Rep. Collins joins Fox News before testifying in impeachment inquiry


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  • Krisztián Takács says:

    Republican Rep. Doug Collins is now defending Trump (using his truly terrible accent) with something like this: the Democrats wanted to find misdemeanors of Trump long ago, therefore when they indeed found them, it doesn't count because they didn't have bona fide motives to find those crimes of Trump. And they didn't like him too, but since you have to like someone who commits crimes, you shouldn't even try to find his crimes, but if you did find them, you shouldn't ever disclose them, or if you already disclosed them, you should never ever accuse that particular person. And ultimately, if you did accuse him, then you must acquit him. [Perfect circular logic with only one possible outcome]
    I think the Republican politicians haven't realized yet, that they are now not talking exclusively to their mentally challenged base on Fox News.
    P.S.: If they won't allow witnesses, or acquit Trump, this must be considered a mistrial and get all the court orders for documents and witnesses and impeach Trump again. Simple.
    N.B.: Though it is even possible that Republicans actually believe what they are saying, however stupidity is not a defense to criminal conduct, not if you are a Congressman, and especially not, if you are the President of the United States, as in this case we need to use another amendment.
    (I already explained how stupidity can be overcome on a national level, which plays a huge role to shape the outcome of this process)

  • Democrats had best remember we will remember this.. If you impeach on this as Corruption they better remember this.. Our laws force the President to investigate that country for corruption when we give Aid to that country.. So you’re going to impeach a President for following the law. It doesn’t matter if you believe that is what he did.. Because if they can impeach a President for thoughtcrimes then what hope do average Americans have??

  • Why does this guy ALWAYS talk like a Used Car Sales Man tryin
    to sell a 1998 Monte Carlo? Too bad Collins:
    Criminal trump/GHOULIANI are Caught Red Handed in Ukraine.
    Y'all just angry those Olde Jerk Offs got busted doing it.

  • Rep Johnson is a liar face, for the audience of one!!! To date, not all the money was received by Ukraine, allegedly issued by this Admin!! Where did the money go?! Skimmed off the top by tRUMP, at TAXPAYERS expense!!

  • Wah ? the Dems don’t like tRUMP!! How is Collins whining, evidentiary facts to the contrary!! Excuses, excuses, excuses, putting blame on the process. Bring your own witnesses! Bring evidence to the contrary! Bring Trump if he’s so innocent!!!!!

  • ANYONE who has an open mind and has listened knows your case has been made even without calling your witnesses or having due process.

  • Demon..rat already made up their mind no matter what debate or how long you explain …hopefully if it will go to the senate then we might have the chance to protect our President ..I will pray for him and wish the republican can defend him

  • Pathetic Hypocracy : The rights complicit to tRUMP’s foreign bribery scheme by merely not acknowledging impeachment trial policies and processes with regards to witnesses and of the blocking of their own key party testimony!! When they themselves requested this GOP hearing for witnesses to come out?! They apparently don’t like to play by their own rules!! AND, are mere excuses and denials to postpone the inevitable.

    Furthermore, Skepticism of Hunter Biden’s private citizen role with a Ukrainian energy company, does not compare to misconduct(s) by tRUMP in violation to interfere with our elections and only served as defiance for the constitutional Rule of Law’, or any other entity or person, is merely irrelevant and serves no purpose?! AND, that crying Unfair’, only further paints Republicans’ as politically motivated to salvage tRUMP/Right’s credibility’s by sheer desperation to muddy evidentiary facts to the contrary, of the Seventeen (17) witness testimonials who’ve already bore witness to ‘bribery’ actions for personal political gain by this corrupt POTUS!!

    ‘The, Big Problem Republicans’ have with tRUMP’s Impeachment, is they have to argument other than, ‘It’s Unfair’?! Wah ? Life’s unfair.. AND, ‘We want witnesses’ who are irrelevant to the facts of the impeachment inquiry!!

  • The Right’s not presented facts to the contrary to dispel the 17 Witness testimonials, and not on tRUMPS behalf. Either way, Republicans and Democrats would be wise to vote Country over Party!! America is Watching..

  • A valuable lesson for USA and Canada. Don’t give power to leftists. You are witnessing what they’ll do with it. A 3 yr criminal conspiracy to try and frame a sitting President from people from a previous administration and then keep in going in a rogue democrat congress. Look what they tried to do with judge Kavanaugh.
    The prime minister of Canada is trying to circumvent freedom of speech in our charter of rights by going after big tech for not removing hate speech. So who gets to decide what’s hate speech. This is a dangerous path to take. Either we have freedom of speech or we don’t. Stay the hell out it.

