Russia: Israel striked in Syria – TV7 Israel News 09.04.18

Russia: Israel striked in Syria – TV7 Israel News 09.04.18

Shalom and good evening this is tv7 Israel news broadcasting to you from Jerusalem, and in today’s top stories Russia has accused Israel of carrying out an aerial assault Early this morning on Syria’s t4 airbase which is located in the centre of the war-torn Country an attack that has reportedly killed 14 people including Iranian Nationals the United Nations Human Rights agency calls on Israel to prevent further loss of life in renewed demonstrations planned along the Gaza Strip border with Israel Islamist militants began leaving the devastated Syrian city of Douma in the first phase of a Russian sponsored deal to evacuate thousands of militants from the besieged rebel held in clav of eastern Goethe Russia has accused Israel of carrying out an aerial assault early this morning on Syria’s T4 airbase which is located in the center of the war-torn country an attack that has reportedly killed 14 people including Iranian Nationals Moscow’s allegations against Jerusalem came after Damascus initially accused the United States for carrying the strike That after US President Donald Trump threatened to retaliate for suspected chemical weapons attack allegedly carried out by the Assad regime on Saturday against a rebel-held city of Douma While President Trump had promised a big price to pay for the suspected chemical attack Pentagon spokesman Christopher Sherwood emphasized in a statement at this time the Department of Defense is not conducting air strikes in Syria Washington’s denial of the attack prompted Moscow’s Allegation against Israel in which two Russian Defense Ministry claimed that the strike was carried out shortly before 4:00 a.m. this morning by two Israeli f-15 fighter jets the Russian statement further noted that the Israeli fighter jets launched eight missiles at the base from Lebanese airspace five of which were intercepted Moscow noted however that no Russians were injured in the strike Israeli military officials refused to comment on the allegations Meanwhile Islamist militants began leaving the devastated Syrian city of Douma in the first phase of a Russian sponsored deal to evacuate thousands of militants from the besieged rebel held in clav of eastern gutte a Bus carrying dozens of fighters and their families left the city and route to northern Syria in an arrangement Expected to take several days almost simultaneously a first batch of freed hostages Held in the city of Douma by Islamist militants arrived at an army controlled crossing both developments were part of a Russian sponsor deals sealed on Sunday the grand safe passage to thousands of militants belonging to the militant group jeschill Islam from their biggest remaining Bastion near Damascus in return for the release of hundreds of hostages and prisoners of war Vishal islam, which means the army of islam in arabic will evacuate duma and moved to the northern city of yellow-blue Located near the border with turkey and is currently under uncle’s control according to opposition Negotiators the agreement will be enforced by russian military police who will enter the city The deal has provided President Bashar Assad one of his biggest victories over Islamist rebels since driving them out from Aleppo in December of 2016 Now to Turkey were president reject a bill Duggan accused friends of abetting terrorists by hosting them at the Elysee Palace Amid a diplomatic row between the NATO allies over Paris’s support for the Syrian democratic forces Relations between uncle and Peres have been tense in recent weeks Since friends became one of the most vocal critics of turkey’s two months old military operation in northern Syria against a Kurdish YPG militia Which hunka considers to be a Syrian extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK? An internationally recognized terror organization that has waged a decades-old insurgency in southern Turkey the tension between the two countries reached an all-time high when French president Amano and machlin met with a Syrian delegation in Paris including the YPG and its political arm the PYD During the meeting the French leader provided the Kurdish militia with assurances of Paris’s support to help stabilize northern Syria against Islamic states Frances pledged to the Kurdish militia however has infuriated Turkish president till Dugan who accused his counterpart of supporting? terrorists Now to the Gaza Strip for the Israeli Air Force has conducted several strikes against targets belonging to the Islamist Hamas organization in the northern part of the Palestinian in clave the Israeli military said in a statement that the strikes came in response to an attempt by Islamist militants to infiltrate Israeli territory Which they managed to plant – improvised explosive devices along the borders security barrier? Hamas organization confirmed the strikes on its installations yet reported no injuries among its militants Now to another matter the United Nations Human Rights agency called on Israel to prevent further loss of life and renewed Demonstrations planned along the Gaza Strip border with Israel while Jerusalem emphasized that it would refrain from targeting Protesters unless they seek to breach Israeli territory or harm the security barriers along the border spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights emphasized that Israel had obligations Under international law to ensure that excessive force was not used against protesters We remind Israel of its obligations to ensure that excessive force is not employed against protesters and that in the context of a military occupation as is the case in Gaza the unjustified and unlawful recourse to firearms by law enforcement Resulting in death may amount to a willful killing a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention In response to the call by the United Nations an Israeli official told TV 7 that the world body’s human rights Council should have demanded from the Palestinians Including the internationally recognized terror group Hamas to immediately halt what he termed as a terror parade along the border with Israel the officials tries to 12 the UN seeks to condemn Israel for defending itself from terrorists Infiltrating into its territory and placing explosive devices for the purpose of harming Israeli troops as was done on numerous Occasions during the protests the world body should condemn the terrorist organization Hamas for openly calling for Israel’s destruction and its ongoing use of its civilian population as human shields Meanwhile hardened by years of rocket attacks Israeli residents of the Gaza Strip Sparrow Ferry seemed unmoved by the mass demonstrations by Palestinians Daniel Hamim and Israeli farmer whose agricultural fields are situated along border with Palestinian enclaves trust the twili feel sorry for the population of Gaza he does not believe peace was viable So long as an organization like the Islamist Hamas continues to call for Israel’s destruction It’s only a mush Coalition no discussion the polynomial is game Shalom, but Hamas Scottish Knesset member Jaime lien legislator from Israel’s opposition centrist Yesha Tea Party and a resident of a nearby kyboots Said there was unanimous support from both the Israeli opposition and government For the military’s restrained conduct and rejected any calls by the UN and European Union for inquiries into Israel security measures daca Benefit alva an opposite of equality. Yesh, mashter, Marsabit same Diary dot the law supports alone eatin Betty pool Strategy is a columnist Camilla said that the material miserable Tohono morality saralzar Abita han sol the camo van Inori the chakra Afra Davina Lucia Lee Benatar Oh Meanwhile the chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court at The Hague expressed profound Concern about the escalation on the border of the Gaza Strip She said that violence against civilians in a situation such as the one prevailing in Gaza could constitute crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as to the use of civilian presence by Islamist militants for the purpose of shielding military activities Thank you for watching us praying for the Peace of Israel on the Peace of Jerusalem i’m jonathan hasson have Edith Tobin We will see you again tomorrow at the same time


