Republicans Think Trump Is Unstable, Trump Attacks Press Freedom: A Closer Look

Republicans Think Trump Is Unstable, Trump Attacks Press Freedom: A Closer Look

-President Trump is now fighting
with members of his own party who think he’s dangerous,
unstable, and a threat
to national security, and on top of that, he’s threatening media outlets
that report on him. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] -Trump has fallen short
repeatedly on his signature initiatives, from the border wall
to repealing Obamacare, so now he’s trying to convince
people he’s succeeding by reciting random numbers
about the economy — numbers he himself derided
as a candidate. Trump toldForbes
in an interview… “Your” stock market?
“Your” jobs? He sounds like
a terrible Russian spy who forgot he was undercover.
[ Laughter ] [ Russian accent ]
“Your flag is very beautiful. I mean our flag.” [ Laughter ] “The flag of the Uniting States. Scars and spripes.” [ Laughter ] But Trump’s obsession with
stock market numbers hasn’t helped him much, so now
he’s trying to bounce back with what he thinks is
a sure-fire crowd pleaser, tax cuts. Now, even the most positive
polls have found public opinion very split with at most
48% of respondents saying they approve of
Trump’s tax plan. But when you’re as desperate
for good news as Trump is, you’ll take 48%. And on Tuesday, he tried to claim the plan
was a massive hit. -The people of this country
want tax cuts. They want lower taxes. We’re the highest taxed nation
in the world. People want to see tax cuts, they want to see major
reductions in their taxes, and they want to see tax reform. I will tell you that
it’s become very, very popular. -I’m sorry, but something cannot
be very popular if it only has 48% approval unless it stars
Johnny Knoxville. [ Laughter ]
Now, incidentally, the Rotten Tomatoes critics’
consensus for “Jackass” somehow perfectly describes
the Trump administration. [ Cheers and applause ] Now, you might have noticed
in that clip that Trump repeated his lie that we have the highest taxed
nation in the world, which isn’t even close to true. The U.S. has a highest corporate
tax rate than other countries, but when it comes to
overall taxes, we rank 32nd. And “overall” is an important
distinction. As in the stock market under
Trump is doing well, but overall, we’re still [bleep] A reporter tried to fact check Trump’s highest taxed nation
claim with White House Press Secretary
Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday
but predictably got nowhere. -The president repeated this
claim in the Oval Office today saying we’re the highest taxed
nation in the world. Why does the president
keep saying this? It’s not true overall. -We are the highest taxed
corporate tax in the developed economy. That’s a fact. -But that’s not what
the president said. -That’s what he’s talking about. We’re the highest
corporate taxed country in the developed economies
across the globe. -That’s accurate, but the president keeps
repeating this claim that we’re the highest taxed nation. -We are the highest taxed
corporate nation. -That’s not what he said. He said we’re the highest taxed
nation in the world. -The highest taxed
corporate nation seems pretty consistent to me. -Trying to get the truth
out of Sarah Huckabee Sanders is like trying to get blood
from Mike Pence. [ Laughter ] You know his veins are
just full of whiteout. But while he continues to push
a tax cut plan that would disproportionately
benefit the wealthy, Trump also continues to insist,
despite reality, that he is providing voters what he repeatedly promised
on the campaign trail — great health care that would be much cheaper than
what we currently have. On Tuesday, he claimed he was
preparing a new executive order that would solve many of
the problems in health care. And as has been the case
so often before, he refused to provide
any actual details. -I’ll also be signing something
probably this week which is going to go a long way to take care of
many of the people that have been so badly hurt
on health care and they’ll be able to buy, they’ll be able to
cross state lines, and they will get great
competitive health care, and it will cost
the United States nothing. -When someone tells you
their product will cost nothing, that’s a good sign
to steer clear. When you see a bucket
that says free clams, you don’t eat those clams. [ Cheers and applause ] While Trump struggles to advance
his domestic agenda, he’s also been locked in a feud
with members of his own party, in particular Tennessee Senator
Bob Corker, a Republican
who warned on Sunday that Trump’s reckless threats
toward other countries could lead the nation
on the path to World War III. Trump hit back at Corker
yesterday not with a cogent argument but
with a new nickname, tweeting… “That’s what I’m dealing with”? Hey, man, you’re the leader
of the free world. Stop talking like a stressed-out
Burger King manager. [ Laughter ] “I got two guys out today, I’m working
the drive-through myself, plus the mouse is back so, yeah, that’s what
I’m dealing with.” [ Cheers and applause ] Now, Corker’s warning about
Trump is urgent and necessary but the most revealing thing
he said was not about Trump. It was actually about the
Republican Party as a whole. Corker toldThe New York Timesthat the people around Trump, as well as his fellow
Republican Senators, know and agree that Trump is
unfit for office. Corker told theTimes…That sounds less like
he’s talking about a president and more like the safety talk
to the workers who got Kong into
that Broadway theater. [ Laughter ] And of course,
it’s not just Corker who’s questioned
Trump’s fitness for office. Last week, it was reported that
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had privately
called Trump a moron, and yesterday, Trump shot back
in an interview. When asked about the Tillerson
report, Trump said… Ohhh. That is a bummer, though.
because the first question is, “Who would win an IQ test,”
and the answer is Tillerson. [ Laughter ] In fact, I’m willing to bet any Rex would beat you
in an IQ test, and most Rexes are dogs. [ Laughter ] And if you’re wondering — [ Cheers and applause ] If you’re wondering what
happened in that meeting that led to Tillerson
calling Trump a moron, NBC reported today that… You don’t need 10 times
the nuclear weapons. What we have is enough. Trump is the kind of guy
that would get two orders of all-you-can-eat pancakes. [ Laughter ] “All right,
that’s all I can eat. I’ll take my next order.” And this will not shock you. Trump was furious at the report
about his nuke comments and even threatened to revoke NBC’s broadcast license
on Twitter. Later in the Oval Office, he lamented the fact that the
United States has a free press. -General Mattis
put out a statement, or is putting out a statement
saying that that was fake news, that it was just
mentioned that way. And it’s disgusting the way
the press is able to write whatever they want to write. And people should look into it. -“People should look into it”? Not only is he
a wannabe dictator, he’s a lazy wannabe dictator. It’s not that hard
to look into it. It’s literally
the First Amendment. Even Rex the dog is like,
“It’s one sentence, dude.” [ Laughter ] But IQ tests aside, let’s step back
and think about this — a Republican Senator
is admitting that virtually his entire party knows the president is unstable
and dangerous and has essentially done nothing
about it. If this is what Republicans
really believe, then at the very least
they have to exercise some restraint
over Trump and reign him in
if not remove him from office. And yet many Republicans are
doing the opposite. Congressman Mark Meadows, chairman of the hard-line
Freedom Caucus, seemed to accidently admit that he and his colleagues
were being cowardly when he was asked about
those comments from Corker, who plans to retire at the end
of his term. Meadows said of Corker… So you all know he’s a bad guy but you don’t want to
tell the rest of us. Do you work in Congress or on the board of
The Weinstein Company? [ Audience ohhs ] [ Scattered laughter ] [ Scattered applause ] Trump’s White House, meanwhile,
has been struggling to mount a convincing defense
of Trump’s behavior and in particular his reckless
threats toward North Korea. Sanders shot back at Corker, although I’m not sure
her argument was all that persuasive. -Senator Corker is certainly
entitled to his own opinion. But he’s not entitled to
his own facts. The fact is this president has
been an incredibly strong leader on foreign policy
and national security. -That’s not a fact.
That’s an opinion. You’re entitled to
your own opinions, but not your own dictionaries. [ Laughter ] If Republicans genuinely,
genuinely believe that the president is unstable
and dangerous, then giving interviews
isn’t enough. They have to actually
do something about it by exercising some oversight or removing him from office, and if you don’t know
how that works… -People should look into it. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]


