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100 thoughts on “Republican Defenses Break Down During Impeachment Hearings | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  • Swalwells fart is the smartest thing he's said all week…I look forward to watching him and julian Castro crash and burn every session…couple of real geniuses there😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Far be it for me to take exception to anything O’Donnell says, but I think he’s got the bribery aspect front to back in this segment. From my perspective, Trump was extorting a bribe from Ukraine. He was holding hostage the lawfully allocated funds, demanding something of value to him and his election campaign.

  • Republicans call their party "the party of law and order" while thwarting the rule of law at every turn? If that's not hypocrisy, what is?

  • Congressman Maloney, what a Tiger! Yay!! We need more people like him and Vindman! Congressman Maloney took the bazooka that Vindman's testimony gave him him and blew Jordan and Nunez and all those lame brained GOP REPS right out of the water! WAY TO GO! YASSUH!! 😆😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Florida Crypto R says:

    The Ukraine is lucky they received the money from Trump after the bribe was exposed & If the Ukraine bribe was not exposed, most likely the Ukraine would be like most American cities in which Trump has not paid over and over again since he taken office yet the cities provided him the security forces of overtime with police officers and other services which is forcing the tax payers to absorb the bills, it is not fair. Cities should require up front payment from Trump or simply don't provide anything for him. With this said, The Ukraine President got lucky. I have full confidence this Impeachment will be achieved and frankly I pity any mentally unstable Trump supporter that is encouraged to start a civil war Trump encouraged out of stupidy.

  • Lt. Cl. Vindman fought for our country and contnues to do so. Trump never did and never will. The Republicans have never changed. It took something like Trump to show how they really are. They choose Trump and Putin over America and Democracy.

  • Gaetano Vindigni says:

    For "Rupublicans" less than perfect conduct is unacceptable but makes that "flawed" individual ripe for abuse and useful in gaining political advantage.

    For DjT's more than corrupt, out in the open for all to see, possibly treasonous, conduct is not worth a mention by his "Rupublicans" even if well documented by DjT himself, his public confession and those of Giuliani and Mulvaney, and with eyewitness, under oath, testimony before Congress.

    Furthermore, Rupublican rejection of the Mueller Report shows that they have ignored the high probability that DjT is a Russian asset.

  • Blinging Constantly says:

    Why didn’t anyone know exactly why the funds were held up? If it had nothing to do with this plot and it was all legal and aboveboard then the WH would have released all of the official communication about why it was actually held up 75 days ago.

    But thankfully, Dumpty revealed the reason on the phone call.

    Zelensky: We need to buy javelins.
    Trump: We need a favor though. Talk to Rudy.

    Case closed.

  • “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” -Theodore Roosevelt

  • The new worst day of Trump's presidency. To be fair, the same statement has been true, every day this month and will likely be true every day going forward for the rest of 2019.

  • These Ambassadors were clearly disengaged from foreign policy as were and are the is it they have no knowledge about Joe Bidens conflict of interest in Ukraine policy when this became public knowledge on a live interview when Biden bragged and laughed at hiw he had the then Ukraine President remove the prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt energy company that the Bidens are involved in??

  • United States of America that soldier is s patriot, if you need to harass somebody, do it to the traitors the Republicans, that's who you need to get because they and Trump are the one who sold out our country. Now I see why the branched off from the other demcrates from back in the day n formed their own party, the Republicans party because the ones what stayed was not like them, they had hearts n believed in GOD and the ones today believe in satan, they have shown the word, they are fake christians in a satanic cult of demonic demons.

  • Thanks MSNBC and WAPO for GIVING US TRUMP instead of Bernie…… COVERAGE for Bernie has been DRIVEN by the KLEPTOCRATS who steal our money, our pensions, our homes and prevent single payer……. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  • Big Ern Mahkracken says:

    So why didn't the REPUBLICANS make a stink back in 2014 when BIDEN supposedly withheld aid from Ukraine? I believe they were on board back then and to only shake their finger to provide an excuse for traitor trump makes me sick. Now time to get to the polls and take this country back from the Republican party.
    It's sad to say that thinking of great Republican leaders of the past and a few of the present. Limp Lindsey not included, Matt Gaetz either wouldve been nice to see him milkshaked.