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  • It certainly smells of an Israeli attack, surgical and precise but not on the scale of an attack by the United States. I hope Israel did carry it out, we need to put Assad, Putin and Iran in their place.

  • I love Israel and my God Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name Amen and if you don't like it well that is who you are God knows each person's Heart and we will be Judged Amen 🤗✝😇🇺🇸✝🇮🇱♥

  • Let righteousness cover the earth
    like the water cover the sea
    It's up to you and me, we must make the people see
    Revelation, reveals the truth,
    It takes a revolution to make a solution……..

  • Ain't no rules, ain't no vow
    We can do it anyhow
    I and I will see you through
    Cause everyday we pay the price
    We're the living sacrifice

    No bullet can stop us now
    We neither beg nor we won't bow
    Neither can be bought nor sold
    We all defend the right
    Our children must unite
    For life is worth much more than gold

  • why they only show young kids and poor civilian being killed by Chemical Weapon ??? we all know the Syrian and Russian army are killing ISIS and Muslim Sunni Fanatics rebels fighters not young kids!! because it is fake news done by ISIS and Muslim Fanatics rebels against the poor syrian and young kids so the US & Israel can come for help, because they are loosing the war against the Syrian Government.

  • How can we believe that Muhmmadbhai of Kuran Prophet was died by poison or prophet Muhmmadbhai of Kuran came to Israel and went to heaven (in Gujarati:swarg).

  • People who attack Israel, either physically or verbally or in any other way are seriously ignorant. They’re going to find out the hard way that Almighty God is serious about Israel’s protection.

