31 thoughts on “Robert Mugabe tells ITV News Zimbabwe 'must undo disgrace' of 'military takeover' | ITV News”

  • Maluleke Singo says:

    I don't understand the issues of Zimbabwe actually, they said Emmerson is better but now everyone is crying again.Did they both tared with the same brash???

  • douglas nhamo says:

    Mugabe waited 20 years…….meeting an obligation agreed to with British concerning acquisition of land at Lancaster House conference in 1980…with Margaret Thatcher…for Tony Blair to come and rip off the agreement in 1997, much like what is nearly causing Brexit uprisings now with politicians refusing to honour the Referendum results. He had to renegotiate the agreement for 3 years with the new adamant British government to fulfil what 50 000 people had died for in the liberation war when he and John Nkomo were sent back to Zimbabwe with empty hands in 1999…….land transfers were not just out of the blue as many of us would want people to believe….in fact what prompted sudden land seizures in 2000 was the realisation (when it was too late of course) that the West had actually set up Morgan Tsvangirayi to take over so that the whole issue would be buried once and for all. So Mugabe is Right!!!!! all is history. We know why he was removed….he is still an African icon.

  • Sakina Tanimu says:

    The world sanctioned Zimbabwe like Venezuela and crashed the economy then turned to blame Mugabe. Other African countries stood by like gaping sycophants while the West , led by Britain, squeezed Zimbabwe dry.

  • Sakina Tanimu says:

    I predicted that Zimbabweans will soon cry for Mugabe like we in Ghana. Over 40 years and we are still grappling with leadership crisis. Venezuelans are better than us in Africa. They appreciate what is good for them and are standing up against the same imperialists..

  • Baba Ibrahim says:

    If all African leaders are like this man we should have already got total independence he's an Hero but anyway he knew he was going to leave power for that current president

  • Ntenavyo Musyani says:

    The guy interviewing is just dumb….of course the current President was illegally installed as President.

  • Brian Holder says:

    If a survey was done today, a survey in which the former freedom fighters/terrorists were free to answer honestly and without fear of reprisal, questions about the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe, I wonder how they would answer. Are there any such members in this group?
    The survey would ask questions like:
    Are you satisfied with the standard of health care available to you and your family?
    Are you satisfied with the standard of education available to you and your family?
    Are you prospering and how do you find the cost of living?
    Has the Government done a good job of raising the standard of living for it's citizens or do you see poverty in Zimbabwe today?
    Is the the unemployment rate at an acceptable level?
    Are you happy living under socialism, do you think an open and free market with a minimal government and lower taxes would be better?

    There are many more questions that I'd like to know the answers to, the most important would be:
    How many of the older generation black Zimbabweans who lived and worked in Rhodesia prior to 1980, are of the opinion that they are better off under Zanu's Zimbabwe than they would have been under Ian Smith's Rhodesia?

  • Lmao Britain has its own brexit headache. Ed's only way out is giving free food
    If he misses on that he won't be in office too long

  • Reading some of the comments here makes me sad for the future of Zim. Why would anyone suggest that a 90+ year old former dictator, a man who drove the economy into the ground, killed thousands of his own (black) people, and was corrupt to the core, is a hero? Are standards THAT low in Africa?

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