Royal Navy to protect British ships from Iran attack

Royal Navy to protect British ships from Iran attack

the new look for British flag vessels in the Strait of Hormuz here HMS Montrose was sandwiched in between two merchant vessels yesterday it's the first known transit of UK flag ships through the Straits since this happened Iranian special forces captured the Senate in pyro tanker last Friday afterwards Britain warned other vessels to steer clear of this vital waterway now they're being advised to steer into it but with Royal Navy protection if you were a Seafarer on board a vessel going through the Straits of Hormuz now and you had no escorts at all you might feel extremely worried particularly if you're on a British flag on the other hand if there's a nice large British warship sailing next door to you I would guess you'd feel extremely extremely better place so of course yes it will restore confidence very very welcome britain's not the only nation with nice big warships the USS boxer is one of a number of American vessels sent to the Gulf amid tensions with Iran Washington's building a coalition of navies to protect International shipping London and European allies had been reluctant to join as they opposed US policy on Iran there's even been talk of a separate European LED force though many are unconvinced the idea that we should do this in concert only with the strategic powerhouse that the European Union is brackets not closed brackets rather than with our US allies that has serious forces in the Gulf is quite frankly impractical to the point of lunacy the extra protection for ships came too late for these men the crew of the Senate in Pierrot are still hostages of Iran it once London to release a tanker Britain help seas off the coast of Gibraltar no sign of that route being resolved but these men have finally been allowed to speak to their families no respite for HMS Montrose yet either still on alert in case of another Iranian assault Deborah Haynes Sky News the United Arab Emirates


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