Roommate Drama

Roommate Drama

(music plays) (crowd cheers) That Irv Gotti is something else. Right? All right, everybody have a seat, it’s time for ‘Ask Wendy’. How you doin? How you doin, Wendy? Are you having a good time? Yes, I love it. Did you enjoy Irv? Yes, he’s crazy.
What a mess! (lady laughs) In a good way. He’s our people. Yes. So, who are ya, where ya from, what do you do? My name is Sabrina. I’m was born in Queens, but I live in Houston. Okay! I do staffing. Okay. So, my friend went behind my back and she told my man, at the time, that I went to have a closure conversation with my ex. So my ex went to prison for a couple years, and when he got out, he wanted to have a talk. (crowd moans) Yeah, I know! Okay, wait. (lady scoffs) Sabrina? Yeah. A closure conversation with your ex? Yeah. Okay, how long have you been with your present man? At the time, it was like 3 years. Okay, so you waited 3 years in and then met up with your old man to have a closure conversation? Cause he had gotten out.
Oh! So he wanted to talk when he got out. Okay. Ya know. Do you have children with the man of 3 years? Yes, I have a son. What made you think that this was possibly part of the deal
where you go. I have no idea! How old are you? 29. And how long have you been with your present man? At the time, it was 3 years. Oh, now your broken up? We’re not together anymore, No. Okay. And you’re?
But it’s the principle. And you’re friend, how long were you friends with her? Almost ten years, at the time. Okay. Yeah. What’s your question for me? She wants to talk, I haven’t spoken to her in years, but I’m not with him anymore. And she wants to meet up and I don’t know if I should ever trust her again. So, what’s the point? Yeah. (crowd moans) I’m with you guys. Meet with her. Really! You know why? Why? Cause you’re only 29, I mean, you’re with this guy for three years. Why’d he go to prison, by the way? The guy before. I can tell you on the commercial break. (crowd sighs) Tell me in my ear, go! (crowd chatters) Oh, really? Yes. (crowd laughs) Okay, you call your friend right away. Okay. You all have a good ole ‘sip and see’ sit down. Good luck with your life. Okay. And how dare, what are you… (crowd chatters) I know. And you never got that stuff. I mean. Yeah, I did. Okay, all right. You understand what I say, right? Yeah. Okay, all right, thank you Sabrina. Thank you. (crowd applauds) I’m gonna tell the co-host during commercial but I’m not going to tell them on T.V., okay? Okay. Okay, co-host, I got you. (crowd sighs) I can’t tell you. Hey. Hey. How you doin big foot? (crowd roars) I’m good, how you doin? I’m good. (crowd laughs) What’s your name? My name is Raleigh. Hi Raleigh, where you from? Philadelphia. Okay, how can I help you? So, last week, I went and had a couple drinks with my best friends ex, and one thing led to another and, pretty much. Raleigh, you don’t seem like that kinda, what do you do for a living? (crowd laughs) I’m a software engineer and a robotics developer. Okay. Okay. Yeah. (crowd chatter) Go ahead, tell me about it. So, we slept together and my best friend found out. Not through me but through her friends, and I don’t know what to do. Like, we all live together, so it’s like. (crowd sighs) Yeah! You all live in the same apartment? (crowd chatter) Yeah. So, I’m like stuck between moving out or should I run away. Or should I stay and fix things because he is my best friend. Doe’s your friend know or are you just talking about this now? He knows now. (crowd chatter) Okay, yeah. Yeah. Do you have a lock on your bedroom door? Are your belongings safe? I need to get a lock! (crowd laughs) And maybe a new place to stay. Yeah. You made a really poor decision.
I know. Now, who do you think he’ll choose? You over her? I hope he chooses me, but at the same time, I don’t have the words. You don’t have what he needs? It’s all up to him, I messed up, I own up to it. You did. So, it is what it is. This is not, how long have they been together as a couple? Six years. (crowds roars) And how old are you? 23. (crowd sighs) How old is he? 24. No, not awe! (crowd laughs) I used to discount young love too, but no, let’s respect this, okay? This is what you do. You go home and prepare to move into a new place. Okay. The friendship is over and you’ll start a new life. Okay? You’re messed up, Raleigh. Thank you. Blame it on the alcohol. (music plays softly)


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