Rick Perry speaks out after resigning as Trump’s energy secretary


100 thoughts on “Rick Perry speaks out after resigning as Trump’s energy secretary”

  • … but isn't the problem, that his own REPUBLICAN administration blew the whistle on him? Were the Dems supposed to ignore WH staff if THEY say there's a problem? Seems like there's a raging fire over there on Pennsylvania Avenue and theTrump diehards are simply saying "Well I don't smell smoke…"

  • rick perry…one of the last of the deep thinkers in the trump whitehouse…..LOL…what a circus…takes a special kind of stupid to continue supporting benedict donald

  • Rick has the guts to admit that he pushed the President to make the call. In opposition to a democrat pointing the finger to someone else in their own party or a Republican. Hemmer is acting more and more like The man raper, Shep, Fox programming new clowns?

  • "Since you're not giving me the answer I want to hear, let me interrupt you and rephrase the question to see if I can lead you the direction I want you to go and, maybe trap you, in the process"… most of them are such schmucks.

  • LOL,..yea I smell BS. Perry trying to get out while he can. Don't by the "back to wife and dogs" BS. Nor that the President is worried about Ukraine corruption. Or Amercan corruption.

  • Rick Perry's departure has everything to do with Ukraine, bet that. He's a snake, if you will. Everything he's done should be reviewed immediately & corrected if necessary. Mulvaney is a McMaster pawn.

  • "Very unconventional way of doing diplomacy" – Dude, that letter for Turkey's president is not unconventional, it's something that only an insane person could write. And after that "letter" he just gives Turkey everything they wanted for free.

  • My theory is that Rick Perry is going to serve America by ensuring that Texas retains its conservative values.

    Noticed that President Trump had his great rally in Dallas and Rick Perry resigned as energy secretary about the same time.

    I think that Rick Perry is going to be an unofficial conduit for promoting conservatism in Texas and reelecting President Trump in 2020.

  • Another Trump suckup bites the dust. Trup appoints abysmally unqualified ideologues, then he gets himself in trouble and fires them, usually with insults. Happens over and over. Mulvaney and Pompeo are probably next.

  • Impeach Trump Stop wasting time and just do it. I want to see trials. I want to here the defense questioning in public. Come on Pelosi, Nadling, Schiff. Do it and stop wasting all this freaking money. Can someone tell me where they get all of this money to do all this crap? Really? Lawyers and lawyering costs money right? What is really going on? THese freaks are always doing something in the background and that usually involves another boot on our necks. Bring back the redcoats. Some congress people make you think. are these people coming from dictatorships? Is this the best they got? Maxine Waters? Are you kidding me? Most of you know your neighbor can do a better job sitting in a lazy boy with a bucket of chicken and a can of beer… Sick of these folks snorkeling off money that can be used to get homeless off the street and fix some bridges and take care of people who really need some help in their communities. These are sophisticated warlords because we make them such. It is sickening. Then they have those silly high fiving press banquets. Which one of you were ever invited to one of those…even at your state level? What movie are we watching here?

  • Phillip Johnson says:

    Rick Perry has the right attitude, right approach.
    Does anyone else worry or are concerned that the current political atmosphere in America (especially the DC beltway) is turning towards totalitarianism? Particularly from the Marxist left (aka the Democratic party)…poor Trump is living in the White House smack dab in the heart of the subversion and 'soft' insurrection.

  • Rats fleeing a sinking ship. J
    How many in trumps orbit have gone to jail, or are in the process of being jailed? Dozen or so now? At least Perry escaped.

  • The people are tired of the dems repeatedly using the word impeachment. Now you just have to follow their path..don't we have enough fake news to continue this stupid lie. I understand you'[re trying to be fair. Which is admirable. But,,if the other side is totally against everything but what they want then you are helping them when you ask the same questions they would ask, then spin it to come out the way they want you to think.

  • Are U kidding me Bill, are U another Chris Wallace, please, the Democrats are the politicians that are Unbelievable,Corrupt, EVIL, and like some of the News source FAKE NEWS!

  • Rick Perry is jumping ship while he can still swim away.
    Also, I live in Texas and I was here during his governance. Rick Perry is, was and always will be a slime ball.

  • Who cares if they wanted dirt from a foreign country on other Americans . Trump does not have to comply to the constitution like past presidents and that’s what we love about him ! USA USA USA

  • Why was Rudy involved at all if this wasn’t a personal issue for Donnie Little Hands getting dirt on Big Joe Biden. Rudys buddies are innocent until proven guilty, but things don’t look good for them or Rudy AKA Rudy who? (Says The Don sooner than latter)

  • Bill, we know that you are a Democrat in the down-low, but learn how to be objective. Your facial expression shows your distaste for a sitting President and your silly questions to Ricky Perry is baffling. You have a small audience that listens to you. At least try to sound like a FOX News anchor and not a CNN Fake New reporter. Last time I will view your low-rating show.

  • The Good The Bad and The Ugly says:

    Secretary Rick Perry you have been such an asset to America in Service with our Awesome POTUS and we SINCERELY THANK YOU. 🇺🇸
    God Speed Sir.

  • littlewingmyoho says:

    Rick was one of many unqualified people put in very important positions …..hopefully he is replaced with someone with an education in such matters

  • Good tough questions… Rick Perry made the first real defensive interview on the president's behalf… great job to the both of you

  • The rats aren't jumping ship fast enough for me, yet what they are jumping into may only be deep waters instead of safety from our criminalized White House.

