Rep. Collins slams Democrats’ impeachment vote ‘stunt’


100 thoughts on “Rep. Collins slams Democrats’ impeachment vote ‘stunt’”

  • Mike Johnson R from Louisiana has been VERY articulate. I've enjoyed listening to his remarks along with Ratliff,Collins,Biggs and all the rest of the Republicans. Trump 2020 !!

  • These losers are seriously becoming unhinged… If the Democrats pulled a third of these antics the conservatives would be carrying torches and whining… When you know what’s right you make the right decision. ???

  • How many of you Americans different people in different language and US citizen as well. You already hurt seen it listening and response that from both sides from left and right right and left blue red red blue Democrats Republic Republic and Democrats so this is going to be like something of very responsibility

  • President Trump didn't need any dirt on sloppy Joe Biden! Sloppy Joe, under Obama's watch had already blackmailed the Ukrainian President and he boasted about it on tape.

    The 80 year old tart Nancy Pelosi and her demonized poodles Schiff and Nadler are ridiculous. They will go the same way as comrade Corbyn. LOL

  • Our President does his best work on the offensive. Stand by. The Good Lord is on President Trump's side. So we will soon see.

  • The GOP talk of a lack of fact witnesses while Trump has blocked all fact witnesses from testifying, I mean dosnt that alarm Trump voters?

  • Collins in a my Rep. in District 9, I voted fir him. He is makes me proud. Yes Friday the 13, the same same day that the Knights Templar were slaughtered by the Predominate Church at that time.

  • Democrats are following the Constitution and presenting evidence. Republicans are attacking the witnesses and the process.

    It's pretty clear who is in the right here.

  • Trump supporters are weak minded people. Party over country. I hope you’re as proud of him when he’s out of office selling out secrets to the rest of the world you idiots

  • The chickens have come home to roost shame on Fox and Republicans for thinking Democrats and American voters and the media and Intel would not fight back this is not a game this is the soul of America and our constitution that's in danger because of your boy, trump.

  • Who cares about how long it takes at this point. The DNC can pander to
    the camera every day if they want. It will not change how this will end
    in the Senate. Once Trump is reelected, we need to make sure this type
    of manipulation of law is not possible in the future. The founding
    fathers wrote the constitution under the assumption that Congress would
    be populated with people of honor and truth. That is how this happened.
    It speaks for the character of those in the DNC. It is pathetic that we
    need to put "babysitter" articles in place to ensure the government
    stays lawful but this situation proves that it must be done.

  • Fox ? news is a POSION it’s sad a man can do what Trump done and politics is above right and wrong and we wonder why slavery lasted 240 years in the greatest country in the history of the world because right and wrong is not greater than power at any coast

  • Does he realize he's being recorded? That generations hence will laugh at him and his ridiculous anti-fact defense? Just embarrassing.

  • The dems use coercion, intimidation etc I mean Nancy pelosi comes from a long line of mob associates etc. These people do not speak for me. Where is Schiff? Why didn’t he testify? But yet Trump is obstructing? Kettle calling the pot black? This is the beginning of the end for this country. Please make some dumb anti gun laws. You can have my guns bullets first.

  • The radical left Democrats per air reporting is that they plan to keep on Impeaching MULTIPLE times from here till eternity–in their wickedness. The criminals want to ram Impeachment through and get their promised FAKE Impeachment Pony over the Holidays. Pres. Trump has said he wants a FAIR TRIAL for as long as it takes so the American people can get the true facts DENIED them by criminal Schiff, Nadler & accomplices. A FULL Trial may be PRUDENT for the question of TIME to be controlled by the Senate. A quick dismiss gives wicked House Dems TIME to WEAPONIZE Impeachment on THEIR terms. LET the SENATE handle Impeachment!
    With the SENATE in charge, evidence testimony for both sides can be heard with the SENATE in CONTROL of the proceedings & Calendar. A long Trial requires TIME but the SENATE will be in charge. A QUICK Dismiss in Senate ONLY free up TIME for the WICKED House to start their WEAPONIZED Impeachment sham for as LONG as they can on their terms to keep on destroying the NATION ALL OVER AGAIN! LET the SENATE be in CHARGE & wisely remove controls AWAY from evil Dems.

  • The Democrats haven't figured out what their leadership got them into yet.
    Let the train wreck happen. The price the Democrats pay only increases with each step.

  • Chairman Nadler eliminated the DUMB-STATE GOP talking point that the Democrats voted in the middle of the night by having the vote in the daylight. in orderHa Ha Ha Ha And Doug Collins repeatedly says He don't, She don't. He should review fifth grade grammar rules such as subject and predicate agreement, in order to construct a proper sentence.

  • To Team Republicans:

    1. Russia – fake
    2. Mull BS report – fake
    3. Ukran report – fake

    The evil Dems are acrimonious for unable to steal money 24/7 with
    POTUS in the House.
    The false accusations will continue.
    It is a threat to POTUS.
    Send in the troop to uproot the evil Dems.
    You do not do it, more threats are coming.
    False accusation is a crime.

