Ripple/XRP Step By Step Path To $100+, Price Prediction With Events Timeline, SBI, MG, R3, & Bakkt

Ripple/XRP Step By Step Path To $100+, Price Prediction With Events Timeline, SBI, MG, R3, & Bakkt

ladies and gentlemen welcome back this is the bearable pull here and I got some more aggresively average content for you today and today's video is going to be extremely fun we're gonna be talking about the xrp events that are gonna occur and the next six months and the corresponding price predictions I have for those events first we have SB IVC going live July 31st in just a few short days and in my personal opinion I think the price could reach five to ten dollars based on 60 plus Japanese banks use utilizing XRP guys SBI is gonna be a catalyst for the crypto community specifically XRP and it can't be overstated next MoneyGram at any given moment could activate XRP utility and i think that the price could rise another five to ten dollars because of this because MoneyGram has over 20,000 corridors across the globe in addition to this if we refer back to this video I made a couple of days ago titled XRP David Schwartz MoneyGram can use XRP at any moment I quote David Schwartz from Alex Cobbs livestream saying that because MoneyGram is regulatory compliant he doesn't see any issues with a regulatory compliant financial institution utilizing a cryptocurrency and specifically XRP because they are in fact partnered with Ripple next this is a variable point the United States regulatory clarity the reason it's a variable is because we don't know at what time regulations will be passed but the reason why it's so important to stay vigilant with all of this is because Libra has been testifying in front of Congress over the past weeks have been formulating bills the token taxonomy Act has been in the house for a while we're starting to get more signs that Domino's are falling across the globe and specifically in the United States and the reason the u.s. is so important in this game is because the US regulatory clarity could spark global regulatory clarity on digital assets and costs mass enabling on XRP utility and because of this alone X our piece price could rise 20 plus dollars and guys I have to say that personally I really tried to tone down the price predictions for this video so this is this is me being conservative by the way for those of you that didn't know this is me being conservative that's right the bearable bull is the XRP community's perma bull I am eternally bullish because we need to be on this asset next fact is going live in September 2019 to enable institutional FOMO institutional FOMO guys over 2018 we've seen massive sales of XRP to institutions and exchanges massive sales and because of this the price could rise five to ten dollars remember I'm being conservative in this video I am being conservative because backed is the first regulatory compliant United States Wall Street back exchange in the history of crypto currencies it can't be overstated I'll say it again institutional FOMO will take place because of backed and then retail FOMO will compound this after that the next point I have is that the Federal Reserve faster payment system / Swift 2.0 Democrats and Republicans both want faster payments we seen I enter press in Congress talking to Jerome Powell the chair of the Federal Reserve to try and force his hand to implement faster payments we know that Donald Trump is trying to get faster payments enabled we're trying to see mass adoption Federal Reserve adoption of XRP we're very well aware that Swift is working with our three through the are three partnership they have with ripple the company they will be utilizing XRP and the reason I think this in itself could make XRP rise to get another 25 to 50 dollars is because Swift transfers about five trillion dollars wait a second daily that's right daily daily guys I'm being modest with these price predictions and I think this could occur q4 2019 to q1 2020 hold on to your hats we're going to the moon and Limbo's guys we really will I don't care about the haters they could hold mine we are ready for liftoff that infrastructure has been built and all we're waiting for is that regulatory clarity I'm convinced to that one and finally the last thing the last event I want to point out the financial crisis slash recession and 2018 the 20 excuse me in 2008 the 2008 crash was worse because of liquidity problems and XRP was built as a liquidity solution the best liquidity solution on the planet a global bridge currency and because of this event alone a global financial recession the price of XRP could rise 25 plus dollars on top of everything else guys I'm being modest here and based on all of these events and the calculations I personally made I think a justifiable price prediction range for XRP could be 85 to 120 dollars but q1 2020 ladies and gentlemen this is the bearable boy here I hope you enjoyed this video I know you enjoyed this video and I'll be back tomorrow with another one


33 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP Step By Step Path To $100+, Price Prediction With Events Timeline, SBI, MG, R3, & Bakkt”

  • I‘m more fascinated with the unfolding of this new monetary system. Your illustration gets a big plus! From my vantage point XRP is King of Koins in making this transition as seamless as possible. Liquidity is the number one threat to our systems freezing up, it would be mad max overnight. I’m not for cryptos in general but I do see XRP as the base coin for all others… that survive the FOMO. HODLing will be the understatement of our future.

  • Dude just no. we arent going from .3 to 5 in the next couple months. I predict little or no change after whatever happens on 7/31.

  • Love your work legend 🤘🏼 I watch these on the daily looking forward to being rich with you 💪🏼💪🏼 🚀

  • Filipe Pereira says:

    Hey folks , Xrp price was disegned to be steady as possible to allow the Exchange between different currencys without to much slipeage on price using Xrapid. Thats why a big massive pump attemptive as seen last time price went to 3$…., Will be fast dumped by Ripple who own large Xrp lots to cheaper prices and correct price to prior steady value in a certain number of consecutive hours or days

  • BB…I love the positive outlook on XRP…personally I'm keeping my eye on the daily volume and see if their is consistency. I would love the see the volume crank up to 10 – 15 bn daily after SBI launch.

  • This is still in its infancy. Everyone talking about selling if it don't moon soon are crazy as hell lol. Give it a few more years minimum

  • Love your vids, however I am currently in the phase of disbelieve and have no expectations about the price anymore. I hope you are right though!

  • Glenn DeGroote says:

    Companies and corporations aren’t investing hundreds of millions of dollars to see it fail. The transfer of wealth is from the impatient to the patient. If it takes another 2 years there’s nothing better out there for the returns on your investment. It won’t take that long anyway… Wait , be patient, hold and you’ll be rewarded. Only a fool would sell now…

  • if you bought XrP in the uk and still holding it, you make profit even xrp does not move much against the dollar. Its because the pound sterling keeps falling. So if the price goes up it will be a grwat bonus.

  • Fat 23 Crypto says:

    A week from now, when SBI didn’t move the price xrp will be at .18 cents. This is a long shot for xrp to move higher in price. To many hands in the cookie jar. Ripple has been to accommodating, window might have closed.

  • MaskedCrusader Part Deux says:

    Whether you are right or not, at least you are raising our spirits, greetings from The Netherlands


  • Bro… why do you keep doing this to your followers. You just keep throwing ridiculous baseless numbers out. I luv your passion but you should find a way to do your show with the hype minus the ridiculous price quotes. You are not motivating people by continuously giving them fake hype. Channels like this are what's creating the anxiety in the community. Bro it's getting ridiculous. You can be bullish without being irresponsible.

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