100 thoughts on “Rep. Dan Crenshaw says Obama-era officials are obsessed with defending their appeasement of Iran”

  • TRUMP 20/20. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Crenshaw and pompeo can’t be trusted as they only say what suits trumps narrative no matter how much of a lie it is . The US were the aggressors against Iran since 1953 . These facts are denied by this party

  • Zachary Jackson says:

    Let me get this straight this country has been 7 months away from getting a nuclear weapon for the last 10 years. If they wanted a nuclear weapon they would have one by now just like north Korea. Stop lying to us.

  • Crenshaw wishes for americans to be in the middle east for the next 100 years so we can throw away american lives fighting israels wars.

  • It has been so painfully obvious that the Iran deal would ultimately result with Iran becoming nuclear capable, yet they still argue for it. Baffling.

  • Don't hope, expect and demand justice for average American's. In every way. Our laws, our rights, our jobs and way of life. Last time I checked it was still the USA around here, not some idiotic politically correct world notion of right or wrong. Freedom still counts for something around here.

  • Anybody with connections to Barry is corrupt and disgusting. If there were true justice they all would be in Guantanamo

  • All dark roads will lead to Obama, the most protected man in the world and for good reason ! Handcuffs for Obama, the sooner the better !

  • Fernando Gonzalez says:

    Msm sure does a great job of manipulating the average person… I can’t believe how fast I’ve heard people say that we were at war… it’s a shame that people who don’t follow politics think that “THE NEWS” just informs people of current event… most people who believe the msm can’t name 5 currently relevant politicians

  • Maybe Obama’s only problem with this deal was first consulting the Cleveland Browns on how to make winning moves first?

  • dude gigs up you wont be reelected you stabbed us all in the back on gun control I dont trust anything you say and I'm in your district

  • Billy Masterson says:

    The sheep in these comments are just as bad as the one's over at CNN. It's a shame this country is just a former shell of what liberty, truth and freedom really meant. Now we just have sides clinging to whatever their leaders tell them

  • Robert Gonzalez says:

    How ignorant Obama‘s legacy are we missing something here he has deceived the people to believe that he was one of us in all actuality he was more for them than he was for the American people what a joke.

  • Susan Rice. Wasn't she a graduate of the Neville Chamberlain School of Appeasement? Where there are movable red lines in the sand and reset buttons?

  • At this point we can stop calling them “our friends across the isle” or democrats because they are clearly communist.

  • All we have to do is convince Iran's bordering Nations to use side-drilling methods to tap into oil deposits beneath Iran and deplete their oil resource's. End of Iran acting like the "big bullies" of the desert.

  • Here's a question: Why are these Obama era officials still working in Washington? Obama was a traitor. All of his appointees are complicit

  • Rice/BO administration abandoned Americans whilst they were being attacked and murdered in Benghazi. She should get off shows and crawl back under a rock. Shameful

  • Friedman Family says:

    I notice youtube is still targeting Fox, do they seriously expect us to believe a popular, high budget news network to not have cameras in 1080p?


  • I like how Fox News quotes prior Fox News segments as if it's proof of anything. XD Also, Crenshaw should read up on the history between the US and Iran cause it actual began in 1953 NOT in 1979.

  • You all are turn coats who listen to this coward who show that he is Putin lap dog and try to start a war just to make himself look good.

  • Emokiriemi Abednego says:

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  • America is too soft and is crime Philippines China Bangkok and such like that girl up to it take him out back and that is it.

  • The comments made on Obama’s Iran Deal, that there was no plan to contain Iran, make sense to me. But then why wasn’t the deal renegotiated immediately after Trump pulled out of it? I think that was a mistake there on the current administration’s part. I’m not sure if what Trump is doing now, with killing Soleimani, is necessarily the right move in gaining leverage to contain Iran, but it was certainly a very risky move.

  • Battle Rifle Productions says:

    This is what I find funny. The Democrats think Appeasement is guaranteed to work. Well in the 1930s we also thought that and yet it failed and war broke out, aka World War 2. So I don't know why the Democrats are clinging on to something we tried before and it lead not only to the opposite of what was supposed to happen but something far worse?

  • Spot on! When analyzing bullies like Pelosi and her cronies..every accusation made against President Trump has been merely a deflection of their own failures and actions. For example, accusing Trump of lying, when they themselves are liars, accusing Trump of not having a strategy with Iran, when they themselves never did..the list is endless. It’s just one of the criteria under the DSM-V clinical psychology diagnostic book.

  • Dan Crenshaw is level headed and intelligently informed as always. I’m soo glad that he’s on the side of this beautiful, God blessed country!

  • Basically what I obtained from this is: “Speak soft But carry a big stick” Still just as good as when it was first said, however it sounds like democrats wanna speak softly and bend over for everyone else as long as they get re-elected, right now we speak softly and we carry the biggest dam stick in the world. Speak softly is for diplomacy however, right now we should show what our stick can really do if more bs persists.

  • Alelae Duplasey says:

    You lady need help, Suzie. Either you're a toon or have lost it. Completely. We took out a t e r r o r i s t. They don't desreve American $, like you and dabummer sent. They only understand. F O R S E. AND S T R E N G T H. FEAR WORKS FOR I R A N. M9N



  • Obama => "Soft Power" and appeasement.
    Trump => Carry a big stick. Use it if necessary. Give them an option to back away and save face.

  • this man is an Israel-first traitor to the united states. he constantly shits on the memory of those murdered by Israel on the USS Liberty

  • RECOVERING VETERAN— Ryan Sipe: "When I was in Afghanistan we drove through their tiny dilapidated villages in what they would consider "Tanks", conducted dismounted patrols during the night heavily armed throughout their land, considering everything a threat! Blocked their roads and ransacked their vehicles, cut off the means of transportation and trampled aggressively throughout their farmland, invaded their property, over watched their every move!
    Took control of any section of land we felt necessary to carry out our “mission”, shot mortars off in their quiet little hamlets as a "show of force" to intimidate and deter any possible "threat"……

    And when In direct contact with the Pashtun people, on a face to face level, for the most part, the majority of them still observed the (Pashtunwali code) of hospitality and respect, to a bunch of foreign invaders and mercenaries! The good far outweighed the bad…. when it came to direct contact with these people.

    Looking back on it now, I couldn't blame anyone of them if they had put a bullet through my head for even the simple reason of just being there and representing that disgraced flag that was so strategically placed on my shoulder.

    People want to live in peace, provide for their families, serve their gods and help their friends and neighbors, this isn't exclusive to "Americans", we're not a different species. It's inclusive to all Humans regardless of where they were born!

    The only exception is its opposition! "Government" the delusional, mythological beast that infects its worshipers with hysteria and deception, a complete unbridled force of destruction, discontent, and coercion! Complete obedience, and unquestionable loyalty is required for this parasitic despotism! Without question and logic it's converts will blindly follow the commandments foisted upon them! Loyalty, and obedience is all it requires and that is financed by your own dissolution of morality.

    Every war is a lie! You're just supporting your own enslavement!"

  • So Susan Rice is attempting to make up history of the Obama Era and how glorious it was. She is a documentated liar as was Obama and Biden. The DNC was co-opted by elite globalists that should be in prison along with the top intelligence officers during Barry's terms in office. Irreparable damage has been done to the country and the middle class. Of course Whoopi Goldberg, Robert DeNero, Cher, Madona, and other prominent celebrities including Harvey Weinstein would agree with Susan Rice.

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