100 thoughts on “Reporter who saw Cosby’s scandal coming”

  • What a piece of shit Bill Cosby is!  Using his fame and fortune to rape innocent victims for his own selfish needs.  I hope he rots in hell!  He's guilty.  Too many women have come fort,  As I  speak 7/24/15 there are now more than 20 woman who have had the courage to come forward.  I am a victim of sexual abuse myself!  Incest!  It's a nightmare that you can never escape from!

  • In the UK they attacked Sir Cliff Richard accusing him of being a peadophile which turned out to be false, no apology nothing, the womens story's & media attack seems iffy….

  • wim van meirvenne says:

    Bill Cosby's the case is a conspiracy of women who smell money. easy money. Hollywood's all about sex, drugs and money.
    Beautiful women in Hollywood do nothing but sex with actors and movie stars. There is a lot of money to earn with it.
    and now EVERYONE at once falls out of the sky?
    Why are you Americans so surprised? It is your culture.
    America is the largest porn industry in the world.

  • TheFancyAgenda says:

    It's amazing to see the comments about Cosby from 6 months ago versus the
    more recent comments after the release of his court testimony.

  • That's nothing,I see a lot of black entertainers scandal coming,it's all just a witch hunt,these are the same people of the pass,do the Inquisition rings a bell?

  • Guerrilla PIMP'M says:

    PSA to all "white" people: YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE!!! You mutant albinos need to stop picking on "Black" people. I mean, is that all y'all are capable of…mistreating people because they're not "white"? You people are the most unjust folks in the Universe. Your time is almost up…the non "white" people across the globe are tired of you and your shenanigans.

  • You are all so quick to cry "rapist" people. What is wrong with you all? Why do so many of you have to fall into one team or the other, and not think for yourselves? Personally, I don't believe there is any conspiracy against Cosby, but there are A LOT of uneducated opinions, making a lot of noise. Mass hysteria is a wonderous thing to behold. The media reports circumstantial opinions and a million sheeple on YouTube leap up and applaud in agreement. Cosby may have administered drugs as a relaxant, he might have had some weird fetish, he clearly cheated on his fiercely smart, business-savvy, manager wife Camille, he may have done things that you and I would never, ever do – but when you are with another adult, in private, whether it be your hotel room or their hotel room, and they didn't drag you there kicking and screaming… I'm sorry but it does speak of an intention to do things that were not as innocent as a business lunch meeting in public daylight, by BOTH parties. And so the responsibility lies with two people. But sadly for Cosby, he patronised the black community for years upon years, told hard truths they didn't want to hear – so they are ready to crucify him now, and the fact he has owned up to purchasing drugs as relaxants for his sexual activities in a past hearing, means everyone else can happily brand him EVIL and history will never forgive him. But personally, because I am not a 'sheeple', I still do not, not even after the 40 "victims" all represented by the same bat-sh*t crazy media lawyer have come forward, believe that he is a crazed rapist. He was a greedy over-sexed, self-apppointed pharmacist, typical opportunistic man… but I think the same opportunism was present in these ladies then, and clearly NOW.

  • Bill is in the cross hair because he gave hope, good morals and family value to a generation of black people during a time when blacks were being depicted as being thugs, gangsters, pimps, whores and worthless people who depend on welfare to care fore their herd of children. Because Bill's show ran for almost 20 years, they (Hollywood) know the Bill has an entire generation of minority who shares his views, and his core values. Bill was becoming a threat to the MAN when he would travel to all predominantly black colleges and challenge a new generation of educated minorities and challenged them to greater than those who came before them. Fck the media and their agenda.

  • i think the reason y Cosby drugged these unfortunate ladies and girls was because he didn't want to c the look on there faces of (my father it's raping me)

  • I honestly still don't believe have of this bs none of these woman had the right sense to get evidence,to go to the hospital,or etc…some of these woman see that it's a chance of ruin a black man's career just like they been doing for centuries with a lot of black males which is not right Cosby has been in this fam industry for years and it seem the more money he may possible be making the more people try to ruin him my opinion no need to come disrespectful but I don't care if 1,000 woman said it where is the proof..all honesty if a black woman accused a white man they would take a black woman through a lot just to take the white man down but this black man who had been working with kids and etc..for years get these white woman accusing him of rape get it easy they believe them with no proof necessary terrible all prayers go to you and your family Mr.Cosby..

