27 thoughts on “Ryan Leslie: “SuperPhone & Disruptive Media” | Talks At Google”

  • I wish this man a lot of luck. His speech is very repetitive and a little boring, this talk needed to be on longer then 15 min.

  • Zedeck0285 fear educated hamite says:

    Ryan Leslie is just another sell out to the fake jew(ish)… Don't be fooled even those artist who seem to be consciousness are also sold out… The roots are no different black thought has a line I one of his songs saying "even of I am going to he'll I am going to make an entrance"…

  • I am getting so tired of racist jealous non POC always so quick to tear down #BlackExcellence Let me explain what all this hate towards all things black and beautiful is doing to the black community…Its uniting us in ways we have not been in decades. So please keep the hate coming…we need your oppression and lack of expectations of us, so that we can continue to embarrass any doubters and haters of Black Culture Dominance. We See Your Hate and Jealous of POC

  • Robert Brossfield says:

    This is just genius. Flexing with the tides that have turned against artists. In a time that the top 1% of musicians are making 77% of the income, 99% of the artists out there are potential clients for this type of platform. I have a daughter in a band that's played at Coachella that's still looking to break through. While she's hoping to get signed, this system would allow her to "sign herself," build her own audience. Love it!

  • The strategic inflection point for RL's @SuperPhone idea is nigh. His only obstacles (have been) his alluring assets, ironically. Since the advent of Napster the motivation to 'disrupt' the status quo was in part > for young 'white' shy and nerdy types to set a new bar. To create a socioeconomic vista greater than the 'pop star' … and (they've) succeeded. RL is pulling the same trick from the celebrity end, interestingly. He's hedging his HARVARD background to buy credibility from the Silicon Valley set. And its working ….

  • Bobby Washington says:

    Ryans the man… I love superphone I got my text number and everyone that loved Real RnB can text me at 305 257 8808 with the words "Superphone" I'll send you my Hit Song Free as a ringtone.

  • But the Answers are not really in person. Theire auto generated. I think thats the biggest disadvantage.
    So whats realy the adventage for the Fans to give you so much information about themselves besides these autogenerated answers?

  • Ralphe-co-nz says:

    Not the product hyped up to be, the 'disrupter' and 'future' for the music game. That's just marketing hype because it is neither. Love Ryan Leslie but the app is crappy for outside USA. When New Zealand numbers text it doesn't auto forward to my USA Superphone number so I can keep log of conversations, which is whole point I wanted it for, a Salesforce type logging system of enquiries. Also the Pro version doesn't have ANY ecommerce functions for indie artists (such as tracking Bandcamp purchases) so makes the return of investment nil. You have to upgrade to the Business level which is way more, and ecommerce is only for Shopify which has a premium upkeep price for that too. Sure this app must be good for established businesses and acts, but offers nothing for independents. Very disappointed I spent this money.

  • Bobby Washington Vlog says:

    I purchased SuperPhone and ran a campaign on my Song “Boo R U Ever Satisfied” giving the ringtone away for Free to all my fans On Facebook and IG for texting my superphone. Well that campaign ending up landing “Boo R U Ever Satisfied” on Billboard charts for hot sales single. Search YouTube for “Billboard Charts Boo R U Ever Satisfied” and you will see for yourself. Then after watch the music video for BOO R U EVER SATISFIED… then text me for my FREE Ringtone 305-257-8808

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