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Low class? Low class? Don’t you know it earlier? You knew it when we got committed, right? Don’t you know that I was nothing? Don’t you know? Go! I asked you to leave! Marry whom your parents say! go! Good performance, bro! Note down the shots properly! You did a fantastic job! you are going to bag this role for sure! Get the script pad! And..try to do this role for free! Will manage! sir, how to do without pay? Arshad,This is an experience for you! You will get more offers from this! note down the shots! Sir, with an experience of one movie… Hey! note down the shots! Sir, experience is useless nowadays! You are going to earn in crores! You should realize how many are waiting for this role! Hey ! pack them soon! Then do with one of them! I am not doing this! How was the audition, dude? I told you when I left! Are they asking you to work for free? Ya! I denied ! Why don’t you work for free, this is your first movie! Third movie! don’t include the atmosphere roles! okay, what are you planning to do? Dude,This is my year ! I’ll definetely finish a movie! What will you do until then? Dude, one of my friend is a casting manager! He is in a near by restaurant now! He is working on many ad films! you will get a chance and payment too! done! Go soon! he is waiting there! Arshad here ! Sorry bro! What happened? I got struck with a meeting here! Can we meet someother day? Don’t mistake me bro! It’s okay! Are you searching for someone? Who? You! Me? Your beard, your messy hair, you are handsome ! Every girl will like you! that’s why! Before someone else would say, I am saying it! What? Where is the camera? Which channel you are from? How do I look like? Are you sure? Let it be unknown! Actually I came here to propose my best friend! I tried with you! How do I look like? It’s okay! How did you feel when I proposed you? Amazing! Will he accept me if I propose like this? If you propose like this… …no one will say no ! He will be reaching now! see you! Janani, right? ya! What are you doing here? How do I look like? you look like you won’t have tea from place like this! And did you propose to your boy friend that day? actually I came to propose you! I was scared if you will judge me! Did you think I am settled guy? No! I am serious! What do you know about me? You are Arshad, you are an aspiring actor since 3 years You woke up at 6 and came straight to this shop! unfortunately you left your wallet at home! Who are you? How do you know all these? You came for an audition recently, right? ya ! Your performance was brilliant! Are you his AD? I gave my office space for audition. You were so confident that day! The hope you had! are you free tomorrow? yes! free! Can we go for a date? Will you pay the bill? Come! What? Order something! then? What about my proposal? Janani, I like you too! Why are you still being formal with me? Do you know about middle class life? Ever been to local areas? i like you but.. Our range is a mismatch! Whatever you were saying was so cinematic! But being practical, I don’t know! My lifestyle…. This is how I am! I don’t care if you are rich or middle class! Are you arshad? Are you an aspiring actor? ya bro! I am arshad! hey! wait! just think if you are eligible to love her! Don’t come behind janani! Understad? but you are? Me? Who are you? I am her lover! Did janani know this? Let me talk! wait! That’s unwanted for you! don’t come behind her! Hey! i need to fight now! Stupid! Why did you open your mouth? Look how he is laughing at us! What? What? Tell me! Don’t come behind her! don’t talk to her! Did she know about this? She don’t know! Are you teasing us? I’ll be with her! Why is he not listening to you? Why did you talk now? just think if you are eligible to love her! Don’t come behind her! understand? What happened now? what? Can we get married? yes! that was quick! I am telling you the same! I like your confidence! You will be successful in this field! I gave you a love proposal! I was expecting you to propose for wedding! You did! Why should I wait then? I said yes! Quick yes! but.. I know.. your movie should release! You have to do something for your friends, family! only then we are getting married, right? Let’s go! If you like this video like, comment, share and subscribe to wirally Tamil. click on the bell icon too! If you do, you will get an awesome GF like her!


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