  • Christian Jensen says:

    Up and down vote in the House, tomorrow. I promise two weeks of debate are not going to change one vote it will be straight down party lines (D). Send it to the senate for an up and down vote Friday, straight down party lines again (R). End of story!! Quit this dog and pony show!

  • Congressman Collins is not a good speaker . Instead of putting him on wittiness stand . Mr. Gaetz is much suitable to fight the Democrats. ?

  • Reps lawbreakers; does that make sense? Not only are they [Republicans and pres.Trump] continuing to cheat the election as we speak [or: write/read], but they’re also trying to cheat in the trial about the cheating. Remember, the Senate is supposed to be a fair and impartial jury. But both Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary chairman Lindsey Graham have said explicitly their only goal is to end the trail as quickly as possible, call zero witnesses, and take their marching orders directly from the President himself. Graham: “I don’t need any witness at all. I am ready to go. My goal is to end this as soon as possible for the good of the country.”, and “I’m not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here. ” Mr. McConnell: “everything I do during this, I’m coordinating with the White House counsel. There will be no difference between the President’s position and our position as to handle this.”
    These two man are supposed to be (part of) jury, and they’re literally going on TV admitting they’re not going to be impartial. They are going to take their orders from the President, the one who is on trial. Does that make sense?

  • "A Democrat talking about fairness is a joke" AND what about all supoenas which are neglected by WH? what about the formal threat to all WH officials to prevent them from witnessing? What about hiding and obstruction?
    What about the three equal braches of government? What about dictatorship? What about the LAW? Is he above the law?

  • There is in REAL WORLD: "I did nothing wrong"; this said enough. Have you read the transcript? [like pres.Trump urged to] I see a clear QUID PRO QUO. AND even there was no quid pro quo; even the ASKING of foreign "help" in election is CRIME, FORBIDDEN, not allowed, against US-law and against CONSTITUTION, against "the will of founding fathers".
    BUT YOU [REPUBLICANS] DON'T CARE at all about law, you don't care about truth, about accountability, … ? You care about "proces" and "proceding", to COVER UP. Where is you BOLD Whistle to blow?

  • Clear FACT: the whisleblower IS NOT a fraud at all. Are you bending truth or what? Whistleblower is credible (according to DNI); both Trump and Mulveny admitted that fact with rolling cameras. (get over it??)
    A day after the release of the raw redacted transcript, the acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, said that the whistleblower complaint on President Donald Trump‘s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president is “in alignment” with a memo the White House released on the conversation.

  • Biblical confusion of speak as in the days of tower construction in Babylon performed by Mr. Collins [transcript of couple of days ago]. After he is asked “You keep saying that the president was concerned about corruption, but in neither of those phone calls he mention the word, ‘corruption’. Why didn’t the president mention the word corruption and in stead ask the Ukrainian president to investigate the Bidens?” Collins answers: “Well, that’s almost like saying, why don’t you ask – you know, frame your questions differently? He said this is what he wanted looked into. He said, can you, he said, help us as a country because we’re trying to heal. We’ve had – as Mr. Jordan said earlier, and did a great job at it, we had just come off the Mueller hearing, which was – most all of you covered and found to be a total disaster for the impeachment narrative that Democrats have been saying. What we’re simply saying here is, is that the issue was what happened on that call, and then it became all these stories from the whistleblowers about all these things that supposedly happened. And since then, fact witnesses and even hearsay evidence has said, no, that ‘s not what happened.” So Republican’s defence is now: they just throw out a string of random buzzwords as quickly as they can and hope people buy it.

  • Freedom is FREE Thinking says:

    Rep. Doug Collins you have great heart & great thought. Your words have deep & powerful meaning. Your brain is fast thinking, yet if you slow your speech by a one-second your message would be much more powerful. To fast sounds like babbling on. Your clear & precise wording is more powerful.

