100 thoughts on “Royals Q&A: Harry and Meghan coming to Canada”

  • human? knowing is required. 'The Purpose of DNA' says:

    Yeah…they're doing the 'forget about prince andrew' tour…it seems to be working…

  • I don't care what these two spoiled , entitled brats do. I do care if their presence costs Canadians one red cent.They can live on the moon for all I care as long as I don't have to pay for it.

  • I have a genuine question (no opposition/support behind it yet): What does the royal family do for the Commonwealth countries outside the UK (mainly Australia, Canada & NZ) in exchange for the income that they receive from the taxpayers?

  • Meghan and Harry: "We want to be financially independent."
    Also Meghan and Harry: "So, who's going to be paying for our round-the-clock secrity? Canada? England? Both?"

  • The monarchy is unfitting for this age of modernization in the 21st century and Canada should move towards being a Republic. After all, our country was built by the French as well.
    I am Canadian and I have to say that Harry and Megan represent a monarchy, an oligarchy, which is an outdated institution, not fitting for all the ideological, political and economic progress made over the centuries. They are welcome in Canada but I hold the strong belief Canadian taxpayers should NOT have to fund security or any sort of lavish lifestyle of the monarchy. If they wish to do so in the UK and the British support it then it is fine but I think there are much more pressing issues to address in Canada such as indigenous rights and empowerment, melting glaciers, unaffordable housing, drug addiction and much more.

  • These are some of the richest people in the world. They should pay for their own security! It is an INJUSTICE to have taxpayers fund anything for them.

  • They need time to be a family, Will and Kate had time to them selves before starting royal duties. They just got married and had a baby. OMG we need to relax.

  • I thought the "transitional period" was to find out what they would do with their time? What roles would they play in England?

  • There is no way Canadian tax dollars should be spent on the CBC, let alone a couple of Woke Culture NPCs like these two fools.

  • They are a burden on Canadians. They bring with them so much baggage and disturbance to this peaceful country. Other well known people such Celion Dion, Justin Bieber, Drake.. would not stir up so much smoke like this couple. Now Canadians have to pay to keep them safe. They are not our national treasure nor they contribute anything to this country.
    They just want to take advantage of this country. Most people immigrate to this country because they ran from oppression and control.
    This couple's arrival feels like a ton of rocks has landed on Canadians. We have to pay this and that for them. Uninvited, unwanted, unneeded, ..that is what they are.. why do we need them, what for?

  • The reason behind Royal couple,s decision is very simple as megan comes from a background which was so much different then her present life under the queen and it is not liked by the common people in present day and age. Queen is almost 100 yrs old and the present generation does not like the pomp and glory attached to Royalty. Look at the PM Boris Johnson, s life style and this will explain the decision of young couple. Why Brits are so worked up . Feel pity for Brits.
    ÑDelhi india

  • Typical tactic from the tribe of inbred parasites that just won't go away. Smoke and mirrors.

    Does anyone remember all of two months the scandal of andy windsor and the convicted paedophile epstein?

    Job done, the masses have been distracted. Works every time.

  • this is why you don't rush getting married to anyone .. period!!.. he's a prince she's an American actress.. big difference.. lots of things to sort out.. unfortunately they are in the public eye and that will never change.. lots of challenges. I just feel in my soul they are not a good match.. (an unpopular view) but this is how i see it.. but time will tell.. live and learn..

  • Not fair for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls; while some of the Indigenous girls/women are still being kidnapped or taken away or victims of human trafficking -Canada failing to protect them – the same goes for homeless people and others living in tents as a result of housing crisis; because of monarchy and celebrity, we are now obliged to pay for these Brits that clearly are definitely NOT in need. Shame on you Canada! This is not what I was sent to fight for. I saw this happening in other undeveloped countries, where the poor had to pay for the ritch ' s confort; now I come back here and that's what I see! How frustrating!

  • How is it fair that our Childrens education budget is being cut but now we could have funds to fund their security?
    Canadians are not responsible to cover the bill.