  • I hope this is just emotion because Vindmann as a Lt. Col is struggling to read and I don't know it was necessary to speak to Dad like he was am 8 yr old. Perhaps harsh of me but it got this instant reaction.

  • The scum sure rises to the top in some countries.
    After this usa might want to look at a complete overhaul of the political system.


  • The fact that VINDMAN DID NOT CAVE TO THESE ANTI – AMERICANS is a testiment to his patriotism. Americans should be greatful for this man BUT INSTEAD THE BORN-AGAIN REPUBLICAN EXCREMENT want to vilify him.

  • The Biden's commit multiple crimes that are well documented.The president (through the treaty act) asked about said crimes.The president is the one on trial.That is how corrupt the dems are.Meanwhile,Pelosi said she will not allow dems vote on the usmca bill that creates 160,000 new jobs unless they vote on impeachment.

  • Weee ->

  • Freewheelin' Franklin says:

    Without all of Trumps malfeasance, his personal attacks alone are enough to suggest he isn't fit for this office. Every time he does it, as an American, I'm embarrassed.

  • It’s crazy the Republicans can’t defend the indefensible so the have go on the ignorance of their supporters on the fact that they’re base is dumb n misinformed..,

  • EVERY decision/lack of decision Trump makes benefits Putin in some form or fashion. Why do you muricans act like he os the messiah?

  • “Pause” Steve Castor it’s a HOLD of $400MM of US taxpayers money for personal gain! We have corruption in USA he has no business in other country’s corruption!

  • Trump has been using other people's money to enrich himself all of his life. He even tried to have his aging father declared incompetent because the hundreds of millions he had already received and used to bankrupt casinos and other businesses was not enough.

  • Mr. Schiff is firing on all cylinders ! His legal acumen shines in this format.
    Trumpy and his pathetic lackeys are circling the drain.

  • John Patrick Maloney….holy smoke.
    He'll have the poor wannabe republican teenager detectives for breakfast…and Trump for dinner.
    Well done!

  • ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG!!!! This boot salesman sold elivator shoes to Arnold,Sly, and the incumbent boots that make them 5 inches taller. Now at this debate all moderators are your employees. Stacking the deck against our hero huh? Take hair, false teeth, girdles, makeup, and elivator shoes? Get the bleep outta here, forget about it! ANDREW YANG may not even have a tie.ha ha.

  • one thing that ive learned over the course of this disaster is that republicans dont really care about anything really.. the only reason they dont attack vindman outright, is because it goes directly against their usual talking points about the military.. if it wasnt for that, they would turn on him in a heartbeat. they dont care that he served the country, that he has a purple heart or that he is doing his constitutional duty. they dont really have any values they truly care about. thats why 25% still support trump. pathetic.

  • Why does nobody in MSM preprared to admit that Dems are going after Trump because he went after a star player of the oposing team? This is exactly why Nixon was impeached. Unwritten rule in Washington: you dont go after the Wayne Gretsky's of the other team.

  • Trump is dangerous person that l ever seen, he's a traitor criminal corrupt liar and mafia. Only a mafia traitor behaving like this trust me. Trump cares for trump and Putin only, he's working for Putin and himself only. He doesn't care about the Country, he's selfish sick man he belongs in jail.

  • Classic Moments On video says:

    This is the biggest echo chamber on youtube.
    Its only democrats who worry about this, everyone else knows he wont get impeached.
    You have tried plenty times now, and each time the world believes you less and less.
    That will show when the impeached wont happen.
    On another note, i love you all.
    Stop being so god dam tribal you are acting like apes 😂
    Greetings from D

  • God bless you Mr Schiff
    America and the world is so proud of you. You are bringing back, little by little, the faith that I lost in American people and American justice. My household is cheering you on.

  • Elaine Brooksbank says:

    Nunes, ex-dairy farmer currently in litigation with his cow, tried to bully Lt Col Vindman – a recipient of the Purple Heart – by yelling at him that he either answer his question about who the whistleblower is or plead the fifth. “You’re here under subpoena” he reminded Lt Col Vindman.

    Let’s not forget that when Nunes was conducting his “investigation” there was no ‘answer or plead the fifth’ – it was ‘you don’t want to answer then that’s OK.’

