Reporter Hears Fear In The Voices Of Donald Trump Staff After Wild Week | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Reporter Hears Fear In The Voices Of Donald Trump Staff After Wild Week | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”


  • Doesn't answer when asked about his illegal, corrupt and perverse actions when he can't remember his previous lies on the subject or can't think of a new lie quick enough. Silence, the tactic of a child.

  • Trump want attorney general to violate the rules of law and the office of attorney general office for him Jeff session should bring charges against Trump for to attempt to obstruct justice and witnessed tampering

  • Trump need to be impeach because he thank that he is way above the law and can do anything that he wants to do and can't be held accountable for his action the more the Republicans Congress give him a free ride he is going to do real stupid and dumb and it going to be to late because they should have checked and stop him because elected him so they should keep him in check for good of the country and the American peoples not the party

  • Yes, they are afraid they may choke the living crap out of all you liars. Afraid you are all wrong again. Afraid that you may projectile vomit on them as you ask your stupid questions. I would agree they may indeed be afraid. PMSNBC wrong again.

  • Net closed a long time ago Donny. now your space for swimming around is getting tight. Your caught and you don't even know it yet. Going to get tighter too Donny.

  • If Trump tweeted on alternative free speech social sites instead of twitter it would go viral instantly and a free alt site would be the new go to place for the world. They would have no choice but to move. Same with White House press core access. Give all top Real News internet news orgs a seat a the table. They would win the News War. Liberal media is boring.

  • He has bee so focused on getting his wall built that he hasn't had much brain left over for other thoughts.. I wish he could get past this obsession of his.

  • The truly sad part of this whole Trump debacle is how craven and spineless the GOP have been about calling out this mans excesses, they are happy enough to talk off the record what an abortion he is making of things, yet when confronted they put their paychecks before their country.

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    That Manafort MIGHT have committed some crime YEARS before any Trump Presidential bid, implicates Trump in that….HOW? Don't fall for 'ME'-dia contrived 'conspiracy tales'.

  • I’ll be honest. It’s embarrassing and shameful to me to see what some of y’all have written here. I get it we are all a bit upset but we could all use a little more human decency towards each other in these here comments. Mmmmkay?

  • Hasn't anyone realized the evil that runs everything? The blood that has been spilled. The lies that have been told. The power that has been abused. The evil that transpires year after year. Do you actually think there will be escape from judgement?

  • People live in a fantasy world, it's called TV and the internet. Bombs and bullets are as real as murder and death. The blood that has been spilled in wars under the false guise of freedom are a facade and an investment for the evil people who initiate the wars.

  • Everyone is so mesmerized staring at their phones and desensitized to violence and war. It's looked upon as entertainment. You will notice the production and overtly dramatic music in the background. It's sick. It's not a reality show, people are dying and getting slaughtered. We are losing our humanity, which has been evident for decades. It starts with the demonization of a country and then the lies are drilled into people's heads which are already filled with the previous lies from the systematic onslaught of propaganda. Let the bombing begin . Unbelievable. How does everyone like that transparency.

  • pizzafrenzyman says:

    Manafort's guilt had nothing to do with Trump, so it couldn't make Trump's week better or worse. Just calling out the fake news.

  • With all this going on in his personal side, how exactly is the President fighting the citizens problems for which he was elected to solve?

  • Trump should of fired Muller and Rosenstein a year ago ! Cut the communist cancer out before it grows anymore !! Media is nothing but a lying scam you would have to have rocks in your head to believe anything they report !!

  • Washington Watchdog says:

    MSNBC continues with the same story, not realizing that the Russian story may now star Hillary, Obama and the FBI as well as CNN.

  • A lot of people dislike President Obama like him or not… Trump been in office only a year-and-a-half… and his administration is basically a Trainwreck… Obama conducted his administration with class and dignity Trump supporters can you say the same thing about this clown.. this buffoon

  • Yep.. these are the people running our government, and we put them there. I don't know who's worse in the situation, them for being such a mess or the country that put them there.

