Rep. Jim Himes Takes Down The GOP Defense Of President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Rep. Jim Himes Takes Down The GOP Defense Of President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  • Hildebeast Clinton says:

    Crooked FBI. We are going to find out what happens to the fragile mental states of the obsessed Trump haters when he wins again in 2020.

  • Jim Himes needs to refrain from his giggles before answering a serious question. He comes across as an immature school girl reducing his credibility before making his point. His simpering behavior is annoying.

  • What happened to the republicans sense of right and wronge? They had it when clinton lied to congress. Money must make them forget.I think we will find that all of them took payoffs. That is the only reason I can think of for them to sell their soul to a LIE.

  • Not all Americans are stupid – but currently the GOP is running off of the fumes of those who embrace their stupidity. The country will suffer. The favct that less than half of the citizens vote speaks for itself. Perhaps, you do not deserve a republic.

  • Dis-bar Mr Castor. A lawyer that does blatant lying is not worthy of his professional licence . Time for truth instead of blatant lies ! This joker makes lawyers look like fools ! Also AG Barr needs to go too .

  • President Prime Minister Admiral General Aladeen says:

    defence?,. there was no defence,.. the republicans are just pointing fingers and crying about their feelings being hurt,…

  • DemocRATS locked in a Republican President for the next 30 years with their lies. Thank you snowflakes. I am enjoying the meltdown and the TDS…..,LMAO !!!! 🤣😃😄😅😆😉😁 TRUMP 2020 !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Muhammet Yazıcıoğlu says:

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  • Great! Democrat House Oathbreakers owe us an Impeachment Date Now!
    Three Years of Claims the President is Criminal; Endless Probes, Inquiry, Investigations.
    "Mountains of Evidence" "Smoking Guns".
    No Impeachment!
    Democrats are Oathbreakers!

  • Why would Trump be worried about Biden, Biden is a fool, the whole world knows that and i think Tulsi is the only one that will worry him

  • Trumpublicans are now "whores,"
    just like daddy "Don the Con"! I wouldn't trust Trump to be leader of a Sanitation Dept., altho talking garbage seems to be his expertise!

  • Heather King-Smith says:

    Barr’s statement is stunningly hypocritical. He said it’s wrong for a current president to use the state to investigate an opponent! He was talking about Obama! The FBI investigated Trump’s campaign, NOT because of anything said by Obama, but because an ally warned us his campaign possessed stolen emails, his campaign manager was a known Kremlin supporter, Trump said, “Russia if you’re listening…” & because Russia immediately gave data to Wikileaks! Whereas, Trump is telling Barr & foreign countries to “investigate” Biden, based on Russian PROPAGANDA, wishful thinking, hurt feelings & posturing about the corruption of nepotism🤦‍♀️ Let’s investigate how Jared & Ivanka pulled crap on their security clearance forms that would’ve gotten a military recruit dishonorably discharged & arrested!

  • Heather King-Smith says:

    It would be wrong for Trump to have the Bidens investigated even if just by our DOJ/ FBI, because a criminal investigation of a US citizen should be predicated on evidence discovered by law enforcement, NEVER ordered by a president. Since Nixon told the CIA to tell the FBI to stop investigating Watergate, every US president has kept the direction of the FBI, DOJ, etc at arm’s length, until now!

  • Nothing will matter McConnell will do what ever it takes to keep power to stack the courts . We need a massive biblical style plague to fix all of this.If all this evil persist it will happen brought to us by Mother Nature

  • Trump will easily out smart the democrats…..and use this Senate trial to fully expose
    the corruption that is the democratic party…….
    It will be epic and satisfying to watch…….
    The pathetic deep state elitists will cry and stamp their feet as Trump slaps them around
    It has been amazing to watch the extent of the fraud and fake news conspiracy
    against Trump……
    Now we know for sure that America wants nothing to do with the democratic ideals…..
    There will be no globalism, no open borders, and no illegals voting…………..
    Poor sad pathetic irrelevant obsolete democrats……what were they thinking……

  • These joker will lie until Nunes "Cows" jump over the moon, or until that thing on Trump's head jumps off of his head, and we all find out that Trump is a lizard! All that you got to do is look at the skin around his eyes!

  • James Hershberger says:

    I want all American voter to do the research on Lindsey Graham, Checkout the videos showing Lindsey Graham making comments about D J Trump back four years ago during an interview with CNN News it will surprise you what he thought of Donald J Trump back then, It's on tape it's NOT a made up lie by the media.lies

  • Working Class Talking Head 1790-05-29 says:

    I don't understand the Democratic plan here, because they are rushing the process to provide the least possible case to rush forward with impeachment. Why go through impeachment if you are not going to present a solid complete case?

  • Source Fractal OOTB says:

    Dear Lawrence…is it true that 35 million $$ of that aid hasn’t been paid..or is that a rumor? Thank you for your work!

  • Internet Marketing Maps says:

    All the rats on the Hill are scurrying for cover, but there's nowhere to hide, the level of corruption in Washington is enormous… Trump will survive the impeachment, and in 2020, will finally drain the swamp as he promised the men and women who voted for him.

  • Who will bite the hands feeding you? Of course, Pres. Zelensky will say what Mr Trump wants him to say! Ukraine needs our immediate and long term support.

