Reporter Catches Trump Lying

Reporter Catches Trump Lying

>>Donald Trump skip an important session
during the G-7 meeting, the summit, that had to do with climate change. Now, during this meeting, the members voted
on what to do to help the Amazon rainforest, which currently on fire. They talked about allocating the funding necessary
to save the rainforest. And more importantly, they talked about climate
change and what to do about the climate crisis. Now, Trump claimed that the reason why he
couldn’t make it to this meeting, was because he had a different meeting scheduled. And let me give you those details. The President was not in the room when reporters
were allowed to observe parts of the session, and his seat was empty. The heads of government of the other six nations
that comprise of the G-7 were there, and the president said that he had scheduled meetings
and bilaterals with Germany and India, so a senior member of the Administration attended
in his stead. Well, Tibecost is about to call BS on that. Take a look.>>One thing that we should point out, the
White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, put out a statement saying, well, the President
couldn’t make it to the climate session here at the G-7, because he was having these bilateral
meetings with Chancellor Merkel at Germany, Prime Minister Modi of India. And we should know to our viewers that Prime
Minister Modi of India and Chancellor Merkel were at that climate session here at the G-7
summit. And so, we’re not getting a lot of straight
answers. Perhaps, we’ll get some we won’t get some.>>Yeah, so I would like to show you graphic
two, which features Modi and Merkel at the meeting that Trump was not at.>>He said he wasn’t at that meeting, cuz
he had to meet with Merkel and Modi about different things at the same time, oops. So, I mean, look, this is what happens when
you’re a pathological liar. It’s super easy to catch you in lies, cuz
you can’t help yourself. You don’t bother thinking out your lies. They’ve never had any consequences before,
so you just lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, and they’re like, dude, what do you mean you had to meet
with them? They were in the meeting.>>Mm-hm.>>And he’s like, yeah, whatever, don’t care,
can shoot someone on 5th Avenue. My followers are idiots. It’s totally irrelevant. After the meeting, they asked him, hey, are
you gonna go to this meeting? After the meeting. He said, I’m going to. In fact, it’s going to be our next session. I want clear air and clean water. They’re, like, no, the meeting already happened,
now, I’m gonna go.>>So I wanna go to a video about that in
just a second. But first, I also wanna note that important
things are discussed during these meetings. And Trump also skipped the climate change
meeting at the G-7 summit last year. So it’s not like he’s been this fighter when
it comes to the climate crisis. In fact, he still thinks that it’s nothing
more than a hoax, because he wants to protect his business interest, that’s all that matters
to Donald Trump. With that said though, he was asked about,
what happened, what went down, and here’s what he had to say.>>You’ve heard some skepticism of a science
and climate change, what do you think the world should be doing about climate change? And do you still harbor that skepticism?>>I feel that the United States has tremendous
wealth. The wealth is under its feet. I’ve made that wealth come alive. We are now the number one energy producer
in the world, and soon, it will be, by far, with a couple of pipelines that have not been
able to get approved for many, many years. It’ll have a huge impact. It’s tremendous wealth, and LNG is being sought
after all over Europe, and all over the world. And we have more of it than anybody else. And I’m not gonna lose that wealth. I’m not gonna lose it on dreams, on windmills,
which, frankly, aren’t working too well. I’m not gonna lose it.>>For Donald Trump, it’s all about wealth,
it’s all about money, it’s all about the US being the top producer of oil. And that’s it, that’s all that matters to
him. I mean, he tells you his priorities right
there, which is exactly the reason why he skipped this meeting. It wasn’t to have a bilateral meeting. It wasn’t to meet with anyone important. It was to avoid having a conversation about
something that goes against what he cares about the most, which is money. By the way, the rest of the countries did
vote to provide 20 million euros to to the Amazon rainforest in order to help fight those
fires.>>The fires that are out of control. They’ve increased 83% since last year. In the last nine months, there’s been 72,843
fires in the Amazon. The Southern Hemisphere is currently on fire. And Trump didn’t wanna go to the meeting,
because he doesn’t like to be uncomfortable. And they would’ve been talking about how they
have to do something about climate change. And since his financial interests are tied
to not do anything about climate change, he doesn’t wanna hear it. And so, by the way, there are two things that
need to be pointed out about what he said in that video, you watch. He said, we became number one under my watch,
that’s not true>>Under Obama, correct?>>US became a top fossil fuel, an energy
producer under Obama, which, by the way, is not praising Obama.>>Nope.>>But, him saying he did it, is just not
true, as usual. And secondly, when he talks about its climate
change, the room or the question was, is it a hoax? And he came back with, yeah, it’s a dream. I want the money, and climate change is a
dream and windmills, and I don’t want to chase after that. Now, maybe doesn’t want to chase the windmills,
cuz they are well known fact they cause cancer. Now, of course, that’s not a fact, but Donald
Trump literally believes that. He thinks the windmills cause cancer, cuz
they create more wind, and wind obviously causes cancer. We have a lunatic for a President. And so, we’re asking him about climate change,
what does he know? He belongs at a mental institution.


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