Rep. Mark Meadows says Democrats are ‘sucking on lemons’


100 thoughts on “Rep. Mark Meadows says Democrats are ‘sucking on lemons’”

  • Hey Meadows, what are you worried about? The Senate will clear Trump, right? Be very worried, your party is wrong and corrupt!

  • The Americans will enjoy this congressional Tsunami sweeping the Democrats out of the land one year prior to the Presidential election.

  • It is too sad to see the Democrats just shot their own feet. This shot will be hurting them all the way through the election next year. My sympathy is with them.

  • The democrats are destroying their entire party. I think America must vote Republican in every ballot, every race. Take the country back. I used to look at all politicians as corrupt , but the democrats have taken this to a whole new level. Dems are slapping Americans in the face with total disrespect. They have no meaningful strategy to win an election so they will try to remove a president illegally. Americans hate sore losers and they hate bullying liberals trying to intimidate people into believing a certain way. America will vote with a vengeance in 2020.

  • Adam Schiff is so presumptuous of his powers, that he tries to pose as serving a legitimate, just cause:

    while proving that he only cares about his personal outcome, and not his offensive optics.

  • Warning about the Blade 720 drone being advertised at the start of this video, some say it is a scam or a low quality device. Buyer beware!

  • Well at least the republicans have grown a pair. About the only good thing that has come out of this. I remember when communism was a bad thing, and a coup was a crime. Now we have communists staging a coup without any consequences. We even have a scarf wearing jihadist in a position of power in our government. Wow, this is so bad. Time to stand up and protest louder and more aggressive than the other sides puppets ANTIFA.

  • Listening to these brain dead idiots, makes me wonder if you have to have an IQ lower than 80 to be in the GOP?
    Meadows is such an embarrassment to humanity! N.C. is not giving us its best people!

  • The CIA, now that the whistleblower has been exposed, will by surreptitious means, make him a martyr, and try to blame it on Trump's side.

  • Can someone who still supports Trump honestly explain why they're ok with this? Trump tried to use taxpayer dollars to secretly strongarm a foreign government into publicly announcing an investigation into a political rival. He admitted it. We have the transcript. His Chief of Staff admitted it too. It's all been confirmed by multiple career intelligence officials who have served presidents from both parties. Some of them were even appointed by Trump. What part of this could possibly be up for dispute at this point?

  • Amazing. All the name calling and anger at the Democrats, Schiff, Pelosi….I get this is Fox News and since viewers are not given facts per se, I expect the hostility which comes from such harmful propaganda. However, Fox is irresponsible in their public duty not to ever factcheck Trump or his administration on anything is quiet disturbing. You'd think he had absolutely nothing to do with an impeachment inquiry on himself. Pelosi did the smart thing by making these hearings and witness testimony public. Maybe Fox News will then provide their viewers with the fair and balanced news reporting it lacks. Donald Trump has chosen to run the White House like it's his privately owned corporation. The impeachment inquiry is born out of his lawlessness and total disregard for the Constitution. He may be Fox's man, but he is no more above the law than any other citizen.

  • Roxana Carrasco says:

    Karma is a 🐈. It’S going to blow up in their face. Just like before. THE PRESIDENT DID NOT DO. ANYTHING TO ANYONE.

  • meadows 'weve been very involved in this whole process" i thought the hearings are being done in secret and republicans arnt allowed in lol

  • It is amazing to me those people who insist having a President who feels above the Constitution is somehow everyone else's fault.

  • Mary Moran. We the people r getting aglimse of how the Dems plan to govern under their socialist agenda. We will not let that happen.TRUMP 2020

  • Oblamer called Schiff and asked if he could get his whistle blown too, Moochel hasn't let Barry go to any bath houses since they moved in to the white house

  • What am I missing? Republicans ask for a fair and open process, so they put it up to vote, and they try to prevent it from being an open process. Sounds like they are becoming idiots.

  • Trump will remember all of this after he wins reelection in 2020. I foresee prison time for many Democrats who attempted an illegal coup, including Hillary Clinton.

  • What I observe is that the democrat leaders are desperate and that they need and crave the attention that they get daily. They have nothing of substance to offer and so they divert the narrative. Their desperation sucks them further down the rabbit hole. D Trump has been a wonderful president. He will still be standing when all is said and done.

  • The Democrats and the Major Newsmedia destroyed the war hero Senator Joe McCarthy back in the late 40's and the early 50's just as the criminal Democrats and Newsmedia are trying to do to Trump. When they opened up the archives in Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed they found out McCarthy was right about our government being infested by the communist. Thank GOD we have social media exposing what the criminal Democrats and left-wing news media is trying to do to President Trump ! A lot of the left-wing radicals need to go to prison !

  • Maybe we should just appoint Nancy president and Schitt V.P and we could all live happily ever after just like California…….Schitt and needles in the street…….fire's earthquakes mudslides and criminals 🏃 wild lol

  • I am so disappointed at ALL the Republicans and two Democrats who are supporting this CORRUPT man we have in the WH. Why? What kind of precedence are you setting for our the future Executive Branch if you can not show your disapproval of what Trump's been and still doing, ALL HIS LIES, OBSTRUCTIONS, LACK OF TRANSPARENCY, DECEITS, INDECENCY, BULLYING, and much much more, This shows how CORRUPT. our governments is. We the Americans will remember this and will write down who stands for CORRUPTIONS, who CAN NOT STAND UP TO HONESTY, INTEGRITY, TRUTH and RIGHT, JUSTICE and DECENCY IN THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OF U.S, IN OUR GOVERNMENT. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND WE WANT OUR GOVERNMENT TO BE HONORABLE. WE WANT OUR HONORS, GOOD NAME FOR THE NATION BACK.
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  • Their sucking on more than lemons 🍋, and it’s not a vegetable 🍅🌶🌾or fruit 🍎 , and only guys have one.🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣🤪


  • The only way to stop these lying Democrat's are to get out and vote them out in 2020. No current Democrat Congress member should be re elected due to their spinless impeachment of our great President. How is this happening in our free country.

  • Michael Paysour says:

    The money was released because it is the end of the government physical year end October 30. The money would have been returned to the Treasury. Trump abused his power to get a favor.
    Impeachment will not pass the Senate because Republicans are afraid of the rabid Trump base. They should never put politics ahead of their duty to what is right.

  • mieczyslaw herba says:

    In my opinion dems might try to win vote in the House in illegal way, trying to limit number of Republicans by force, or influencing Republican senators in other way, by blackmail, bribery, or causing some kind of illnesses, to prevent Republican senators from voting on impeachment – because they need only a few votes to win.

  • Efstratios Diakoniarakis says:

    Do not repeat the ADAM SCHIFF …….BS !!!……..All of sudden the FAKE WHISTLEBLOWER must not appear in any cross examination ???
    You Know Why ????…………………………There is NO WHISTLEBLOWER …………….everything is made up from……….ADAM SCHIFF !!!

  • Accutronitis The 2nd says:

    Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up!

  • Republicans need to drop the "nice guy" restraint and react like opposition parties do in European parliaments.
    DemoPigs are pushing for anarchy and anything goes when anarchy happens.

  • Sounds like the people are paying criminals to run their lives, you'd think the democrats would be unbelievably embarrassed to hear this claptrap coming from the bodies that they elected

  • Maryann America says:

    Schiff is the head leaker! He wears a diaper because he leaks all the time! He will fail and make a fool of all the democrats! America knows this is a coup!
    A USAF Veteran 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA 2020

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