  • Hello people from the up side down world here's your Captain Gomez. No impeachment it is not fair. let's put the MOFO I JAIL FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!

  • Young People of America, Learn from this Process of what these people are teaching you. Learn not to Accept any losses In any Game. Waste Other Peoples Tax Payer Dollars and Try to over throw any results in any Game Now. The Students of the USA need to Study this Democrat Party Technique of Bringing Down their Government. It will be studied for Years to come in schools. It is a Loophole in Our Constitution, and the Democratic Party was the first Ever to Try to Capitalize on it. This is An Example of a Failed Attempt to Bring down the USA Government before an Election and 3 years After an Election, through a Classic Seditious Conspiracy… The mistake they made was that they did not have a Fair Process, They Bullied, They Lied, They tried to put forth Multiple Criminal Acts that all fell through. They did not accept they Lost the Game. Will 233 Democratic House Members now go along with this nonsense these 23 House conspirators have imagined? Now the Hole in the Constitution that has cost USA Tax Payers Billions of Dollars, Lost Jobs, Lost World Respect for The USA during critical Peace talks, and Trade Talks will be Fixed Hopefully by the next Vote in the House by 233 Democrat Representatives up for election November 2020. If it's not fixed by that Vote then it will be Fixed by the USA Senate Vote Nullifying this Seditious Conspiracy that will be very short after. And then it's up to the American People to Permanently Fix this Hole November 2020 with their Votes. The People of the USA have been harmed by this nonsense.

  • Hey! Stooges, can you also tell me who "wants to change Christmas" according to your " stable genius" leader? You guys are A FARSE at Faux.

  • RobertUSNVet 3rdGEN says:

    Officers and Enlisted Veterans know the value of our oath to defend the US Constitution against foreign & DOMESTIC ENEMIES unlike the those cabal Democrats who are clearly in a coup! We are watching! And we will not forget our solemn oath or this fraud against the people.

  • If there is nothing suspicious to find, why is asking a country to look into it a problem?

    Diplomatically, I would bet it is far better to ask a country to look into something over charging in and doing it.

    The first part Trump asked about was the theft of the democrats server and intrusion of their information.
    But Democrats don’t want that dug up.

  • Why are so many Trump associates under criminal investigation, indictment, awaiting trial or sentencing, and serving time in prison?

  • wha, wha cry baby collins, gym jordan, biggs, lesko. was 14hrs not enough in one day to hear the clowns puppets regurgitate deflect and spin as some sort of defense?? seriously people get real as jaime raskin eloquently stated.

  • Trump is impeached from here to eternity, an impeached president, of an impeached people, of an impeached party..Do you know who wasn't impeached George W Bush, Barack Obama,…lol

  • President Trump, good job! I am so proud of your promptly correctly handling so many issues. You will serve four terms, as had FDR. Meanwhile, there is more still to do. Therefore, meanwhile, ignore the Demo-Rats pathetic act-out. From the present, the easiest and quickest fix-task still to do, see the following:

    …..Eliminate Chem Trails…???? They are frequently blanketing the Southern California skies…and are terribly destructive… drastically altering our weather patterns, causing floods, fires, for more than 25 years, now???? Damaging our food chain. ???? causing billions of private wealth loss, diseases, and also huge infrastructure losses. ☠️☠️☠️☠️ No justification.

    ☠️☠️☠️☠️ True, the Chem Trail evil-doers are CIA deep state dudes. But, three years into your presidency, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE! ???? President Trump…this has always been the easiest fix of your entire presidency…simply blow out their tires, so they never get off the ground…but, as yet, this evil agenda is still being ignored by you. ????Now…GO FIX IT!!! ????????????

  • Democrats in the television cameras? really??…. What about all the crying you did when you hearing was adjourned… You kept your mic on… So the cameras can hear you whining AFTER the gavel was dropped… Talk about PERFORMANCE hahaa! Republicans wear hypocrisy like a crown! Smh

  • Wow Fox & Friends are as dumb as a box of rocks…. That dummy just said we gave them made for two years and then we withheld it this year… Proving that withholding aid had nothing to do with corruption hahaa! Dummies. Lol

  • We the people voted for Donald J. Trump; democrats in congress say we are wrong. I guess my generation was right our vote doesn't matter; I was born in the mid 1970's; (impeachment of presidents generation) .This country has a congress full of dictators not one but many!!!!! They repress We the people; and they still want our votes even though our votes don't matter; they live it up like rock stars off our hard earn money ,as we starve, die and continue to be repressed. To much violence inherited in our system!!!

  • Republican’s aren’t angry that Donald Trump is a criminal and a cheat. Republicans are angry that Democrats are pointing it out. The time has come to “Lock Him Up!”