  • I say all those women, including Beverly Johnson, deserved what ever took place because they asked for it by going with a married man to a Secret Place.

  • Why didn't these dumb bitches go to the police my take is they got played they where being thots and being a celebrity trying to get some quick money or a come up and they got nothing I bed those hoes know now my grandfather said stay away from them white woman because they live to yell rape

  • Many of you need a big fat dose of education instead of sounding straight ignorant claiming you know what a rapist looks, does, acts like. And the fact that victims are still being blamed is atrocious. A rapist is a predator. Look up grooming. Have you been manipulated before? This type of manipulation used by individuals with this sickness is far beyond what you can comprehend. They typically seek out victims who are deemed weaker, codependent, people-pleasing, or previously victimized by other trauma. It's not like rapists go for slutty (thots as one described, stripper, drug-addict hoes. Let me ask you….what do you think a rapist rapes people for? If you say sex, then you automatically flunk. Predators get off on control and power and what fun would it be for these sick bastards to prey upon some easy promiscuous individual…the answer: none. They like getting away with stuff, they like the thought of dominating the untouchable, ungettable prey. It's sick &sociopathic

  • You guys do know that at least 7 of these women have been discredited and caught lying right? Hell one was on the Howard Stern show talking how she would take any drug and sleep with anybody even blowing a random trucker, and you gonna tell me DR Cosby had to rape her. The other saying something happened and yet they were never on the same show or same city at the alleged time. The more you look into the case and these women you see the same pattern and none of it is going the way they want it.
     Here is the other thing it took 30 years to come out because you were scared, NOW they are on every talk show looking book deals and anything to get in front of a camera everyday to relive this everyday by telling the story over and over I call bullshit.
    This was also the 60's and 70's when in the constitution a black man was known as 3/5 of a man, so if you know American history if a black man even looked at a white women wrong he was going to jail no matter who he was (remember this is also before Fat Albert he had no power).
    You guys talk about the number of people who came out Ha if 100 people tell a lie does it make the lie true?
    Last point 90% of false rape cases have been white women calling rape on black men, why? cause the public will believe without proof. Thats America dont act like you forgot, but the media said it so it must be true lol Sheep

  • Why does no one talk about America's real evil history. Black women, hispanic women, native american women have been raped, raped, and raped physically and mentally by pink/red (so called white men) since Columbus the terrorist hit this side of the world. Even little boys have been sold and raped repeatedly. America is so called white america's heaven. This heaven is fast fading like the kingdoms of the past. People outside of America think the citizens of this place are morally deficient and really clueless, dumb and stupid. Crap is happening all over the world folks, even in America the real stuff is covered over with stuff like this Cosby madness. You can curse me, call me all kinds of bywords, but the truth is that other things should be more important because "Big crap is getting ready to hit on these streets." Plus everybody should look up the word 'racist' to see what it really means.

  • who cares about Bill's "character"….it's about frickin' time he's held accountable! I just wonder why ppl (in power) finally decided to out it?! that's the "real" story! did he stop payin' someone or threaten to out someone else's "dirty little secrets" & they hit him first? hmmm? so much for the media the fourth arm of the government; the media is not innocent. they were crucial in keeping his nasty secret for alll these decades!

  • What a hypocrite!!! I don't know how he went to Moorehouse, & all these universities & Oprah, knowing what he's been doing to women….for decades!!?! Was he taking his own pills making him blackout & forget he did these things so he could stand on podiums around the country w/a little less guilty conscious?! I know his wife had to know something & even she was silent. this is too little too late

  • Who are these People on CNN ?

    Ted Tuner Network 😂😂😂😂

    But you give them ALL CREDIBILITY 👎



  • All this is a take down. These accusers should all be sued for defamation of character. All they are doing is trying to use the media to assassinate Bill Cosby's character and hope he and or his Lawyers call them liars so they can sue for defamation of character. I see the media keep pushing the question to Cosby Lawyers and Family (Are you saying all the accusers are lying?) Cosby was correct not to address the accusation. The flip side of this is they can also sue for defamation of character if bill Cosby sues and the cycle continues. So this was not about no rape, they know the statue of limitation ran out and they do not have any evidence. They are all fishing, this is about trying to get paid at all cost. It seems they have a endless source of resources at their disposal.

