100 thoughts on “Republicans demand Schiff testify in impeachment probe”

  • Adam Schiff needs to be questioned not about the Ukraine what about child molestation and Jeffrey Epstein ! cuz if you can't tell by looking at this guy he's some sort of sick pervert that you don't know nothing about life ! I guarantee you he's got little boys and girls locked up in his basement.

  • Remember Shiffty Schiff said many time during the Mueller investagation he had seen solid evadence showing Trump collusion, Adam Schiff is a fraud, he can't tell the truth!

  • Why doesn't anybody ever mention the fact that shifty shift is an exCIA contractor? When I heard that I thought wow thats big news

  • Yes he should and in fronts of the world and we all now that Nancy and shifty should be put in jail this is a sad day when the dems try and take over the white house we the people won't for get this

  • AFTER the 2020 elections, republicans WILL be in charge, and the little Adam WILL testify or be in contempt! Our Day is COMING!

  • achristian's illuminosity says:

    it's like facing an enemy in the woods with a rifle. they shoot once it's hard to tell where they are coming from. but if they shoot several shoots you can zero in and see exactly where they are. so go get them we know where they are we know where they are coming from. it's over.

  • Is it me or does Spliff, I mean Schiff looks like a rat with beedy little eyes that is having a broom stick shoved up his A……

  • what a pathetic lying piece of schitt and slimy excuse for a human being, let alone a congressman. There just isn't enough torture, punishment, jail time or misery that could be heaped on this lying motherfuker that would be enough for what he continues to put the USA through. But I sure hope JOHN DURHAM AND GENERAL BARR GIVE IT THEIR BEST SHOT!!!!

  • Democrat I may be…
    Schiff….Wait for it…Wait for it…your time is coming.
    Guilt will be found on you Schiff and judgement will be handed down.
    Schiff will be investigated by D.O.J.
    Removed from the Senate
    Lose all benefits
    Sentenced to prison or probation..or both.
    Just wait for it!!!

  • From Europe. I'm blown away -that you can have such an obvious conman like Shiff in Congress and not being able to do anything about it. What the…?🤔

  • IMPORTANT: Please read Donald Trump is paying for his own investigation on top of being investigated he's bring defamed which is a form of mockery .We can't believe the Republicans been attacking, trashing, slandering for almost 4 years, who wants to pay them? Lol .Go ask the Republicans what have they done in your favor close to 4 years?They been spending the overall dollars that are being gained through the Trump administration,so he must be doing good with money for the Dems investigations and impeachment.Notice that the Democrats don't complain about the cost of impeachment and investigations,but if you look back they did complain about the cost of the email investigation but not this time around. Donald Trump is paying for his own investigation because he sends his check back to the US Treasury.People think this is free, all these processes cost thousands of dollars that could dramatically affect the economy ,while the Trump administration is focusing on making money for the nation He's also turns away his salary, unlike ,,, who is also a billionaire.People don't forget about the Law Of Attraction: Accept, love what you already have, if it's imperfect appreciate it and make the best of it , and better. things come along . Appreciate everything you have now,lack of appreciation brings more lack.Take a deep breath and embrace your leader,the people's choice Donald J.Trump.I send my love to the most hated one and may the universe send me back that love.

  • Well, I spent the afternoon yesterday searching the federal criminal statutes from beginning to end. I couldn't find the crime

  • POTUS Trump has done a great job of repairing the damage done by Barry and friends while fighting the stay behind traitors in the deep state, just think how much more he could do if not having to fight the deep state?

  • If you care about democracy you can watch for yourself what a kangaroo court is like! "Cambodia's descent into dictatorship under the Hun Sen regime" It is Australian news company: ABC News in depth…..Very scary and eye opening !

  • Putin is the winner. 289 Republicans in House and Senate. So 289 Million is enough to get $ hungary Republicans to go against our Democracy. And dumb white people hoping their white agenda will be successful gonna ruin our Democracy dealing with Trump. He owes Putin Millions of $$$$ God help us!

  • Process, process, process. The Republicans are desperate because of the democrats and Schiff outmaneuvering the GOP clowns.

  • Dear President Trump… I think you need to double or maybe triple the size of Gauntanamo Bay and double or triple the size of the military tribunals to deal with the size of this Swamp. Its unbelievable! The infiltration of these criminals in our government needs to be exposed and Americans want to see this justice in our life time. God Bless and we all thank you for your sacrifices dealing with all this corruption.

  • BRAINLESS Leftists are just like a bunch of very ANGRY MAD dogs trying to turn our hardworking and very busy President into their bait-dog!!! No WAY because the LEFTISTS ARE TOOTHLESS and very stinky little pieces of Schiff…

  • Dee Shiznittlebaum says:

    He is a pencil necked partisan hack, he was selected by PELOSI because she knows he has no problem lying with no regard for facts.

  • I'm very surprised the CIA has not successfully eliminated President Trumpette, just like the CIA did to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

  • I'm very surprised the CIA has not successfully eliminated President Trumpette, just like the CIA did to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

  • Why dnt ppl ever talk about how Democrats havent done one thing for US PEOPLE. They've wasted 4 fkn years focused on Trump. And they still havent accomplished one daanm thing.

