45 thoughts on “Respawn Entertainment Steps Into VR”

  • Matoro Zeliph says:

    So when is it coming out? We're halfway through 2019. I've been holding off in getting an Oculus Rift until this game comes out.

  • MegaManZero Taylor says:

    YEEEEAH DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! This is what I've been waiting for ever since I saw Titanfall 2! SOOOO HAPPY

  • powered combo says:

    my dream has come true
    this is amazing please be there titanfall2 in vr I would kill for that (maybe dont but you know)

  • It can only be Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order…………. a VR game nobody asked for. Everybody wants a solid singleplayer star wars game like Jedi Academy and the likes and they hype, and they tease and BOOM… they give us a 4 hour VR game.

  • I just found out about this beginning of 2019. Respawn stuff in VR sounds awesome! Especially since it's oculus and I use oculus.


    please tell me this is coming out for the vive as well, and i dont mean by "using revive". we all know that there isnt any reason why it cant also be on the vive. if a single person can make an application to run rift games on the vive to a decent degree, then the only reason you would keep it oculus exclusive is for money, and yeah that might seem good in the short term, but its fragmenting an already tiny (compared to traditional gaming platforms) market.

    if anything, do it becuase its the right thing to do. we need as many gaming options on ALL vr platforms, especially from companies that have the talent and resources to do full fledged, polished releases. theres alot of amazing games made by a single person, but its always clear that they are severely limited by money,time, and manpower.

    if there was unique hardware in the oculus, say if it were a game console with unique hardware, then i would totally understand and even encourage exclusivity, because often times it makes a very polished and focused product, taking advantage of unique hardware features. but in this case, the rift actually has less features than a vive or WMR headset.

    so please, release this for the other headsets too, and not a year later due to exclusivity bullshit, by then noone will care as something else will have come along most likely to fill the void you caused.

  • VR = dead game……I'm not buying shit for a VR game. Titanfall was Ok, Titanfall 2 was a great game just poor marketing. Dice/EA's last marketing exploits have crashed and burned, SW2 & BF5. SW and BF1 soured my confidence in Dice to make a great AAA game. Dice is grasping at straws that VR will bring them back as a AAA game maker. I hope it works for them but I really think it will sink Dice. I played Dice games since BF2 with BF2142 taking top game followed by BF4. SW was the first Dice game I returned and I only played BF1 for a few months, boring fukn game. BF5 looks like another BF1 game due to next to no vehicles. So to see Dice think that VR will save them really is a stretch. I hope I'm wrong….and they are able to get a modern BF6 or future BF2143 game out before they go under.

  • Touseef Ashfaq says:

    first of all please cheaper the VR device.. then talk about it to be there. im not stupid to buy so expensive VR device tool to play games in VR.. if the VR devices are cheaper ..might then it works

  • Marshmallow Pie says:

    "We really wanna depict being a soldier in combat in a fully fleshed out and more realistic way." Cuts to a guy jumping onto a plane mid-flight

  • you know why titanfall 2 died that pilot vs pilot thing, with all the updates that all we got, and not everyone played that mode, for me the old maps was ok because for some reason said it last year, I know that's what they was going to do, cheap ass monkey and that what they did still they kept on trying to win back the CoD players and not looking to the people that bought their game in the first place dumb azzholes, and yes I'm mad this is a great game, and his pride got in the way, and so it failed, and so will your star wars thing your working on star wars is really over you and star wars people just have not realize it no body gives a shit about han solo, the moon landing is fake and all that mars shit is too, people are waking up and realize that all that shit is a lie, space is FAKE

  • Amazing!!! I hope its modern day! Or something that we can relate too, like maybe ww2? I think that a titanfall VR would be cool, note that I have never played titanfall.

  • Роман Образцов says:

    Охуеть, у них на мониторах военная тайна, за разглашение сразу смерть.

  • Death Templer says:

    PLEASE bring us a VR Titanfall experience. I've been wanting a fast paced VR mech game like Gundam since VR finally came back into the picture. Archangel is cool, but not the adrenaline rush like Titanfall or even Hawken.
    Whatever it is, you've already got my wallet.

  • Don't care about VR don't care about Oculus Only care about respawn and only buying to support respawn as their amazing works usually goes by unoticed

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