  • blaggerfiftysix says:

    Canadians, you can keep the grasping, spiteful, manipulating social climber – seems like her family, and in particular her sister, know her far better than anyone else – enjoy them while you can, she is the 21st century Wallis Simpson, but the difference being she and Harry (the poor sap) will be separated and divorced within 5 years from now

  • This is propaganda spewed out by the media. They are both worth millions why is the media acting like they need to be supported. Look how many mindless NPC gobbled it up and are repeating the lies. How many of these people that are now repeating this slander were part of the 1.9 billion that tuned in live to watch their wedding. CBC news is an embarrassment. Don't believe the lies. Canadians are not rude. The ironic part is if they were homeless vagrants the tax payers would be paying the tab. They would be an asset you fools. 1.9 billion. This is making Canada look bad.We have always been known for our hospitality.

  • DrIndira Chakraborty says:

    No actual news. That's why so much speculative news about someones private decision. How does it matter to any other people or family ?? Useless Media really don't focus on real issues.

  • Harry should have taken Will's advice and dated her for a few years prior to marriage. Had he done so, she would have had a taste of what the british media was really like and a sense of royal protocol.
    This is the difference between Will and Harry. Will slowly introduced Kate into the lifestyle and that's why they've had success. Harry and Meghan rushed in a now she's running off to Canada.
    This whole thing could have been avoided had he just taken his brother's advice.

  • Also, Meghan is an actress and by her own words, she can cry on a dime. She is acting on how sad she is. It's just her way to get people on her side for the decisions she is making. I say her, not Harry.

  • HRH Duke of Windsor abdicated and he still got to keep his Title, his Security, his Royal revenue & his private gifts from friends. So if Harry “Steps back”, he should keep everything he wants; after all, when William & Kate stepped into Anglesey for 3 years no one complained

  • What is wrong with them. Stop mooching off the public !!! It won't be long before she dumps Harry by sending him a letter in the mail like she did with her first husband. She causes messes and never faces her mess.

  • John Thompson.,
    I DO NOT want to spend one penny of mine, nor do many other Canadian's on these rich, powerful people. They are multi millionaires, their decision to come here, Canadian's decision NOT to pay for them. Keep our money in our country, we have hungry children in our country.

  • Meghan is a leech, have a look at her smug face. She pursued a prince and dumped ANYONE who got in her way in that pursuit, she got a $60 million dollar wedding, a multi million dollar ‘cottage’, gifted to her family, throwing a tantrum when she couldn’t borrow the tiara she wanted, private jets and luxury holidays from celebrities, clearing a whole area of Wimbledon for private seats away from the ‘serfs’, celebrity baby shower thrown for her that even her own sister in law wasn’t invited to…and running away as soon as the kitchen got too hot. She is awful and I have no idea why any country would want to give her a cent. I don’t believe Harry is a narcissist manipulator like she is, but he is a fool.

  • Yvonne Robinson says:

    These people are talking about the queen accommodating her own grandson. They are family, people. Get a life. That is what you do, support your family. The other thing is that the Monarchy needs some shaking up. They should go out and make their own money. Nothing is wrong with being independent. Who wants to live a life based on a template? These two are very progressive.

  • At a time of great and weak divide, these people take the lime light. Are we to forget the challenges that our history and modern times dictate? These putrid petulance of people want to move to a ready made luxury made by people without the means to duplicate. Wow. What an honor they can use their influence to to shame the very people that provide their sanctuary. It's with wonder they shunned their birthright, when they are off on their self declared independence. As citizens we have to wonder what's next, is the whole family coming? And why?

  • Nomvula Dlamini says:

    Her mother is not the only family she has, she wants nothing to do with the rest of her family on the sides of both parents

  • Meghan is providing another reason to vote for Trump in the USA. Supposedly, she won't return as long as he is president. She's a 2 bit, middleaged actress who fooled a dimwitted prince.

  • @CBCNews This conversation truly baffles me, in that why was Katie Nicholl, regular contributor to the Mail on Sunday and Daily Mail, invited to participate in this discussion, considering her alleged links to phone hacking and illegally blagging intelligence data of Prince Harry as a reporter for the Mail on Sunday. These mere allegations should have disqualified her, not to mention the conflict of interest involving Meghan and Harry suing her former employer Mail on Sunday's parent company.

