Running ‘reduces risk of early death’ | NHS Behind the Headlines

Running ‘reduces risk of early death’ | NHS Behind the Headlines

Hi, I’m Jack and welcome to Behind the
Headlines, the science behind the news. This week Sky News reported that
one jog a week is all you need to cut the risk of early death. The headline is
prompted by a new review which looked at a link between running and death in
around a quarter of a million adults. Any form of running was linked with a twenty
seven percent reduced risk of dying from any cause. Similar risk reductions were seen for deaths from cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and cancer. You can find out more about cardiovascular disease by clicking on the link. Surprisingly there was no link between how often people ran and their risk of early death so it could be that running was just a general marker for a
healthier lifestyle overall. People who regularly go for a run or jog may have a better diet, might not smoke and could also moderate their alcohol consumption. In other words it may be a full lifestyle pattern that is reducing a risk of death rather than going for a weekly run. Nevertheless the findings support current recommendations to take regular physical activity of at least two and a half hours moderate intensity each week. If you want to find out more about this story click on the link.


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  • Very informative video and I bet even moderate paced ? done on a regular level has similar type benefits Thnx for posting and cheers from ?? !

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