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  • That's his actual name. Who names a baby "Rex"? I mean, I know babies can be domineering little shits, but that's just enabling them.

  • It is so disconcerting, that a president of a country doesn't even understand how freedom of the press is a critical foundation of his democracy.

  • Actually the last year of obamas administration MORE jobs were being created then under the trump administration lmao I know conservatives are allergic to FACTS but #doyourresearch

  • You know, we can argue the inaccuracy of what was said, but it doesn't take away from the fact that 29% of every dollar I earned went to some form of income, sale, or regulatory tax. That's $18k that I'll never get back. …That's 18k I could have put into a college fund for my kiddo. This country is bullshit.

  • 48 % approve of Trumps tax cuts ?!! That ONLY benefit the super rich ?? Omg. Them ain't so smart are they ? That number should be 10 % at best.

  • Definition of Fake News – it didn't come from Fox. Only reliable State Media vill be allowed under the First amendment Part Two, the redefinition of Free AND Speech. If you really, really WANT this fascist to control your lives, your jobs, your health care access and your genitalia, do nothing. As usual,

    Otherwise, ISN'T IT ABOUT FUCKING TIME YOU STOOD UP TO THESE PIGS? (Hint: Bacon is delicious…)

  • Video is not working for this Youtube channel. I have checked other videos, and checked different "closer look" reports. It seems to be unique to Late Night's channel. I can hear it, but the screen is black.