  • Darnell Hendeason says:

    The media is railroading Cosby to keep the focus off of Woody Allen, Brian Singer, Roman Polanski, Charlie Sheen, Lena Dunham, Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump and the Penn State pedo ring.

  • that man didn't rape all those white women . He would've been incarcerated a lonnnnnng time ago. This is a conspiracy. A black man with too much money and power. smh

  • We live in such an immoral society, all rape IS wrong, but we also live in such a corrupt society because what about the thousands upon thousands of African women that were raped during the time of slavery by white men, were those women not human? Every Black person should get some restitution for what happened during that time, but that will never happen. Phylicia said it best this is about something else, this is about destroying a legacy!

  • Annette Elliott says:

    I am totally gutted by this…how I loved Bill since the early 60,s….he made my laugh ….he was a brilliant story teller…..

  • 4/27/2018 Cosby found guilty on 3 counts….10 years each count. 65 woman came forward. #metoo is the Best thing that could have happened to every woman. this was heart breaking to watch. I grew up loving Cosby. now I cant even stand the site of him. Now all I see is Ugly. How could he? People ask. I don't think normal people can ever understand his level of evil.

  • Not that I don’t believe them, but did any of the accusers take lie detector tests? Did Mr. Cosby undertake a lie detector test? I mean, isn’t it common sense?

  • It's funny to read the comments now, after he has been found guilty.. As we wait for the sentencing , I wonder what it will be. My opinion is that he will not spent any time in jail. Somehow it will be house arrest or suspended. If he does go , it won't be but overnight. Maybe he will appeal and keep appealing until he dies. How long will he live?

  • He put something in my drip….now it happen to you.Im not alone in this there are 30 more ladies.I hope shure there enough money for all of us.IM SORRY FOR THE REAL WOMANS,THAT GOT RAPE.A MAN CAN BUY ANYTHING HE WANT WHY TAKE.THATS WHY IT MAKES ME NOT JUDGE.GOD WILL DO

  • Roberto Salazar says:

    These vile disgusting money hungry dogs are coming out of thier kennels.
    Nobody in the public believes any of this made up malicious stories.
    These cross breed dogs should be turned into mince meet and thrown to wild animals.

  • 1. Quaaludes are huge 😂
    2. After a hangover I can't remember the shit before, but these bitches remember 30 years ago so clearly, they have to read it from a sheet of paper?
    3. And they always go to married men's hotel rooms or????
    just saying

  • Michael Waterman says:

    He didn't really see it coming. He just wasn't reporting so much fake news that it covered up facts. For that CNN is king

  • omg you see she said i have a headache now if that's not a set up nothing is are people blind or what how can anyone not see that's a set up OMG OMG I KNEW IT

  • Bruce Guillory says:

    The bs that people believe.. so he supposedly did all that yet they didn’t speak up until he wanted to buy NBC WOW REALLY!!!!

  • the truth about the lies says:

    The stories were simpler because they chatted on private playboy playmate bunnies on Facebook by in 1970 Or 1980's there were no Facebook back then. Don't believe me find it on YouTube at Dr Phil show type Bill Cosby Dr Phil.

  • scretching08 says:

    Strange why didn't these women come forward 30 years ago? What about the thousands of men falsely accused and convicted of rape and still locked up. I don't trust the courts or these women. I am MGTOW so I don't hang around women at all. Don't trust them, not even my daughters. Something is seriously wrong with 4th wave feminism.

  • AmericanPatriot says:

    How the hell did Pill Cosby get so popular? His facial expressions have always been creepy. I saw that as a teenager. A lifetime of raping women, shame on Hollywood culture

  • Unsigned Hype says:

    we such all be use to this by now anything to destroy the images of black people starting with the head of household slavery still exist over 427 yrs still today no different for bill Cosby funny over 25 yrs ago now its have so much importance bull shit money money money

  • OJ Simpson was innocent, it's because he's black and the international orange juice committee set him up because he was becoming the face of oranges and what not! Could you imagine what would happen if a black man that just happens to be named OJ was in fact the face of OJ? It would be kaos!!

