Rep. Devin Nunes says Dems are poisoning public with impeachment


100 thoughts on “Rep. Devin Nunes says Dems are poisoning public with impeachment”

  • MALE REPORTERS UP THERE, you cant because he ask for help, so you help him despite you dont know the truth and to make yourself sure, you say you trust and believe him. How long do you know him? male westerner reporters? are you in singapore? if he ask for help to move on and stop all these bullying, threatening, laughing, harassment still talk her to usa, then we will be fair and tell usa, ok, he has stopped. But he say one thing and do another, he still threaten and girl say he want see her, asking ard if anyone see or know her, all these are scary, he didnt changed, he didnt learnt lesson, male usa reporters. Wld you want your sister or daughters to be bullied for a year. Do you know he and J are laughing and cheering here in Spore everday saying girl has been bullied or push her aside HAHAHAH? You usa got no idea. while He laughing, J will go ard crying begging for help, then back to Spore, LAUGH AT HAHAHA. FYI, male reporters. He shd stopped all these and move on with life, no one is interested in his life at IGM, who bothers??? He told Trump abt is work and life, who bothers???? the best solution is he shd APOLOGISE to girl and then move on but he want face, refused to admit wrong, thats the problem.
    Male reporters, I will tell you more what c and j will be doing here in spore, ok! incase you all not aware, my predict is j will cry and beg for help after knowing these msg here, and c will temporary escape and trump and media usa will say he left. But, when things get better he will come in and do say this and that for his benefits. He cant get away from the bad things he did to stole ones privacy information ad broadcast and harassed to such an extend. Thats very bad. Have a beer.

  • Interrupting Rep Nunes does not make you more efficient as a journalist.
    IG Horror-Wits is not an appropriate investigator for everything that has happened here. Looking for “paper” or tapes hasn’t been the WHOLE STORY THAT EXISTS OFF- RECORD!!
    Thank God the Republicans are investigating. Many are lawyers!! Do you think there’d be documentation if it meant absolute proof of sedition into treason??

  • Demon-rats are so out of line WITH ALL OF THIS😠😤 TRUMP 2020, 2024, 2028!!! This man deserves to rise above the demo-rat imposed term limits otherwise they will continue to steal presidential elections and RUIN THIS COUNTRY😡😡 MAGA🇺🇸😁

  • BARTIROMO: Were you ever on the phone with Parnas?

    NUNES: "I got a call from a number that was Parnas's wife. I remember talking to someone & I did what I always do which is — that if you don't know who they are, you put them to staff."

    Also, I hope he knows he can't just take photos and video of people in public.

  • These people used their power to try & overthrow a legally elected President..They used what they KNEW was a LIE to try & do it..I am furious that they are getting by with it..

  • If only he will stop talking abt her to trump, all these will be put to an end, but USA MALE reporters, you wont undertsand him, he and J refused to stop talking her to trump and usa, thats why girl has to come out with that, and media usa attack poor Lincoln Teo's victim as a hostage. Usa media, what if victim report another group of police in singapore at him at this case for slandering nonsense and destory reputation? Then he will have 2 groups of police aftering him. USa Media, pls give us a chance to talk, and stop believing him so easily. Of course he will say he is sad. Who started to disturb girl first, may i ask? Media usa, who? Who wont want to stop talking girl to trump and media even now, who??? who wont want to stop now even girl has stay quiet and left? Who? media usa lack of understanding, thats why i come to tell. Have a beer.

  • It is not that human beings make mistakes but why these human beings made these mistakes. Also what are they going to do about how those mistakes affected real people's lives?

  • "Human beings make mistakes"… kinda like bank robbers make the mistake of intentially robbing a bank. These dirty cops acted with full knowledge and intent. Was it a mistake for them to do so, hell yeah! Just because it was a mistake doesn't mean they aren't responsible.

    Amazing to me how the Dems and Hillary cry like little girls with skinned knees while complaining that Trump is unethically manipulating US elections, they don't say specifically how of course, while at the same time they use the national security apparatus to foil the trump campaign… and we can say specifically HOW they did it complete with evidence and witnesses. I hope this all backfires on the democrats and specifically Hillary and Obama.