  • your corporate tax rate is too low. 95% of infrastructure exists for their benefit. they should be paying 95% of their profits to pay for what they use.

  • huckabee-sanders is starting to crack up under the strain of claiming trump's blatant lies are somehow truths. hse bought it, she deserves it.

  • I’m sorry. Don’t think trump is unstable. He is simply dumb and incompetent. Why some people swallow his lies without fact checking is beyond me.

  • Rasmus Thunberg says:

    At around 1:30 Trump says that the USA is the most taxed country in the world. That is not true. As far as I know, us in the Scandinavian country's are some of the most taxed in the world(around 50% when highest) but we are also some of the happiest!

    The reason? Through taxes we pay for our and all the others education, health care and general welfare so we don't have to pay for anything later.

  • Trump looks worse every day. Look at the bags under his creepy eyes. He is so unqualified and in over his head he is actually losing sleep. He is the epitome of the Ugly American. Sad!

  • Faithful to the end! says:


  • Lizbeth Perez, SIPOA says:

    In Tampa Bay, channel 8, I watch Jimmy Fallon and then Seth Meyers every night. This is the second time that the TV goes blank after Jimmy Fallon is over. What happens to the broadcast during Seth Meyers? He must be saying something that someone doesn't like.

  • If Trumps own party think he's unstable, what the hell or they waiting for Mueller to impeach him. If he disrespects the family of fallen soldiers and shows no respect, compassion or sympathy he is unpatriotic and nothing more than a draft dodging coward. he's been shown time after time he's mentally unbalanced and unfit for office. Remove Trump and his bigot side kick Pence period.

  • Seth is being dishonest here (as usual). NBC hates Trump, and like CNN et alia it isn't practicing journalism but merely acting as a shill for the DNC.

  • Highest taxed nation in the world???? You must be f***ing kidding, mustn't you 🙂 Look to the north, moron, Canadians who don't like paying taxes come to you, I wonder why

  • PowerOfTheMirror says:

    Trumps stock rally will wipe out gains once it becomes clear that his tax agenda isnt going to happen. A way out would be to lower corporate taxes while sharply increasing taxes on the rich, it will be popular even and wont really hurt the rich.

  • Caroline Hancock says:

    he should be fucking impeached on the sense that he isnt doing what he literally swore to do “uphold and protect the constitution” he doesnt want people to protest he doesnt want the press to have free speech that sounds like the first amendment to me 🙄

  • Gregorius Daneli says:

    …anyone else notice Sarah Huckabee Sanders has not just one, but two lazy eyes?

    Her head's trying to look forward, but her pupils want to stay as far away from one another as White House staffers do from Trump most days. There must be something really interesting on either side of all those reporters… either that, or she's trying to decide which exit she wants to bolt toward when she runs out of bullshit to spew.

  • We don't know what happens behind closed doors, It seems to me that most of these 'females' lied about what happened to them.

    Most likely because he didn't give them a role in any Hollywood movie so they decided to team up and ruin his name

    Have a problem with what I said? Wanna discuss it?

    Here's my 'normal' Youtube channel:

  • "America has the highest taxes in the world"….not true, not even close. Worse though, we get so little for what we pay. Another jet, another tank? Personally I'd prefer free healthcare.

  • How are you going to built new infrastructure,maintain your existing,improve education,healthcare etc.etc. You need tax $ for that, don’t you.

  • We aren't even the highest corporate taxed nation, the breaks are more numerous and the effective rate is far lower than the nominal rate. So they're still doing sophistry, just less pig-headedly than the President does it.

  • On Flake and Corker: Keep this in mind, both Corker and Flake fear the Koch brothers who run the republican party and are still reluctant to single them out for pushing the republicans in the wrong direction. It is easy for both of them to criticize Trump on their way out but they dread to mention the Koch brothers who are the problem forcing their fathers John Birch philosophy on republicans. In other words they are quiet about what they are running from.

  • Philip Simmonds says:

    She actually said that… I was like: THAT's NOT A FACT. It's your opinion!
    How did she say that with a straight face? It must be tiresome being in those press briefings…

