9 thoughts on “RTB vs Programmatic Advertising – what's the difference?”

  • I think the acronyms aren't dissimilar from "legalese" where you have a whole industry of people overcomplicating something simple (perhaps not even on purpose) and making it seem far more technical than it is.

  • Nice talk. Both RTB and PMP are under programmatic buying… it is worth mentioning automated guarantee and unreserved fixed are the other two

  • It was my understanding that though PMP is quite defined, "Programmatic" is an even broader term that effectively means automated selling and often automated buying as well.  Thus, by that definition, we could say that RTB is a type of Programmatic as is a PMP…

    It's kind of like asking, what's the difference between a publication and a newspaper?

    Good spiel, though.  You obviously know a lot about the technologies.

  • James Bourner, our Head of Display talks about the difference between RTB (Real Time Bidding) and Programmatic display advertising #ppcchat  

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