  • From the giddy up…after they lost the election….they have been trying by ANY MEANS to impeach the POTUS….It was and is an intended Coup….

  • Take them all to court and sue them and then charge them with criminal Acts which I'm sure there are some offenses there that can be criminally pursued and after that put their old asses in jail for a while end of story

  • Yes they're pissing off millions of Patriots and continuing to LIE about THEIR CRIMES!!!WE ARE SICK OF THEM!! ARREST THEM!!!

  • Wow !! Are you Republican supporters a bunch of complete morons!! Stop watching fox tv and stop listening to these morons! You are making yourselves look ridiculous. 😂

  • The whining from Republicans is insufferable. If the Democrats want to politic this way then they should have fire met with fire instead of whining

  • Human beings make mistakes. Also as in the case of Comey, Rosenstein, Meuller, the Democrat Party, MSM, …they can also be filthy disgusting Liars

  • GrammaG1863 Henry says:

    How about the gungrabbing, delusional, marxist liars demonrats forget running for political office in 2020. We have lost respect for their party of Delusional high tax thieves.

  • "Human beings make mistakes…" knowingly Altering documents with the purpose of lying to a federal court and destroying the life of a patriotic service member as a scapegoat to keep a fraudulent investigation going to try to find dirt on the President of United States in an attempted coup is NOT a mistake. It is unequivocally a treasonous crime

  • Anastasia Zoldak says:

    Watch the IG hearings on YouTube, and you’ll see how the FBI acted like the communist KGB and VIOLATED civil liberties!

  • Can't take much more of this news guy….surly, disrespectful…….. reminds me of Chris Wallace both wise-guys worthy of receiving the Biden Parking Lot punishment.

  • Sounds like the actions of a third world banana republic…Is that what America and the US Congress have become?… Empire vs Republic of free people is also a big question…

  • Priscilla Carbone says:

    Trump already poisoned the USA with his paying off the porn star, badmouthing everyone (who in his tiny mind is against him) who ever (God forbid) he doesn't like (which changes from day to day).

  • From the very beginning Kevin McCarthy started with a Degree in BS ,a Representative from Bakersfield, the largest county in Southern California, with about 5 people in the county, He is in charge of Sage brush and Jack Rabbits

  • Payne Fam Adventures says:

    @Foxnews – it was stated at the closing the following "He stated that the majority of the people wanted impeachment."….. When was this vote? I don't remember anyone asking me of my family or anyone in my town about this. Can you ask them about this please.

  • The time line was bigger than what people are being told. It was to complete deals with big farma, deals with China & Russia, Canada and Mexico. The Democrats are so dirty that they would rather the American people die of starvation then to give up on their criminal kickbacks from other countries! Nancy pelose, chuck schumer, jerry Nadler, Adam schiff have been making millions in kickbacks. Thank God we have a real President Trump to clean house and jail these Scumbags!!””

  • It Is Time To Impeach Trumpzilla says:

    1 of 3 Ask any Trumpsexual if it serves The Holy Trinity as I do, or Satan as all RATpubliKKKlan, EVILgelicals do. And it will not answer because it is a minion of Satan; and a direct threat to the lives of your entire family. The element lead has been known to be poisonous for 2,137 years. The element lead in very small amounts causes permanent DNA and brain-damage; insulin intolerance and high blood pressure. Which together are causing many de*ths.

  • It Is Time To Impeach Trumpzilla says:

    2 of 3 Trumpenstein's monsters know this. This is why when disgusting, leprous, foul, putrid, decaying, grotesquely-pasty-wh*te-skinned, bladders of corrupted genetic-Donnorrhea are asked. If it supports the removal of all lead plumbing, and the conversion to non-lead ammunition and fishing tackle.