  • Luke Spacewalker says:

    US borrowing money from China to give to Ukraine is so important to Ukraine? Yeah no thanks, this guy is part of the problem with Democrats. We should ask the children what they think of this guy's logic, they are going to have to pay the money back.

  • The argument that they "got the money" is not the point. They got caught bribing and wasting time and money defending themselves.  The defense is going to try to get out of their box for years to come!

  • Daniel Schaeffer says:

    The Senate will never convict, so let's vote him out and let the SDNY tear him apart like a pack of wolves for all his other crimes.

  • "As a historic matter, this is the clearest case we’ve ever seen in the use of the impeachment power by Congress. This isn't just using the president’s power to benefit himself. It’s doing that in a way that endangers our national security and that corrupts the electoral process by inviting foreign involvement.

    The second article of impeachment basically says that if the president will not in any way cooperate with the process then we really do have a president who is a dictator; and if this isn’t impeachable, as many have said, then nothing is.

    Abuse of power is what the impeachment clause was all about. The idea of using the power of the presidency not to protect the nation but to benefit one’s self and especially one’s reelection. In fact, in the debates around the framing of the Constitution, the big question about the impeachment power was ‘do we really need it, or is it enough, because the president will have to stand for reelection if it’s going to be ahead of him?’ The answer to that was ‘what if he corrupts the election process? What if he uses his power to reframe the election so that he rigs the system? We can’t afford to wait.’ That was the whole reason not to wait for the quadrennial election to take place."

    — Laurence Tribe, December 12, 2019

  • I believe witnesses should be called in the Senate regardless, otherwise the effort for the rule of law would be for nothing. This is about our freedom in many ways.We should not be living under dictator rule,and that's the way we are going if not checked.

  • republicans at "lunch", We got to Cheat, Lie, Anything We/You can Do To Protect putin, i mean trump. No witnesses, they can only Hurt Us, (Destruction Of all Traitors (republicans) That Is Us, Lie Lie Lie Deny, Deny, Deny Fu#k 2020, Protect putin ! Aaaa i mean trump Power To The …… White Power ? White Russian America Power ? White Money ? A Russian wife ? : /

  • conspiracy is a crime in itself – this whining that "their plan fell apart" is NOT an exoneration.
    then there is the fact that the WH Administration has refused to allow their staff to testify … we aren't stupid, Trump.

  • We can't read the transcript. Only a summary of it was released. Why won't he release the whole transcript? Is it lost with the emails on the crowdstrike server?

  • If McConnell pulls anything shady he should be charged with treason this is not about republicans and Democrats
    And I say anybody who interferes with the America public hearing the truth or distorts it’s is a traitor to America

  • Thanks, Lawrence O’Donnell and Team, and Congressman Hines. Three more aspects. (A) Rudi Julie and his buddies Fruman and Parnas were pursuing “confirmation” of Kilimnik’s Kremlin Konspiracy propaganda “It was the Ukrainians, not us!” back in ‘18, perhaps even earlier, during the Poroshenko regime! (B) NaftoGaz bigwig Firtash’s US lawyers, diGenova and Toensing, were touting that bovine excrement from ‘16 onwards! (C) Don’t forget Perry! His buddies Bleyzer and Cranberg landed their 50-year contract for the biggest parcel of Ukrainian Gas within a month of Perry handing a little note to the Ukrainians, at Zelensky’s Inauguration, May 20th! Of COURSE Zelensky and Yermak knew what was up !!!

  • If in this pass the Senate Republican led by Moscow-Mitch over-rides the Impeachment motion then the House should reintroduce the Impeachment motion in the House, one to Impeach and advance the Impeachment initiative to the Senate to re-Impeach this scoundrel in the WH again to ensure that truth wins out in the end for the American People.

  • If I walk into a jewelry and take a gold watch and no one notices for three months, is it still a crime? Can't I claim that the store is mistaken all the while wearing the watch? These are the arguments I expect from elected officials who gets caught, and then blame the police for bias when extortion fails.

  • If it was a secret vote he would be found guilty and removed from office, but because it won’t be a secret vote the republicans are sssoooo scared of getting a nasty tweet from the tweet in chief they will stand behind him regardless of how many crimes he commits, they’re nothing more than spineless cowards.

  • insane how the gop keeps saying in essence….. "Don't believe your ears or eyes"! "Voltaire — 'Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.' Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." gop decoded: "When falsehood stands for truth, truth likewise becomes false, Where naught be made to aught, aught changes into naught."

  • Unless Russia has held out a carrot to WH and/or GOP, or a dire threat. In either case, compromise of US national security is not warranted. If only, that resonates with everyone, especially the GOP Ostriches, sigh!

  • BeautyWith Samara says:

    Republicans really feels Some if us are stupid. They have been telling liars and fouling us for decades. We are fire up to vote this liars out

  • Who has the power because 2 + 2 =4 but the Republican base is showing just how meaningless our power really is. We have an avalanche of proof but yet they still look in your face and say "it wasnt me" (shaggy voice) This democracy is over how can it ever return from this state?

  • Kevin Williamson says:

    Moscow Mitch wants to do the very minimum requirements to have a Senate impeachment hearing and just move straight to not removing Trumpster from office.

  • Republicans continues tell the American people it's sunny outside when it's raining.When the lies becomes the truth and the truth becomes the lie.

  • How can these Republicans do this? The whole party has to go. What are they telling themselves? It's so strange to watch them all lying through their teeth and thinking that no one will notice.

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