Richard Wolff and Michael Brooks on the growing audience of left media and international news

Richard Wolff and Michael Brooks on the growing audience of left media and international news

[BROOKS] You know, anecdotally, so many people
just tell me if I interact with the audience through social media, or they
call the show, or I meet them at these live shows we do, there’s so many
narratives that either go back to 2008 that that crisis hit them and things
have actually not really been the same since, or if they’re younger that
their whole perception of what their life trajectory was gonna be was
significantly altered, so therefore all of a sudden they weren’t particularly
interested to see what Fareed Zakaria had to say about a Davos meeting. They
wanted something that was real to their lives. And I think internationally
there’s an increasing recognition that in addition to dealing with you know the
humanitarian crisis and that and the terrorism of Trump administration policy
towards immigrant and refugee communities that there’s a global
dimension to that too. If you support a coup in Honduras as the Obama
administration did in 2009, and then you support a narco-state, as they do now,
that’s gonna generate the conditions of a refugee crisis, as an example. So I think
people are in place to think a little bit more in terms of systems and
patterns and that’s where the international stuff comes in.
[WOLFF] I’m particularly
struck with that because one of the least, for me in my perception, one of the
least developed aspects of the whole immigration crisis is the responsibility
that the United States has for causing the immigration in the first place.
[BROOKS] It’s the whole context.
[WOLFF] Let alone the abusive treatment when they get here. But the notion that we are
the pure victims of some unexplained process descending on us that we have no
agency in producing is amazing. [BROOKS] From Latin America to the Middle East, in
terms of military interventions, and then the global migration patterns due to
climate, that’s all emanating from the centers to the peripheries. And there’s a lot of people that I think are actually hungry to
hear something even beyond the standard white nationalist message, and then the
“No, you know, we’re a nation of immigrants, blah blah blah.”
[WOLFF] I’m struck too
because I hadn’t heard, until you just said it, that you have evidence that the
interest in international aspects is also growing.
I find that enormously encouraging, that it is
just here, we are in the United States, but a recognition of how embedded we are
in a larger world.
[BROOKS] Well, I mean it’s self-selected. If you’re watching,
listening to my show you have to be interested in the global dimension
because that is a big part of it. But I think that you know people do see these
patterns. They say “Why is Trump running this country? Who is this guy in
India or Brazil? What’s happening in Israel?” And then, you know, conversely the
sort of elite, legacy neoliberal media (or however you wanted to define it) they’re
obsessed with Trudeau and Macron and these people that represent this
collapse consensus. So they’re seeing a pattern, and also in the you know
positive analogs as well; what Corbyn offers, why Lula is in jail. and social
movements that they can graph themselves on to.


24 thoughts on “Richard Wolff and Michael Brooks on the growing audience of left media and international news”

  • Keynesianism made America into a superpower in the postwar period (among other factors). But the collective amnesia of Americans with respect to this fact is absurd, to say the least.
    The oligarchy that runs the US now seems to think that Bernie Sanders' policy is socialist, but the truth is that Sanders would have been recognized in the 1950s as a Keynesian and not a Marxist.
    This just demonstrates how far right the American mainstream politics has gone since the 80s.

  • Wolf should start every public appearance with a standard disclaimer: "I am a Keynesian, not a communist. I have to say this because if I say I teach Marx my brand is completely tainted by a century of anti-communist propaganda."

  • Socialism and communism is the only way to go. That’s what made the Soviet Union the greatest country in known history.

  • Wolff is tone deaf when it comes to politics, or perhaps flattered that Brooks likes him. Brooks supports neo-liberals. This was the most mealy-mouth wishy-washy segment I've seen on this channel.

  • Not Applicable says:

    I’m gonna be very scared if the state of the left rn has Wolff fans praising the dipshit known as michael brooks.

    Like do y’all even listen to Wolff? Lol it’s people like brooks that need to be imprisoned

  • billytheweasel says:

    Regarding the current tendency toward oligarchy… I blame the corporate media.

    I've been saying this for decades. Being right is not a good feeling here.

  • Grinning Guise says:

    There's a lot of criticism concerning Michael Brooks on this thread. I've only just recently tuned into him so I can't offer an opinion, but from what I've heard I want to hear more.

    If you want to hear his interview with people FURTHER to the left than Wolff check out Revolutionary Left Radio

  • All asylum seekers can only seek refugee status in the first safe country.
    After that, they are all just economic migrants that have no right to remain under international law.
    This isn't that hard to understand

    And when did Michael get his Ph.D. in migration & refugees?

  • Orlando Acevedo says:

    What about the partnership between Guaido and the paramilitars Los Rastrojos with the endorsement of the US government?

  • Dr Richard Wolff, I have watched many of your videos however I came across this today. Carl Marx in this video, was not such a great man at all. hmmm.

  • If Brooks can only decide between a comedy act or a serious commentator. Time will tell. Cannot take him seriously at this point.

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