  • Who is THIS idiot Seth Meyers? I've never heard of him. What an unpatriotic, stupid, moron.
    His entire monologue ( for lack of a better term) is nothing more than idiotic, myopic rant of insults that no intelligent person would find funny. Guess that explains the heavy canned laughter and applause. What a Fool this character is. He has NO conception of what President Trump is about, Seth ( Snake ) Meyers has no clue as to the facts, the actual policy's that have been implimented causing this Nations Stock Market to rise from 16 and 18,000 on the DOW to an ALL time high of 23,000 +. There's a reason for that. It didn't do it by itself. Inspite of George Sorro's and pals actively trying to destroy the Stock Market and America with the Antifa he funds murdering Our fellow American citizens in the streets. This Fool Steh (Snake) Meyers couldn't care less that Hillary was under FBI investigation and called in before Congressional hearings, for crimes that qualify as Treason. ( that was just on ONE issue). NOT to worry Seth You Snake! She buy's every one off. The crooks watching the hen house, as the saying goes. What did Hillary say? Laws are only for the peons? the little people? <–it was something like that. She's a Godless, Lawless, criminal with all her compromised circle of fiends trying to destroy America. She doesn't even have the decency to sit down, shut up and stop attempting to ruin this Administration. My ancestors who WROTE and SIGNED the Declaration of Independance ( just for starters) would spit on YOU Seth (Snake) Meyers. You wallow like a pig in the miry clay, and don't even know that people see you as a scum bag who betrays his own country. You don't desreve this Naiton or any of the Opportunities you have benefited from you leach! And America REALLY doesn't deserve people like YOU! Why don't you GET OUT! Go get yourself a TV show somewhere overseas.

  • Your not smart enough to comprehend the meaning of FREEDOM. Or what it means to have a bloodless transfer of power. Or Why! What did Loretta Lynch the crook that met Bill Clinton (and others ) on the Tarmac, buying people off, making a deal to scuttle the Email scandal say after President-elect Trump won? (by a landslide, btw) Loretta Lynch told people to riot in the streets!!!!! ( talking ot Anitifa and pals no doubt) Yeah, You Snake, GET OUT! Go overseas where you WONT be FREE. NOT to worry, though Your too dumb and unwise to figure it out. Dont think so? Try saying somehting positive about President Trump. See what happens to your job. Clearly you are already compromised and enslaved to the opinions of your bosses now. You don't know what Freedom means. You have NO comprehension of the Constitution, why it states what it states, or Why it emplys and gives to the People what it does. Your the very kind of thing, the very same kind of attitudes that the Framers risked all to set the People from, even back then. And you don't know it. You've put yourself into a snake pit for a paycheck, and your being used like a puppet to try to enslave the rest of Ameirca.

  • Frederik Høyrup says:

    It is actually true… The US is currently has the highest cooperate tax in the world. Yet major cooperations pay about 0.01% in taxes. Due to "Price transfer" and other loopholes. The high taxes only apply to small and medium business owners. I wonder why they do not rebel… Combined they could balance the unfairness…

  • Ricardo Martinez says:

    This is an exquisite comedian obviously surrounded by most talented script writers.  A good sarcasm after the other, non-top pounding on Trump, no prisoners taken!

  • Trump talking about what people want, or what is popular, only extends to the wealthy. He (& they) do not give a f*do about anyone else below billionaire status.

  • Watching it from today (July 2019) I'm noticing that Trump has managed to get Americans used to everyday lies.
    His continuous lies aren't a big deal anymore.
    There also nothing left to do to get impeached.
    Even Trump's widely visible connections and ties to Russia weren't enough.
    Forget shooting someone on 5th street…even fucking a goat on the White House lawn wouldn't make him get impeached.
    The established Dems have no balls and no heart. Not even anger….!

  • It is now August 2019, Donald Trump has pushed a white nationalist agenda! We are headed towards a second civil war and trumptarts are become bolder than ever… we just had two mass shootings in one day… El Paso and Dayton Ohio… Time for ARTICLE 25

  • Deadly Mix Productions says:

    Sanders was such a smooth liar in this. Seth didn't even catch it. "We are the highest corporate-taxed nation" is the correct order of words. After saying it correctly to smooth over Trump's lie, she switched to "we are the highest taxed corporate-nation" and kept repeating it so that Trump's "Budweiser drinking, never went to college, never gonna go" (-Trump campaign 2016) base would think they were all in agreement that we're the highest taxed nation full of corporations on Earth, instead of catching on to Trump's lie being exposed and realizing our taxes aren't high at all.

  • What Moscow Mitch McConnell Leningrad Lindsey Graham kiss ass Ted Cruz Goombas Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan And The Fool on the steps Radcliffe join Donald Trump being unstable well we all know that unstable bunch of clowns

  • I have been enjoying my evening just fine, until you showed a full faced saaaara fukanotlikleybroevenwithtrumpsnastydick.
    Now im nautious from seeing that hidious crosseyed scowel. Now yer gonna ask the sow to speak the truth, im sorry, you are asking a dog to fly and all she can do is piss on your leg.
    I only have 1 question, why do they only show this pig from the sholders up ? Is it because her ass is so fat, it has to be recorded by drone and flight law prohibits the elevation required to see the entire spread. Honestly, she just makes me evacuate. Ugly to the 7th power.
    Lies 100%

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