  • The Pres. has the authority and precedence( Abraham Lincoln) to arrest for sedition all involved in this attempted coup including Jeff Zucker of CNN . Shut CNN down.They slander America day and night all over the world and are guilty of sedition.

  • In the end, it will no longer be some clowngressman's pretend, made up rules. Schiff & treasonous Deep State flunkies working against America will not be allowed to ignore the Constitutional laws which will spell out the ironclad processes which will seal their own fate… and they will be dead meat.

  • its insane that for the most important kind of investigation and trial you can possibly have the democrats want to subvert due process making the whole proceedings a farce.

  • Pacific Traveler says:

    Are these people stupid or something??? Bro go read the whistleblower policy, They protected by the government, they can't reveal their identity if you can't get that then you are against ur government policy and you got to be stupid. Stop sucking dicks just to please trump the raciest fox news is fake and supporting a dictator

  • They don't care to impeach him they want to ruin his name and try to get him to lose in 2020 also tying him up to keep him from doing his job

  • These long term baby DemonRats lawmakers just make themselves look disgusting!!! Drain&clean the DC Swamp!!!
    Respect the Oval Office & We the People /US voters!!!

  • Made himself a fact witness when he met with the whistleblower!! He should recuse himself from the proceeding however leftist never do honorable things like that!!

  • Look up I Charles McCollough, III. Compass Rose Legal Group, Washington DC. Formerly IG of Intelligence. Now Law partner with Mark Zaid, leader of the coup. THE SWAMP RUNS DEEP. WE HAVE CROOKS DOING THE INTEL EVERYWHERE. DID THEY CLEAN OUT EVIDENCE AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON? Did they set up an intel group within the intel agency to spy on the President?

  • You need a different word than "unfair"…how about illegal. How can a hearing like impeaching a sitting president be run by a dictator?

  • Why should Schiff be tried for treason? The only reason the Dems are leading the investigation is because Bill Barr said the DOJ won’t investigate this or there would be a Ken Starr style special counsel. Time to wake up and stop watching your news and start reading. Fox and Hannity is fake 1 sided news just like the rest of it. Time to wake up and realize the precedent the current president is setting for real evil to come down the road later.

  • A coup is TREASON! If DC can't handle the problem, maybe "We The People" need to remember we're the actual bosses. Let's put on our work hats (MAGA) and march on DC and throw the bums out of the cushy jobs with high pay, free health care, and awesome retirement plans, and tell the rest to get back to the work we sent them there to do!

  • After the 2020 election democrats will have to hide in California the rest of the country doesn't want them they'll be thrown from the wall to live in Mexico

  • Simple solution Mr Nunes. Attorney Durham is presently running a Criminal Investigation, Mr Nunes give Durham a list of your eight witnesses, to be subpoenaed to his Investigation. Switch out from the Kangaroo Court that Schiff is running to a real Investigation that Attorney Durham is running. What’s wrong with that?? Brain numbing isn’t it.

  • jermain amburayan says:

    Yes, Schiff needs to testify as well. Its only fair. Dont let Schiff get away with nonsense. Since he is the only one who knows who the whistleblower is. It is ridiculous n undemocratic that he does not reveal the whistleblower's name. There is no case at all if whistleblower does not testify. This is legal stupidity at its worst. In a legal case, all rule of law must be followed.

  • PorkyPricklyPants says:

    This "ADAM SCHIFF" was a Persecutor? Everyone Sent to Jail by This Corrupt Communist Politician needs to Contact "THE INNOCENT PROJECT" and Have Their Cases Reviewed

  • CNN+abc+nbc+msnbc+cbs+etc etc media has been corrupt since before it was admitted/learned from the cia In the hearings from the early 70s,we just believed them when they said they’ve stopped.Wake up USA and the world.

  • Mike pence. mulvaney. Sunland kellyanne Conway… those are the name Republican should put on their list Wednesday but oh no they block all the witness that was subpoenaed by Congress

  • Frank Griegorian says:

    It amazes me that with all the indictments passed down and convictions that were made againist team Trump …..they still think he is still innocent ….that's not even mentioning there are still 11 criminal investigations on going on Trump !!!!!!!!! 😁😀👍

  • Can the Supreme court invalidate an impeachment from denying the President his 1st ammendment rights and the democrats denied the Republicans their right to call witnesses? If nothing else the people of America will vote democrats out of office in 2020.

  • ProgrammingFlaw 3489 says:

    "And if having elected their man or group, obedience is not rendered to the Jewish control, then you speedily hear of "scandals" and "investigations" and "impeachments" for the removal of the disobedient."
    — Henry Ford 🇺🇸

  • LOL..GOP trying to gaslight its already dumbed down constituents. There are 2 types of Republicans the rich and the manipulated dumb….what’s in your wallet?

  • LOL..GOP trying to gaslight its already dumbed down constituents. There are 2 types of Republicans the rich and the manipulated dumb….what’s in your wallet?

  • Democrats have always been against self defence of every kind. Zero tolerance for 2nd amendment, fights in schools, and courts

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