  • All the hate…but we have a border wall now if Democrats don't sabotage it….we have a president trying to bring home troops if Democrats don't sabotage that….we have the lowest jobless rate in modern history if Democrats don't sabotage that…. so what else can we ask from a first term president that's really working for us this time… not corporations

  • All the Republicans are pussies. They resign and run away before they confront trump. The ones that are there have to pay him compliments and praise him to even talk to him. Trump is like an egotistical immature teenager. It's so funny watching the republicans having to run away or bow to their master instead of doing their job. The house has passed numerous things that will actually help the people but moscow mitch says I'm just gonna sit on them not even bother to take a vote. Hes not doing his job for the american. Do you really believe not even looking at them Bill's is good for all americans. No. Trump just wants to help himself and all republicans are cowards that serve under him. This president only stands for himself and republican party. He does nothing for democrats at all but call names make fun of cuss and belittles women. I want a president who is fair to both sides and will at least acknowledge instead of condemn. There is alot of Democrats who are in military and to hear donnie call Democrats communist all the time is sickening.

  • I like Bill up until recently. It seems there’s obviously more pressure to steer the Impeachment wheel like CNN has done for 3 years. This AM show has leaned so far Left they Suck up to the Anti-Trumpers & the Donna Brazille’s. But cut short, interrupt & talk over the Rick Perry types who really made a lot of sense BC he’s a good honest man. Wish he had let him finish as the end here but Bill wanted to end it by throwing out the Demographics of TX turning more blue in his face. Neil Cavuto is disgusting, Chris Wallace is disgusting. Don’t like Sandra or Julie or Melissa. Fox is run by Leftists.

  • Kklos Digging deep says:

    People are tired of spending millions of dollars fighting frivolous lawsuits. Anyone who has been in a frivolous lawsuit can see where he’s coming from wanting to leave the crosshairs of people that want trump gone at any cost. There’s no difference between innocent and guilty as far as cost goes in a court battle. So if someone suing you has more money than you (or the people backing them do) than you will “lose” financially even if you are innocent. Leaving you with only your clothes on your back and your honor. Rick Perry is on his way out and still agrees with Trump but isn’t going to stay in office as the energy secretary because he knows the trump haters will stop at nothing. I think Bill is asking the right questions. You can’t treat elected officials differently based on your stations bias

  • It’s really sad to see Good Honest well meaning reporters and Journalists turn into Political Biased Hacks. Bill Hemmer really was one of the good ones who never showed Bias but he’s showing it now. Bill, sorry to see how much you’ve lowered your standards as we’re finding out where each of you stand here as there’s no Journalistic Integrity anymore. Rick Perry did so good here, I’d love to have heard the rest of his thoughts at the tail end of this, but Bill felt it was more important to throw the moving demographics in TX going blue in your face instead of hearing you out as you’re leaving.

  • Rick Perry or any republican or Democratic politician. All sold off by the dirty Zionist scott m aha who have taken over our foreign policy. No one has the balls to target Israel.

  • Fla-bushcraft Prepper says:

    Rick should serve as Secretary of State after Trump is re-elected and then run for the nomination for 2024. Perry is refined into a more forceful man than he was before Trump. Rick was a sweetly nice guy, but now he is refined like American Steel.

  • Sounds like everybody is turning on Trump, why aren't you????
    Rick ferry, put you big boy pants on and tell the truth. Now we have our own oligarchy – Trump oligarchy!

  • Best thing a man's got is his word and Ferry doesn't have one. It's funny how they seem to evade every question – that's the whole Trump oligarchy. Stonewallers. Can't wait until Trump family and friends are sitting in prison!

  • Fox reporters are finally trying to get the facts because they see the ship is sinking and they don't want to go down with it.

  • I’m w/President Trump says:

    Chill. Bill Hemmer! Don’t go there! Your Old Hemmer DOES NOT LIKE YOUR NEW HEMMER! NEITHER DO WE! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Putin +Trump=KGB


    Did we ever find out what the Puppet Master n the Puppet (Putin n t rump) said at their meeting in Helsinkie Finland Jan 2019????????????
    answer me that trumpeeees???

    Perry Make Nuclear Kool-put the nuke waste under his house.

    The Cult Of Personality-The Donald NYC BILLIONAIRE,ELITIST,TAX Dodger(? maybe).-Our Commander COMMANDER BONE SPUR!!!!
    I Gotta Take A Shower I Feel Dirty n Ashamed!!!

  • The MSM keeps trying to change the perspective on Ukraine to fit their narrative.

    The correct chronology of the process here was:
    A) Lots of Corruption in the Ukrainian Govt.
    B) The U.S. wants that to end, and is willing to help THEIR (Ukraine) efforts to resolve.
    C) And, one event on the radar happens to be getting an investigator fired by V.P. Biden!
    That is what, truly, IS the wrong doing here.

    The MSM BS opinion/FAKE NEWS narrative:
    A) Joe Biden is running for President against Trump
    . . . . NO, for the Democrat NOMINATION , he is NOT the Democrat CANDIDATE
    B) President Trump calls Ukraine and TELLS them to dig up dirt on Biden, or else!
    . . . . This is what's known as the Adam Schiff "PARODY" – BS/Fake News/LIE! – effect.
    C) A whistleblower sounds off and Trump tries to hide it
    . . . . Whistleblower – that is a JOKE (that isn't funny), and then Trump releases the transcript of the call so he can hide the conversation . . . Wait, What?!

    1. information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

  • Lonnie Dobbins III says:

    Who thinks this criminal would admit guilt?
    He said he wanted to run for President before this got close.
    Tried To Run Before His Name Was Mentioned!
    How he thought his name wasn't going to be mentioned is beyond logic.
    There's a criminal investigation into his activities now.

  • Bill didn't get the answers he was eagerly looking for – biased. What, Bill? You expect everyone that resigns from President Trump's appointment to bash him?

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