Reporter Roundup: Beaches Open, Election Results

Reporter Roundup: Beaches Open, Election Results

[Music] Hello, I’m Juan Devis, Chief Creative
Officer at KCET and PBS SoCal, and I’m joined by the newsroom of KPCC and LAist
on a daily Reporter Roundup. How is everyone today? -Hey Juan. -Hello. -Hey. Let’s start
with you Jackie. You’ve been trying to learn more about LA nursing homes, and
what is happening there. What do we know? -Well, it’s hard to find out what’s going
on in nursing homes. Only essential staff are allowed to enter right now in an
effort to contain numerous COVID-19 outbreaks. Restrictions are so tight that
even the county’s Ombudsman’s office can’t get in. They advocate for patients,
they act as an intermediary between nursing homes and residents. I talked to
the LA County Ombudsman, and she’s concerned about isolated residents’
mental health and safety that’s unrelated to the corona virus. The
California Department of Public Health has also suspended their routine
inspections. They’re focused on infection control. Keeping extraneous people out of
nursing homes is still the priority. As of today, eight hundred deaths among LA County
nursing home residents and staff have been attributed to COVID-19. That’s
nearly half of all the virus related deaths in the county. We also have news
that the CSU’s will not be coming back in person this fall for the most part,
and Adolpho has been checking in on that. That’s one of the biggest questions of
half a million students at the twenty three campuses: is the Cal State and to be in
person or online in the fall, and Chancellor Tim white answered that at
trustees meeting. He said that among other things, campuses just don’t have
the capacity to test, to trace cases in case of an outbreak. On the campus he
did say though that some classes will be in person: physical science, nursing,
engineering, that sort of thing. The Chancellor was on KPCC’s Air Talk
and he answered another question that’s been on a lot of students minds, which is:
what about tuition? What about mandatory fees? Are they going to be the same in
the fall if classes are online, and the Chancellor’s said yes,
none of that is going to be going down because the university faces added costs of
training of technology and that sort of thing, and the Chancellor is going to be
watching Governor Newsom’s announcement of proposed cuts, as are
many other officials at public institutions. -And in the middle of this
pandemic, we had an election in the 25th congressional district yesterday, and
Libby was out there following it. -Yes, it looks like Republican former Navy
fighter pilot Mike Garcia has won back the seat that Democrat Katie Hill
flipped in the 2018 blue wave. His opponent, democratic assembly member
Christine is going back to work in Sacramento she says. Garcia is now the
first Republican to flip a Democratic House seat in California since 1998.
Smith congratulated Garcia in a statement where she conceded the
election this afternoon, but she added that this special election in North LA
County and East Ventura County was only one step in the process, and she was
turning her attention to November when these two candidates will meet again for
a new two-year term in Congress. Democrats will be disappointed in this
outcome. They do hold about a seven point voter registration advantage in the
district. Republicans meanwhile are celebrating
their first pickup of a Democratic seat in quite some time.
Garcia says he’s ready to go to work and that these are difficult times, and he’s
going to focus on helping small businesses and families. -And finally
today, the beaches are open again, which you can tell by the smile on my face, I
am excited about. Emily’s been making calls on how that’s going. -Yes, beaches like Redondo and Manhattan are open today. There are some
restrictions in place of course. People need to keep a 6-foot physical distance
from others and wear facemasks when they’re on the sand. They aren’t required
in the water. You can’t be sunbathing or picnicking. Beaches are open for
recreational activities: you know, things like running, swimming, surfing, but no
group sports. Some areas like piers and boardwalks are still closed, but this is
the first step, and I spoke to Manhattan Beach Mayor Richard Montgomery this
morning, and he said it’s a big deal, you know, especially for coastal cities where
beaches are a part of the community identity.
After people have been stuck inside so much lately, he said it’ll be a relief
just to be able to take a walk along the beach. Mayor Montgomery did say it’s
really important that people follow the rules that are in place, and lifeguards
will be out monitoring beaches. He said that if people follow the rules now,
beaches could open up more, but if there are problems with compliance, county or
state health officials could shut things down again. -Well, thank you so much to all
of you at the KPCC and LAist newsroom, and thank you all for tuning in. Take
care of your health, take care of your family, and we will see you tomorrow. [Music]


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