  • Robert Shrewsbury says:

    As I see it. Many a Far-Left believe all of the Far-Left hogwash and are blind to truth, this means that they have had a lot of practice lying to them-selves over time. People that cannot or do not seek, see or find the truth within cannot see or find truth without in the collective common world that we all live in together. In short mental-blinders are self-bestowed by choice and ignorance, not to mention self-serving desires. This is the ingredient and development of the mainstream media matrix.

  • Wake up!conspiracy, abuse of power, witness tampering, Russian collusion in 2016 election, obstruction of justice, hush money, coverups, Moscow trump tower, charity slush fund, emolument violations, seeking foreign interference in 2020 election, access Hollywood tapes, campaign finance law violations, millions in inaugural money missing, betrayal of oath of office, endangering national security, BRIBERY, obstruction of congress.

  • KingJames 1611 Galatians 4:16 says:

    Trump is clinically insane this poor guy is his own greatest enemy.

    narcissistic person uses defense mechanisms to idealize self so that he does not have to face his own mistakes (sin) or (flaws)
    (fallen state). He is so envious of Obama, he will go done in history known for it. He blames Obama every time he screws up Dee down in his heart it rips him apart the his predecessor held that position of authority professionally. Say what you want to say about Obama he never embarrassed the country the way Trump has.
    He wants to out shine Obama, that will never happen.
    a narcissistic person as being haughty, non-empathetic, manipulative, and envious; he also possesses a sense of entitlement and grandiosity. From a biblical perspective, it is clear that these heart conditions are due to PRIDE, which IS SIN (Proverbs 16:18).
    The Bible tells us to “look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others”
    (Philippians 2:4). The narcissist routinely disobeys this command.
    Republicans are not in the position to stand up and help this guy stop his shenanigans and stay focused. Instead of them doing their jobs they have allowed this guy (Trump) to bring America down and they themselves needs to be removed. Stock market-wait for itthe second coming of Bernie Madoff boots on the grounds.

  • The Democrats have a smoking gun. Think about it, TOO cocky! They're gonna pull the trigger and Republicans will be put in a precarious position….mark my words.

  • Trump's a corrupt criminal and should be treated like one. I'm already sick of hearing the Republican Party ly and make misleading statements. Just trying to confuse the impeachment process. If you support Trump you support infidelity, dividing Americans, racism, lies, broken promises, criminal acts, admiring strongman dictators, insulting allies, and breaking an oath to uphold the Constitution. Trump has done all these and more. If you think Trump has accomplished anything good(On his own) name it. Besides lowering taxes for the very rich. Truth is he hasn't.

  • Great job Rep Collins. Republicans NEEDS fighters that don't cave in to evil DEMS do nothing cry babies sore losers troublesome disgrace Dems

  • McConnell has already trashed the Senate trial: "We will be coordinating with the White House fully and completely". The jurors will be coordinating with the guy on trial. America is in BIG trouble.

  • True story…no matter what the trash in the White House will now have an asterisk after his name.
    Impeach AND Remove the trash in the White House 2020 ???

  • You are all supporting a Dirty Old Man who likes to beat up on 16 year old Girls, Shame on Fox for evening talking about him????

  • I watch these three and others on Fox and despair of good, old fashioned, honest reporting of facts. What a disservice the Murdoch family has to journalism.
    I'm British and want to tell you a short story about a Murdoch newspaper, still owned in the UK by Murdoch, called The Sun. Naturally, Fox is owned by the Murdochs, hence the relevance of this story.
    In 1989, a disaster at a football stadium caused the deaths of almost one hundred Liverpool football fans, at a football stadium in Sheffield. It was caused by a number of factors but the fans have always been exonerated……except by the Sun, which at the time printed the most disgusting and false reports of the behaviour of those fans. (please 'Google' the Hillsborough Disaster/ Sun newspaper and it will bring tears to your eyes)
    Since that day 30 years ago the Sun has been boycotted in Liverpool. The premier football club will still not engage with the newspaper because of their false reporting.Taxis in the city still advertise on the sides of their cabs to boycott the Sun. Newsagents refuse to stock it and people of every political persuasion still rail against the lies the newspaper printed.
    Wake up Fox viewers.

  • I don't thinks there will be any Democrats left after the CIA and FBI have finished with them for money fraud and abuse of power etc, they are going down like a pack of cards!, that's why they want Trump out of the way, draining the swamp it's called.

  • Oh god these Democrats are a joke they surely know how much of a fool they are making out of themselves..time to take these assholes down

  • Scumbag Trump and his basket of deplorable Republicans. The champions of hypocrites and liars. Collins may GOD strike you down you piece of sh1t

  • Collins is such a negative, angry and spiteful person. I would be ashamed of him if I were one of his constituents. It's clear that he has a hard time managing his emotions and that he becomes hysterical when he's faced with a dilemma… So professional! This guy wouldn't last two seconds in the corporate world.

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