    And it may not have dawned on the blinkered Nunes – whose only goal was to out the whistleblower – that pointing out to Lt Col Vindman that he was under subpoena wasn’t the smartest tactic. He may have been there under subpoena but at least he had the honor and integrity to answer that subpoena. All Nunes managed to do was bring into focus all those who refuse to answer their subpoenas. Oddly enough the same people who tout Trump’s innocence but seem so very reluctant to do so under oath.

    Nunes has a habit of running to the White House with information and wanted the kudos of being the first to Trump with the whistleblower’s name. He was thwarted in his goal but Republicans must know that the whistleblower complaint has been corroborated so many times by so many witnesses. In that regard the whistleblower is now irrelevant – unless, of course, you’re planning retribution and intend firing up the crazier element of the MAGA hat wearers to perpetrate the violence that Trump advocated should be meted out to a patriot who did his/her duty..

    Congressman Welsh was right when shooting Gym Jordan down – the whistleblower didn’t start this, Trump did. He provided the pea in the whistle. If there was nothing to blow the whistle on then there would have been no whistleblower. And, sooner or later, as more and more people start to listen to credible witness after credible witness, then Republicans will have to regain their spines and start to look at the substance instead of irrelevancies. Otherwise they’re simply going to prove to their electorate how stupid they can be when trying to show that Trump believes he’s above the law so they must believe that too.

    And applause must go to Lt Col Vindman for calling Nunes out whilst he was sneering and trying to denigrate him by insisting he recognize his rank. He’s earned it and deserves the respect and recognition that goes with it. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the small and petty minded Cadet Bonespurs is busy tweeting derogatory comments aimed at a man with the bravery, honor and integrity that he lacks. But, unlike the lever he used on the Ukrainians, the contrast between the two did Trump no favors though

  • Darrel Alvesteffer says:

    Why are we aposed to investigating corruption in Ukraine? Maybe to protect the Obama administration,or maybe the Bush administration. But we're going to blame the Trump administration for corruption. There's something here that is trying to get covered up.

  • Everybody exaggerates, hallucinates and lies EXCEPT TRUMP and HIS CRONIES? My, my Trump is totally destroying schools, colleges, govermental offices in short total civilizations standards by affirming each day that its OKAY TO LIE !!! Is he an alien, or a devil in flesh and blood ? Every one uses conscience ON and OFF not him. 100's died because of his destructive EGO

  • First Name Last Name says:

    He can't say he will be fine … the USA isn't as perfect and wonderful as it's people think. "Accidents" happen #Epsteinmurder

  • If Obama would have done something to Russia back in 2014 then none of this would be going on.

    Hey traitors, I mean libs, why didn’t Obama do anything? Obama didn’t even want to give them weapons.

  • It is sad and disturbing that a decorated service man like LT. COL. Vindman, doing his duty to America has to live in fear of none other than the President, a person deeply corrupted, greedy and a traitor to this country. Trump should not only be impeached but thrown into prison and the rest of his family should be deported because they are 100% on his side. Just like Germany threw trumps grandfather out, the rest of his family should be thrown out and trump put in prison. America should not be tolerant of any of the Trumps.

  • I guess Putin thought that all he had to do was get tRump into office and tRump would give him the opportunity to Rome free throughout the world.

  • hearing a decorated war-veteran and high-security career-servant to the american gouvernment say
    in congress: "don't worry(dad), I will be fine for telling the truth" while he gives sworn testimony to presidential misconduct… this alone should give u all shivers down ur spine. at the very least. 

    this turns out to be the most predictable yet most insane story of political intrigue in our lifetime. nothing compares.

  • No one seems to really comprehend. This entire story about Trump getting help with his 2020 campaign is another head fake. Trump was trying to help Russia overwhelm Ukraine and keep Crimea and ultimately take over Ukraine. Putin must have something either very good or very bad on our DIME STORE HOOD President.

  • It is Federal Law that aid to a foreign country is only allowed aid if that country is not involved in corruption. Obama made sure that Ukraine was corrupt and every effort to cover for him was made. Now it is illegal to ask for NO CORRUPTION.

  • thecommon moralcause says:

    Enablers need to be bought to heel.Trump is too dim to know what the consequences of his tweets will be.The man is a dullard.Are his sycophants aware that his people are going to jail.

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