  • Alvaro Goenaga says:

    I am suing NBC for willful misrepresentation of goods.
    They sold me Mr. Goody two shoes( Dr. Huxtable), but I was getting Mr. Rapist( Cosby).

  • We can thank Donald Trump for something. His getting elected, after his horrible treatment of women, was the key to the #metoo thing happening. This is all a reaction to this country electing such a horrific human being.

  • You gotta love America. In 2005 13 CREDIBLE women accused Cosby and the media ignored it and the prosecutors made a deal not to use his civil deposition against him a criminal case. In 1993 Michael Jackson was accused by ONE liar who was drugged coached by his mentally ill father and the media and the police and two DAs offices went into a frenzy to destroy him, they gave money to people for accusations, they turned his home upside down, interviewed 100s of people, pressured kids to accuse him, strip searched him photographed him, the judge allowed the DAs to use a civil deposition against him thereby making it impossible for him to get a fair criminal trial and unlike Cosby MJ was actually innocent. American justice, my ass.

  • trendsetters06 says:

    Society hates discomfort. So it likes to avert its gaze PAST THE UNCOMFORTABLE OFFENSE and blame women when they speak up, for "bringing shame" to our "beloved" powerful male figures ("America's dad" bullshit). Basically saying to women, "men are more important than you." The deeper issue that everyone pretends not to see is that these "beloved" male figures are actually predators. They are rarely held responsible for their actions because a PATRIARCHY EXEMPTS them from accountability. We expect women to be the "fallguy". To just be quiet and bear the burden so society can can avoid any discomfort and not have to deal with its real and overwhelming issues. We expect women to "Take one for the team". The same team that hasn't done shit for women. And we're offended and startled whenever they actually dare to speak up. So we put all the blame and interrogation on the victim instead of the accused. Women speaking up disrupts patriarchy. There is no male power without female disempowerment (unless it's at 50 50). That's why we negate the victim, to keep patriarcal structure alive and well. More people are starting to see this BS for what it is.

  • Bill is one of the greats characters of Television. I absolutely love being introduced to the show and gorgeous family by way of the reruns. One of the best shows to be aired on our quaint continent. Also, money well spent by our broadcasters.

    The other stuff is shocking but that's between them all and God.

    So before those of you who've cast a stone and continue too, stand in front of a mirror cos that's where you should start and end.

  • David Maxfield says:

    I'd like to be on whatever drug Cosby's wife is on. No matter what happens, she always looks so happy and serene.

  • Redeemed Harshsw says:

    Remember when cult-world world in USA told Bill Cosby they will take him down fir Not selling a big oart if NBC Stock.

  • Lorraine Kaiyas says:

    The reporter who publicly appologized for NOT reporting the story when it came out. Wheres the truth in that?

  • Lorraine Kaiyas says:

    JUDY HUTH claimed to be 15 years old when she was allegedly assaulted.
    HUTH was convicted for attempting to extort money from Bill Cosby

  • Lovely sosweet says:

    Why does it take so long to stop a rapist!!!!! Philadelphia rape problem!!! As a woman that has been raped 22 times in Philadelphia I'm happy someone was heard!! I was 8 my first rape!

  • I love bill Cosby And should never has gone to jail. I'm really mad at bill Cosby for not having any class as a well known famous man in America. Out of all danm beautiful women in the world, why want to go to jail for that ugly tall male goat? That man that bill Cosby is losing his credibility, reputation, family, fame for and cost him everything he worked for is nothing but a beast. Bill you should have thought of this twice before you laid down with that ugly creature. Bill Cosby should have never slept with that ugly dude. I'm mad at you bill Cosby fot not having any such of class. And for you that fake lawyer ugly old Gloria, your nothing but an old gold digger in public figure who are after celebrities money. Old fling.

  • those ladies are still lying and it's a trick to what you guys are doing y'all Kill Bill Cosby son now you trying to kill him you ought to be ashamed of yourself but guess what you all got to answer to God at the end of the day

  • I doubt any of the "official news media"… any black man who has a different agenda and message for black America will be ripped apart, framed by the white media complex.

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