbo,’ Peter Falk, sort of, you know,
Brooklyn kind of thing.” And they were like, “Yeah, okay. Or you c–
Maybe just do Ryan Reynolds.” -“We didn’t pay money to see you
do a ‘Columbo’ impersonation.” -They’re like, “Maybe shut up
a bit and do the other thing.” -I’m glad it was you.
-And I totally recognized it was you when I saw it,
so they were right; it worked. Because I was like,
“Dude, that’s Ryan. I know it.” We have a clip from
“Pokémon Detective Pikachu.” Take a look at this. -Pikachu?
-Ah, geez. -Hey, little guy.
How did you get in here? -I know you can’t understand me. But put down the stapler,
or I will electrocute you. -Did you just talk?
-Whoa. Did you just understand me? Wait, wait, wait, wait. That is heavy eye contact
right there. You heard me. -No, no.
-Yes, you did. -Oh, my God! This is amazing!
You can understand me! -Stop!
-I have been so lonely! -Yeah! Ryan Reynolds, everybody!


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