  • Assad gasses people Trump hits him- Russia cries plays the victim Assad gasses people Israel hits him using US planes Russia cries plays the Victim . Russia gasses the UK is asked a simple question , why ? Putin cries plays the Victim . Dan will be a serpent by the roadside, a viper along the path, I know Russians aren't the sharpest tools in the shed , but come on, you keep nudging a serpent with a stick what's he going to do ? Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling From glen to glen, and down the mountain side The summer's gone, and all the flowers are dying 'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide

  • So the news is Russia accused Israel of attack on Syria? Should not the news be Israel attacked Syria? Oh wait, it is Fake News channel!

  • Israel bomibg other countries, America hating Russia, Russia accusing Israel, Syria killing it's people, Lebanon allowing Israel to use it's airspace, Iran is an evil country. You are all well under the program, listen to yourselves. You hate each other already and all the leaders are sitting their acting like children. If they can't bring peace then might as well put them where they belong, in schools so they can learn some manners and start talking like adults. But that's not the case is it now ? You need to wake up from your slump.

  • a great outcome..I can now see why Russia and Syria are just making noises about Turkey invading Syria themselves..Turkey will not want these dissidents as well so elimination is going as planned.. good plan

  • A believer in Christ says:

    Please listen Israel will destroy all who try to invade her! If you don't believe What God has said through his prophets in the Bible, well I think you should start understanding God's ultimate plan He did it with Noah and flooded the world and the next time He will do it with fire….. Gods prophecies are 100% accurate to date yes that's correct 100%. Anyway however and whatever way you wanna look at it Gods will will never be defeated. And to the unbelievers I pray that you all ask God for forgiveness and repent through the precous blood of His most holy of holies… His only begotten Son JESUS CHRIST… Amen brothers and Sisters from all creeds and all nations Amen 💙💙

  • That tells me V. Putin has a brain. Americans also know it was the Zionist State.
    The Zionist Media needs to stop believing their own propaganda, since everyone else knows.
    From the Tribe of my fathers before me, Nepthali

  • Hope to be there someday. Their cities are breathtaking, and the people I guess are friendly and intelligent. Love from the Philippines.

  • You know I had an argument with a Muslim about religion. He said that Muslims follow the religion of their father and if their religion started from Ishmael born of Hagar and Abraham I got a news flash for you Abraham was Hebrew……!!!!!! He couldn't answer and had to turn away and go to the other room. Israel is protected by the Archangel Michael. God said whoever blessed Isreal would get a blessing whoever cursed Isreal would be cursed. As the prophet Ezekiel said in Ezekiel 38 and 39 Israel will be surrounded on all sides by their enemies and 5/6 of their army will be destroyed. Bodies piled Bridal High. The Jews will not be gassed bombed tortured starved or hurt in any other way. I'm a Christian Warrior for the Jews

  • An attack on syria is an attack on russia ? How will putin’s word come by now? Will putin strike israel? Where are the high tech sams s300 and s400 ? Did it shot down any warplanes?

  • gadjet collins says:

    Some comments of hate for Jewish people is wrong as a whole, there are great Jewish people and very nasty ones like the Bankers and Zionist that have no greatness at all about them. I don't care about the land Israel it's not a holy land at all, open one eye and you can see it doesn't lay in the East.

  • Of course Russia and Siria leaders are going to accuse Israel, But why Putin doesn't say that Assad is killing their own people? One thing for sure this is the fulfillment of the bible.And the only one destroy will be Damacus. And after that the redemption because now Jesus is at the door.Much prayers are needed for the leader of Israel and our President Mr. Trump. God protect Israel and the United States.

  • God's People Israel are in my heart and in my prayers, God will never abandon His people the Jews & Christians, praying for the days ahead

  • I am voice of all those babies, kids, women and men who were slathered by Zionist Israelis. Those babies whose blood was sucked like vampires and would never get a chance to go to school, get married, have kids and enjoy life.

  • Oki Orion Express says:

    Screw the UN. There is nothing Israel can do without drawing denunciation from this false organization. The Palestinians are represented by terrorist organizations and cannot remotely stand there innocently proclaiming human right violations against them when they bring it upon themselves.