  • william goodnight says:

    May be the fear is because fake news channels and Looney Democrats like mad maxine are putting the white house staff lives in danger this channel should be banned for Inciting violence

  • Losaiko Vote!!! says:

    TRUMP must tell his lawyers the truth for any hope. He may not remember the truth, he can not even color a flag properly. A president needs people to say no that he will listen to.
    Canceling passports of US Hispanic citizens at the border is his latest debacle. Not following a judge's order on reuniting families is as bad as it gets, unless you realize North Korea still wants to nuke America. If that happened and citizens had to flee South to avoid radiation, how will Mexico welcome the US at this point. We need cordial relations with our neighboring countries. Much of this last part is hypothetical, but isn't it the government's job to realize these issues? Just my opinions and I hope things get better, like voting out people like Trump and his croonies in 2018 and 2020. Please Vote and change the tide of hate.

  • Truth is a republican's worst enemy… every single republican president since Warren G. Harding and the tea pot dome scandal has had a criminal scandal around his administration… all except for Eisenhower… great record republicans

  • Dino Falconbridge says:

    Haha on the plane you could see he was lying written all over his face. His eyes looked like a deer in the headlights. Americas enemies love him, as long as he's there America looks more like a joke. Everyone chasing their tails, nobody really putting the smackdown on this phoney. Sad!

  • He knew about after he had a convo with Cohen admitting and caught in the act. And he still denies it. Haha Omfg this guy has no shame. By far one of the worst human beings you could ever give birth too. A straight criminal and sexual predictor.

  • Don't forget that Hilary Clinton won the popular vote by about 3.5M votes ahead of Donald. It was the electoral system that put Donald in The White House. Sen. Boxer put a Bill on the table to abolish the Electoral System before she retired.

  • This is all alternative facts, fake news and a witch hunt….Wait!…What?, His check didn't come yet? Nevermind, Trump is in trouble.

  • Facts and figures are certain to back the move to impeach Donald Trump. Congress must be sensitive enough to act appropriately to put an end of so much rhetoric, opinions and speculations. Official and immediate action is needed now.

  • Winter is coming …

    The individual Republican needs to stand on their own.
    Effectively, where you are a good American, and where you cannot agree with what the Orange GOP is, you should decide …

    Can't win under the Republican flag ? Do you go under the other flag that you have ?

    For every one Fascist, there will be a Anti-Fascist … More, or less. And, there will be a lot more in the middle …
    The National Enquirer, … Breitbart News, … Fox News …and, the Orange Utan monkeying up all these … And, the GOP coffee boys following in variations ….

    Winter is coming …
    We all hope, sooner rather than later, … As always, there will be the few good men and women who will do the a few right things to end all these …

    All-American people, watching all these …
    The American people, can do nothing ? The American people, does not exist ?

    John McCain laughing all day at the gates of St. Peter’s …
    McCain, even in his death, continues to do a few more good and right things for America.

  • The decisive MSM at it again and the sheep continue to show up for their daily feeding. So sad. The world gets better when you turn off this shallow human consciousness. Its time to wake up.

  • This is what we get when we put a celebrity that has no education and no experience in politics. Just because someone who had multi million dollars doesn't mean that they know what is best for our country. if they don't have any experience in politics. Maybe next time we all can learn from this big mistake as we so called president

  • Trump you wanted to be on the cover of time magazine I hope you are happy they not going to be like the inquiry. They going to post it.

  • He needs to be out of the white house like now what is this country waitng for please please omg i don't get it why they don't take him out

  • NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535 says:

    Hey trump supporters, is trump still gonna print out money and hand it to you all? ????????

    trump continues to make history as the most laughably poorly educated dumbfucker to ever hold the office of this presidency job. I love seeing him continuing to embarrass himself like this.

    He doesn’t understand what the TPP is and the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal also, that’s why he still can’t explain accurately and logically why he had to remove America from these things, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s supposed to do hehehehehehehehehehhehehe

    He thinks Pearl Harbor happened in Syria ????????

    MAGA huh trump culttards? BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA your donny boy is extremely slow as molasses as you all are in order for him to be able to do that ???? no wonder you all love him no matter what hehehehehehhehehehehe Hehehehehehehehe ?????? hahahahahahahahaha

  • YES you are right!!!! The Corruption and Collusion In The Democratic Party with the Facist Press to Overturn an Election is Frigan Unamerican! Thank you for saying so!!!

  • Everyone knew this man could not be nobody's President.He knew nonthing about being president but just because of money,color,power look what we got.

  • Since dumpf does not like to read, draft a letter of resignation due to mental incompetence and put it on his desk. He will sign it. And America is free of this repunant slimey bottom feeder.

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