  • This ridiculous couple says they will not move to the US until President Trump leaves office… they will have to wait a the very least 5 years to more here. Their self-destruction will be politics.

  • Bernadette Brennecke says:

    The Queen has always sucked it up. How come 2 very rich people in their own right, who are in the royal family suck it up too. They should walk away quietly do the work they want without embarrassing the royal family and pay their own way. They have enough to start with for quite a few years I suspect. But do not use the taxpayers money or disappoint the Queen any more. Gee how sad to upset the Queen in her last years and not support his father and brother because of issues over press coverage. Reminds me of all the nasty comments with other previous royals.

  • Where have all the cherries gone says:

    We in the UK are angry because of the way it was all carried out. Meghan has done many thing to snub us here. She wouldn't allow Archie to be seen, but he is out on show when they visited South Africa. When she married Harry we were ready and willing to take her to our hearts. However, Its things like hiding Archie from us, and many, many other things is what has made for all of the bad feelings. Meghan knew what she was marrying into, she told us all that she was ready to stand by Harry and represent the Queen, she told us that when she spoke at her engagement interview. She made sure that she said all of the right things… Then when the ring was on her finger… Well, that's when the so called mess hit the fan. She has no interest in England or the people, unless it ment a photo shoot. We here absolutely know what she is capable of. If she gets, she then wants more. You will see that the British people are right to feel the way that we do. The Queen did so much to help and welcoming Meghan and Meghan has thrown it all back into the face of the Queen of England. Also, She will eventually leave Harry, Meghan has her own path mapped out and if someone out lives their usefulness, they are gone and she will not care what affect that would have on Harry.

  • Of all the countries in the world they chose Canada. They will raise the country’s profile and increase tourism and bring in more money.
    Canadians should be grateful,

  • Bird's The Word says:

    If you want to be independent. Be independent, and cost taxpayers 0$ in your entire interaction with Canada. If you can do that, welcome. If not, back to the UK!

  • Toxic White Straight Male Bigot says:

    Queen gave them green light because they are not useful to the monarchy.

    Kate is already a queen. Meghan will always be a princess.

  • sophie de la cruz says:

    She is american. They should go there. She already has a job with Disney…. They love Canada but Canada dont love them…and don't want to pay for them

  • Oochali Channel says:

    They'll probably live in Ottawa. He will probably run to be King of Canada. Replacing his grandmother's face on the note. Uniting UK, Canada, Australia and maybe US – into a unified empire of some sorts.

  • If the couple’s preferred life options proceed, I personally would prefer all their public funding entitlements, and all (extensive) aristocratic and royal titles are voided / removed.
    If this is what they prefer as their life choice, I believe they should have announced it BEFORE the HUGE public funding of both their wedding and property renovations at Frogmore.
    If they choose to live as ‘commoners’ like the rest of us, no public funding for security services is justified.
    I wish them both, and their lovely child, very well and hope for most happy, rewarding lives whatever their choices and wherever they choose to reside.
    Meghan is a modern, empowered female who entered into her situation with eyes wide-open (almost everyone alive knows Lady Diana Spencer’s difficulties after marrying into “The Firm”). Perhaps Ms. Windsor née Markel has assertively chosen, and Harry, as a chivalrous gentlemanly husband, is acting entirely appropriately by giving his life partner more than 100% support?

  • Whispers In the Wind says:

    I totally agree with Bonnie Carey. Instead of paying millions for their security, put that money towards fresh water andddddd appropriate housing for OUR FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE

  • Whispers In the Wind says:

    did the people of the UK just fund the redecorating of Frogmore cottage, and Now they are moving here. I like this couple and hope for the best for them but we are taxed enough. To pay for their simple intrigue while they are starting a business and making money on it, and they also will be required to pay taxes on their businesses or will they get a tax break . Omgoodness I think it may be time to have a new type of monarchy, perhaps one that is self sufficient.

  • Instead of interrupting did you say we’re back life what are the days we are back way we’re talking about is just continue the conversation.

  • Stefan Dušan Silni says:

    I think Megan and Harry do not understand what litteraly means independent. You support your self, not one or two state paying for your private jets etc.