  • It Is Time To Impeach Trumpzilla says:

    3 of 3 These non-human, Satan-worshiping, rabid-WASP-dogs. Will not answer with the only correct response. This why it is the sacred duty to protect our families. By burying an ax. Into the skulls of all 63 million AGW-denying, Trumpsexual, morons on sight. Within the next 10 months. Or we all face extinction by the year 2060.

  • they were working for our government and Manafort and Flynn ended up in jail…. it was a criminal investigation….. Nunes is spouting treason here…. russian aid from Nunes

  • I may be behind the timeline a little bit but isn't the bribery accusation with Biden? He has admitted it, just doesn't know he has.

  • this comment section is what is wrong with America, cause its you who voted these clowns in because you treat governance like its cheering for your local college sports team

  • I agree. If hillary that stupid crooked something wanting to run for president.
    All this I feel so bad cor our President. I hope Pres. Trump gets them all in jail or worse. Obama was a joke never worked just stripped us of our money.

  • Lol Fox news at least tries to act moderate or conservative and don't outright scream Lefty like other MSM shills but when it really matters, if you listen to what is said, or not said….it's not too hard to see that Fox is just as tainted and tied to the swamp as the rest…they just put a little more work into hiding it.

  • Who the devil do these morons think they are, out right breaking laws and should be held accountable. Comey should be shot as a spy

  • You are the corrupt piece of turd that questioned our heroes in our long-standing employees of the federal government you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • If military aid was so important to Ukraine like the democrats state then how come during the Obama administration none of these same democrats cared when that military money and weapons were not given to the same so important Ukraine so important to United States Well being….. Yup exactly more bullship from these demo rats

  • The Dems are trying but from all that I read, I think we still have enough red-blooded Americans who will fight them to a standstill. I think they are losing power by the hour.

  • pull up the hearings watch what the witnesses said then look at the lies and propaganda the russiapublicans, faux spews propaganda network and trump said the witnesses said. At that point America will become great again. You will see the truth. It was great until trump and the russiapublicans got to office together. It will become great again because you will all stop backing the russiapublicans.
    Yes we know the russiapublicans are the spies and assets for russia.

  • What was Kevin Clinesmith doing over there at the DOE?
    Was he helping Georgetown University professors like John Podesta traffic Uranium and parts for nuclear weapons?
    Is ANTIFA embedded within the DOE as well?

  • If trump is not removed from office, our democracy is over. The facts are indisputable that he has broken many laws. He has admitted to it. If he can admit to crimes but not be removed, he is a dictator. And every cultist, who loves "HIM" more than America shares responsibility in destroying our country. Shame on all of you. Reality check: Trump's business resume: This does not at all include his criminal record.
    1991: Trump Taj Mahal. (Bankrupted)
    1992: Trump Castle Hotel & Casino. (Bankrupted)
    1992: Trump Plaza Casino. (Bankrupted)
    1992: Trump Plaza Hotel. (Bankrupted)
    2004: Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. (Bankrupted)
    2009: Trump Entertainment Resorts (Bankrupted)
    2015: Trump international golf club In Puerto Rico (bankrupted)
    2019: American farmers( bankrupted)
    2019: IMPEACHED
    Trumps FAILed businesses:
    Trump airline
    Trump ice water
    Trump the game
    Trump casino
    Trump magazine
    Trump mortgage
    Trump steak
    Trump travel site
    Trump comms company
    Trump tower Tampa
    Trump university
    Trump vodka
    Tour de trump
    The New Jersey generals football team
    Trump on the ocean
    Trump network
    Trump radio show
    Trump media
    Trump foundation (fraud)
    American communication network( pyramid scheme)
    Now United States of America….btw no I'm not a Democrat…no I'm not a leftist. Stop buying his programming. Go one week without watching FOX or reading his tweets & get back into the real world. Trump is NOT AMERICA…Trump is destroying America because he's owned by Putin.

  • (Starting at 4:20 Re: Carter Page) Yeah, Bill “Human beings make mistakes” but Comey made deliberate “mistakes” called LIES. (Bill the shill).



  • This is incredible. Why are these people still working in the FBI. I don't get it. It must be completely demoralizing for the rest of the FBI to see these people still in their jobs.

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