Reporter Roundup: How to Keep Masks on Children

Reporter Roundup: How to Keep Masks on Children

[Music] Hello, I’m Juan Devis, Chief
Creative Officer at KCET and PBS SoCal, and I’m joined by the newsroom of KPCC
and LAist on a daily Reporter Roundup. How is everyone today? -Well, thank you. Jackie, you’ve been talking to
elderly care workers; what what are you
finding? -Yeah, I talked to two
occupational therapists and they’re really conflicted. They both do treat elderly
patients. One of them goes from house to
house. Another goes to a nursing home both therapists are afraid that
they may transmit the corona virus to
their patients without knowing it
neither of them can get personal protective equipment like masks or gowns.
Those are being reserved for hospital
staff. One of those therapists decided to just
stop working altogether. The other
therapist says she’ll keep working because
she’s afraid her patients won’t be
well enough to fight off the virus without
her care. So, the lack of preventive
measures for health workers in this situation
is really getting more traction in Washington DC mainly because of
COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes, so
we may see some regulatory change soon. -We have a whole team of health
reporters in the newsroom looking at the pandemic
from many different angles. Mariana’s
been looking at kids and masks. So, the CDC recommends that kids
under 2 actually don’t wear any kind of facial
covering because it can be a suffocation hazard and really young children aren’t able to say, hey, like,
I’m having trouble breathing right now. I
also talked to some California
pediatricians who had a couple of other tips.
You should definitely wash your
hands before putting on a mask and then avoid touching it once it’s on. Kids
touch pretty much everything, so that
can be a challenge to its effectiveness
as well, and then if the mass becomes wet
with drool or what in my family we
call mucus or boogers, that can also make
the mask more likely to spread germs
rather than keep them contained. They said
to keep kids safe, focus on hand-washing
and then cleaning surfaces in the house
that they are most likely to be touching. We’re also against finding the
way coronavirus is reshaping our economy, what
support is out there, what the government
is doing. Aaron has been looking at a
situation for renters. -Yeah, things emerged is a really critical issue during the pandemic. It’s certainly been
front and center for the LA City Council.
Last time they met, they took action on
addictions. They’ve also drawn criticism for
not doing enough. Today, city
council president Maria Martinez
reintroduced a program from last year to help
tenants facing big rent hikes stay in
their units. The hope is since this
was a previously existing program they
can fast track it. In a release,
Martinez said that low-income angelenos
have been hurt the most financially
by this virus. There was also other
action in the City Council today on housing,
rental housing specifically. Council
members Mike Bonin and David Ryu
introduced a motion to freeze rents across
the city of Los Angeles. -With coronavirus, we’ve heard so many examples of
neighbors stepping up to help neighbors
people doing acts of kindness maybe
they weren’t doing before, but
there’s also an ugly side to this and Josie’s
been looking at incidents of racism
against asian-americans. -Yes, you may have heard that there was a case in the
valley where a boy had to go to the
hospital after he was beat up at school
over coronavirus, but there are many
incidents that don’t make headlines, and
there’s this one group in LA that’s
called the Asian-Pacific Policy and
Planning Council, and they’re helping to
collect these stories. So far, they’ve
gotten about 1,100 submissions and
about a third are from California. One
reported incident was at a park in La
Brea where a man flung a cup of coffee at
an asian-american resident he
called a “chink.” I also read about a
family of four that was walking at LAX when a
driver cut them off and started blaming
them for the virus, so the hope is by collecting these stories
political leaders, and the general public
actually, will call out racist incidents
which have shown really no sign of
letting up. This goes all the way up to you
know the statements the president Trump
did, I think a week ago. Has there been
any retraction from the White House
in regards to this? -Uh, no, I believe what the president has done instead
is, not, he’s not using Chinese virus
anymore, actually I think he said
something about how Asian-Americans are trying to help the Americans,
which was interesting because he framed it
as, you know, they, the Asian-Americans
are trying to help us, the Americans, which
was, I thought very telling. It’s very sad that immigrants always get the blame
when a situation like this happens, um,
thanks to the newsroom and KPCC and LAist, and thanks to all of you at
home. Be safe, take care of your family, and
we’ll see you tomorrow. [Music]


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