  • have they considered moving to Iran, Iraq, China ,Russia or Germany, they would live very independant in those countries. give the canadian tax payers a break they have enough political free loaders. have they no shame? when you work you pay your own way.canadians are fed up with all the monetary squandering . the queen is not being disrespected, who paid for the wedding ?what about the security for the rest of canadians.

  • really?? we are the one to shoulder their expenses specially their bodyguards come from our taxes ????…all i can say a big NAH NAH NAH NAH get ur allowance to grandma ok…

  • When they mentioned they felt unsafe by the media did any one cared or said anything? This is how they feel safe. Leave them alone, why cant any human being be aloud to hv freedom n thrive.?

  • You stankey media you refuse to leave Harry and Meghan alone, you making a big deal out of NOTHING, the Canadians pay taxes to the queen already and don't complain so why is it a big deal now. You ran them away and now you are trying to prevent them from finding a peaceful life else where, you people don't even want them to make money, this is not a crisis nor is it news, this is simply your gravy train has run off, now find someone else to run off and leave them alone

  • Fadzai Chengeta says:

    Am I the only one that has a problem with this… if they want independence they are just like everyone else! Here they don’t have a title atleast not to me

  • Right now no one knows any actual facts around this matter, everything is just speculation. Maybe we should wait before jumping to conclusions. Someone leaked their withdrawal to the press which is why the Sussex’s released their statement about their future plans. The Queen loves her family and I imagine the tabloid press and social media attack on the Sussex’s has been extremely disturbing to her. I think the biggest issue is to simply keep them safe and well through the transition period until they find their path forward.

  • Does anyone notice 
    Prince Andrew was in very hot water as a pedophile.
    NOTHING… is more evil, or dirty, or reeking of
    "royal privilege".
    Megan and Harry are fielding the rage of what should be flying at 
    Or… how about what Charles did to 
    CHARLES… is now married to the inappropriate women Camilla who would be considered a low life woman, with no integrity.
    Charles was likewise, lowlife in regards to his plan to marry Diana, use her, and stay on with his lover

  • Diane Stephenson says:

    Why is this all of a sudden Canada’s burden? Canada is now feeling the consequences of not totally breaking away from the monarchy. How irresponsible can H&M be?

  • As of the latest news that Britain will be reimbursed that's wonderful but…Canadians are still on the hook for security. My suspicion is that since Charles had plans to narrow down the royal funding and the Sussexes where the ones to use the "foundation" scam. Only 5% of foundation money is required to go to any charity and the people have no way to know the details. This is no way takes the Canadian taxpayer off the hook for 10's of millions of dollars a year to fund their security.

  • I have loved Prince Harry for a long time and he has always been a rebel just like his Mother. His Mother Princess Diana I also loved and had great respect for. Princess Diana at least exposed her two sons to what a commoners life would be like. I know Prince Harry's pain regarding his Mother, I went through the same thing regarding my Father. I feel that EVERYONE NEEDS TO BACK OFF!!! Each one of us whether Royal or Commoner has to make their own choices for THEIR OWN LIVES! The Queen which I highly respect loves Prince Harry and like any Grandmother listens and takes into regards the family. It IS NO ONE ELSES BUSINESS WHAT THIS FAMILY ROYAL OR COMMONER CHOOSES TO DO. SHOW RESPECT LEAVE IT ALONE. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF EVERYONE IN THE NEWS MEDIA OR OUT AND ABOUT WERE STICKING THEIR NOSE INTO IT? WOULD YOU LIKE IT? I WOULDN'T. I wouldn't want someone to dictate to me how I live my life which we all only have one life to live. The Queen is a very intelligent woman and I am sure she is or has already been thinking about everything and how to deal with it regarding family and country. Could EVERYONE IN THE UK AND ACROSS THE WORLD JUST LEAVE IT ALL ALONE AND LET THIS FAMILY HAVE THEIR CONVERSATIONS AND DEAL WITH IT. God Bless the Queen and the Royal Family and God Bless Prince Harry, Megan and little Archie. Your friend from across the pond.

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