'Rights enjoyed by One are Rights enjoyed by All' - Michelle O'Neill

'Rights enjoyed by One are Rights enjoyed by All' – Michelle O'Neill

well I'm absolutely delighted to be here this evening in Belfast at the Mac Theatre where I'm taking part in parade talks back it's an opportunity to be here among the LGBTQ community to talk to them about all the issues that are relevant to talk to them around the theme of rates no because unders the theme of parade this year grades always an amazing event a wonderful colorful event that everyone can enjoy it's about protest but it's also about celebration so I'm only honoured to be able to be here this evening to be part of the debate to party the discussion let's talk about the relevant issues and let's talk about how we're gonna deliver rights now because rights enjoyed by one our rights enjoyed by all whenever you reflect on the fact that this is the big anniversary in terms of the Stonewall Riots and what was achieved then what was achieved and with solidarity it was comradeship it was people working together was people saying enough is enough it was people Park and it was activism and that's something that but I think needs to carry right through until today I was really struck last year up range whenever John was on the platform when he talked about solidarity to other campaign groups to other sectors her campaign for X and for equality I think that was really really strong it's so powerful that you have solidarity right across because rights for one or eggs for all Brixton April 1 or tonight for all so I just think that for me the standout moments of of recent eggs have been that the part activism and that strength of people actually got out to fund and starting off what they believed in so I'm happy to to talk about and all of those things really great discussion we talked about everything not just marriage equality because obviously that's a very important issue but we talked about all the other issues that are being denied all the other feelings from different government departments running the services for trans people around the relationship and education and schools around identity around LGBT issues around sexual health around good relationships a really really all rounded conversation was had here tonight we and shouldn't be in are determined to promote equality on every day and everything that we do whether up being council chambers in the assembly or any other forum which we engaged quality goes right to the heart of Irish republicanism so this has been a powerful debate I'm really grateful the buffers prayed for inviting me along to be part of the discussion tonight I passed locked everybody safe home


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