29 thoughts on “Restaurant Marketing Ideas: Double Restaurant Profits”

  • Chezelle Cox says:

    you have inspired me through the two videos I have watched so far I am new to the restaurant business and I was feeling like …. can I really run my own restaurant…..your videos … well the ones that I have watched thus far have given me a new found confidence …….the way you break down the restaurant business… easy to understand and learn ….thank you

  • Just started a mall restaurant never owned a restaurant before. So looking forward to you and bacon software!

  • Greg Taylor & Blodwyn Paramel c/o Party In Paradise Tattoo Expo says:

    Really enjoy your videos. Looking forward to getting my place open soon and trying out all these techniques. Thanks.

  • Med Amine Mezry says:

    Hy, i just start my buissnes in marrakesh /morroco
    Gons chiken : we are spealise in korean food and chiken recipis i wans to know how to improve my buissnes and devolop my profit

  • Ryan thank you very much for all you info you have help me so much in my restaurant journey I hope one day I met you

  • blake Barker says:

    Hey Ryan, I stumbled upon this video and I wanted to see what you charge if anything and if/how you coach owners/managers. I would be more than happy to email if possible

  • Sohail Ahmed says:

    Hi, I am from New Delhi India,me and my wife both are chef and very good in Indian food as of now I do not have my own restaurant ,I am running a home delivery biryani concept from my home my food quality was awesome you can also check in google name Biryani Luqma ,I want to increase my business so that I can grow and I can open my own restaurant please guide me how I can increase my business ,

  • Not sure if you read all but id love to talk to you just opened a restaurant and needing some pointers please reach out to me at soulfried.lex at

  • Vimaco - Video Marketing says:

    Good video but the math does not add up doubling profits. It's more like a 40% increase in sales.

  • Jonathan Thompson says:

    Hey Ryan, do you recommend responding to every review left on your restaurants social media and yelp pages? Should I respond to them all or just the poor reviews? What are your thoughts?

  • La Pizzeria Tartufo says:

    hi very interested video please visit our website and let us know what you think for us. www.

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