  • President has the right to ask the Ukraine President to look into the corruption case which happened in Ukraine , and Biden’s son was the one happened to be involved the corruption In their Country .
    DemocRats do not like any Republican President . Not only to Trump . ‼️

  • Seems like another kangaroo court with the chairperson being able to quote all this crap when there's no proof that's what he believes which he should be saying the way the chair person is talking he's got all these facts and this is how it is and that's not true how dare he if he's a chairperson he should not be biased

  • It's not honesty the Democratic chairperson keeps telling the public what he believes that the president did something wrong and that he should be impeached that's not okay he's the chair person should he have the right to repeat and repeat and repeat what he thinks

  • would you get that ugly oily looking slob off of your feed. Why would you hire somebody who looks like he hasn't showered in weeks to schlep soap.

  • Trump and Republicans should start to focus on election security for 2020. If the Democrats are willing to cheat and misinform they aren't above trying to cheat in an election to win.

  • I thought someone said the Supreme Court ruled that the president did nothing wrong bye not getting involved with their shenanigans so how can they call it obstruction of justice when it was such a kangaroo court

  • The United States of America was never so weak as under Trump and Moscow-Mitch. He is your worst President of History and makes your Country to the laughingstock of the World. Greets from Germany.

  • If Demon…crats want to use the power to alter and implement rules to favour their ideas of not liking the President Trump! Then The President will have the right to the house and change laws to put the heads of creeping snakes lower than they ever have gone and stay there forever.

  • Putin is using trump to divide our great nation. So, to all my fellow Americans ; Happy Hanukkah, Happy kwanzaa, Happy Holidays, I LOVE YOU and Merry Christmas ! ??

  • My poor mother was almost in tears this morning, it broke my heart. She was so scared, and asked, are they going to impeach president Trump? Democrats are fear mongering. Its very hard not to hate every single one

  • I do moy support the ranking member assertions on the process of the articles considering that the PRESIDENT blocked all documents and witnesses from testifying. The UKRAINIANS HAD NO CHOICE TO SAY THAT THEY WHERE NOT PRESSURIZED. YET THE WIDESPREAD NEWS REPORTS IN THE UKRAINE SAYS THEY WHERE, LOOK WHAT GIULIANI STATES TODAY. THEY FORCED THE UKRAINE AMERICAN AMBASSADOR OUT.

  • Funny how fox dosent report on trump's charity being charged in federal courts to have to pay millions out becasue they were using chairty money for themselfs and his campain. Trump literaly tried to steal 1.6 million from the veterans for his campain.

  • I think it's time we switch over from a democratic republic to a good ol-fashioned monarchy. Obviously the Trump family are royalty and should be guaranteed leadership from here on out. It's so obvious that Trump is the only person who can truly save America, once we get rid of voting and democrats, etc.

  • Haha when the muller report came out they got big mad and had to come up with more ways to come up with a reason to kick out trump

  • On December 17th, 2019 at approximately 1:06PM EST; Representative Doug Collins of Georgia made a Freudian slip when asked a question by Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma; indicating that he [Collins] was receiving instructions on what to say, via an earpiece.

  • If you know what you are looking for you can see the Democratic plan matches a theory on how to make a person to believe what you want by overwhelming individuals with information true or not causing the psyche to perceive that it must be true and then acceptance. I'd rather be a hayseed than a duped Dem.

  • Robert Shrewsbury says:

    President Trump is the very best President we have had since President Abraham Lincoln and the Far-Left are acting like Jefferson Davis the President of the Southerners and trying to start a civil-war or as much. President Trump is freeing a lot of people (of all races) economically and reducing economic slavery. The Far-Left do not like this economic-freedom for the common people and are working against it for their own selfish purposes, just like the South in the 1800's. Pelosi is more like Jefferson Davis and trying to be President

  • President Trump is a innocent man!! Pillsbury Penguin Nadler, Schitt-for-brains Schiff, KURU Queen Pelosi know that they can't win in 2020!! Democracy has gone too hell!! Honest politician's are far and in-between!!

  • You just know that Republicans are in over their heads by their naked obeisance toward the most corrupt president ever. These people must surely listen to evidence, read newspapers, follow lawyers, opinions, speak to normal people who say that Trump is corrupt.
    Is the reason they are so embarrassingly defending this man is that they are afraid of losing their seats and all the allowances they get which are paid for by the tax payer? OR do they want to get this impeachment over quickly because they know there are far more revelations to come. my bet is on the second reason.

  • Theirs already 5 redudlican senators voting to throw diaper Donnie out. 20 will do it and Jeff Flake says up to 35 would also vote to throw the bum out if it were a closed vote. We'll see???

  • Do u know why Americans r Soo dumb !??. They let their representatives cut millions from education fundings with a smile on their dum faces ! ?

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