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  • Suzann Puppies are precious says:

    Russia, Turkey, Iran, Syria are enemies of Israel and Syrian people are no longer their.
    The people who are there are Hamas Iran Terrorists. Russia, Turkey, Iran, Syria are a bunch of Liars and America doesn't believe them. Iran, Turkey,, Syria wants to destroy Israel and Steal ISRAEL Land's. Russia wants the Natural Gas and Oil.
    The United Nations is Evil and Blinded and needs to stay out.
    ISRAEL has Every Right to Protect her Borders against Terrorism.
    The United Nations is very bias and prejudiced against Israel. The United Nations and the European Union shouldn't be allowed to have any say in the Middle East because of their prejudiced against Israel.

  • Suzann Puppies are precious says:

    My Living Loving God Savior Lord Master King Jesus Christ Yeshua Almighty put hooks on the Jaws of the Enemies of Israel, Destroy those who come against your first Chosen People. Show the enemies of Israel your Fury Wrath and judgement. I Pray in the name of my First Love My Loving Living Almighty God Jesus Christ Yeshua Amen

  • Its amazing how brainwashed the American public is – when it comes to Israel ! It comes as no surprise though, when you consider our media is controlled by Zionists- and our real President is Benjamin Netanyahu


  • ;6) World Peace Now !  Join us for healing ! ;6) Nothing Can UNITE the DIVIDED
    but LOVE, all else is a CURSE, ACCURSED BE IT TO THE AEONS! ;6)

  • Hahahahahaha, so funny because russia always brag about it's mighty s400…….OMG! Then Mighty Israel unleash the Formadable but 40 years old F-15, two of them. They fly right past this shit fcuk s400 and lad 3 missiles on syrian air base. Hahahahahaha so much for this shitty russian defense! If you a 3rd rate country and have to buy your defense from russia because it is cheap…… Better educate yourself…. You think if Israel can blow by s400 with old F-15 in syria, that they will also do it to you. You better scrap that shit russian garbage and buy from Mighty USA! You have no choice. russia shit don't work!

  • Melquisedeque Lima says:


  • Well Russia always said that if someone attacked the mother land they would use nukes and in this case its not on the mother land and if anything happens it should be ground warfare only.

  • Keep killing children and people God will make justice and will demand the blood of children from USA and the Zionists.

  • The only possible saving grace for the world is the total nuking destruction of Israel and all their lying media AND partners.

  • Michael Jamadar says:

    Long live Israel. ALL that land and more were given to the Jews, thru Abraham and Issac, Not Abraham and Ishmael. Digging tunnels and laying explosives is begging to be SHOT. The Lord (Yeshua ) will lead nations against Israel in end times, only to wipe them out when they turn against Him ( Ezekiel ). He is the God of Israel.. the chosen ones!!!.

  • Go to war with zoinist santic bankers then we can have a good world instead them rapest. people killing scum.. start a war over that well then south Africa n Venezuela government should be taken out too

  • lol the anchor praying for the peace of Islam – how dumb and he obviously has never read the hate literature in the Quran! TV7 credibility just went out the window.

  • putin blamed to israel..where is russian defense putin said all u.s. jet fighter and misilles syria territory air space. russian anti missile junk. fancy 40 years old weapons

  • terry ferguson says:

    The disembodied spirits of the giants,inhabit the mindless masses/Freemasons.Revelation 2;9 and 3;9 KIng James version.

  • Obligations to not use excessive force ! The Palestinians know exactly what their doing and the potential consequences so United Nations what the hell are you talking about ? If Israel could invent a machine gun that fires rubber bullets it would be a great weapon to stop these protests as instead of one or two amongst a thousand getting hit, you’d have hundreds hit with very painful rubber bullets !


    Израиль 🇮🇱 не потерял ни одного самолёта и достиг всех своих целей в этой операции ! Israel 🇮🇱 didn’t lost ever one ☝️ of his Aircrafts in this operation ! And he get all targets in this operation ! God Bless Israily Air Force !!!

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