Rep. Collins: Adam Schiff’s credibility was ‘completely debunked’


100 thoughts on “Rep. Collins: Adam Schiff’s credibility was ‘completely debunked’”

  • This was not a question that is a legitimate point of order. Why aren't Republicans asking questions that prove the President did no wrong? They don't have a defense. He did not stop them from asking questions to the witnesses. A point of order does not give them the right to ask questions of the speaker. Only to the witness. Republicans not having any questions that would exonerate the President of the allegations but chose to talk about everything but the facts. How can so many be misled, or not care about what this President has done? I like some of the things Trump is trying to do. I don't like other things he is doing. Like any President, I don't look for him to be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But when you are the President of the United States and you don't uphold OUR Constitution, and say right out loud that you are above the Law, and can't even be investigated for a crime committed while in office. I take a pause on that. When I see the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the World due to his position, Intimidating witnesses as they are testifying to Congress. I take a pause on that. When I see my President holding up military assistance to an Allie for his own private benefit. I take a pause on that. I call this Fox State News TV, because they act like every Communist News agency I ever saw. Pushing only the Party line, no matter what. No matter the Constitution getting trashed and the Rule of Law being ignored. Don't be mislead by this obvious to me Communist Media Outlet.

  • William Henderson says:

    How do we stand up and demand the Judiciary committee has Actual hearings and they question Adam Schiff? I would like to know how to do that so I can get everyone I know to demand with me.

  • Adam Schiff is the is the tip of the ice burg of why I left California, would it be a federal
    offense to muster up the VFW And over throw the california corporations by force .

  • This is embaresing now. Sorry butt you better get used to having trump as president. He is gonna have another productive and great 4 years.

  • Schiff made the whole thing up:  there was no whistle-blowing, thus, no whistle-blower.  Can you think of anything else Schiff has made up in the last three years?  Anyone?  Anything?  It's as obvious as the nose on his face.  Why don't the inquisitors, such as Jordan, Nunes, and Ratcliff accuse Schiff of fabrication?  Why does this obvious point not get discussed on MSM, alt-media, you-name-it?  Because they're all getting paid, or expect to be, in one way or another .  This is a tragedy.

  • The IG report needs to be released NOW . What part of NOW don't you fools not understand ? NOW means NOW. Are the Dems holding it up ? Then leak that fact to the public.

  • Given Schiff's gross projections of Coercion and Bribery. Could someone publish Schiff's Ca$h takings whilst in office, and outcomes performed for the largesse. ??

  • Schift face has to much to hide. His conduct is unacceptable and shutting down the RNC proves the case against the Dummy Donks. Take note, the donkey symbol for the DNC defines who they truly are…"JACKASSES"!!!

  • You have to be a complete moron not to see that this is all smoke and mirrors to cover their own corrupt asses for treason! The Democrats are traitors to America and are done in this country! They need to be executed for treason!

  • Schitt better end up in prison after all this, or Americans will need to deal with him some other way. They’ll have to ensure the IG indicts that ph4g for real.

  • Surya M. Bhandari says:

    This type of hearing is Tyrannical! Why can't representatives ask questions freely? If there is nothing to hide, why questions are blocked? Is it free world? ….communism in place?

  • I dont trust the fisa court. There is no precedence to trust it. They have approved practically everything since inception.

    This place is toast. Corrupt congress. Corrupt doj. Corrupt fbi. Corrupt state dept. Corrupt IRS. Corrupt banks. Corrupt courts. Manipulated markets. Fake politicians. Socialist rising. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    …and no one will go to jail.

  • Of course, no mention of the House rules that had already been decided and agreed upon, which republicans well knew before this little publicity stunt:
    "As specified in H. Res. 660, the Chair and Ranking Member may not yield time to other Members during these extended question periods, though either may yield time to Majority and Minority Committee Counsels, respectively."

  • OPINIONS are like ASSES, we ALL have them, but to interject them as “TESTIMONY” is not LAW and in MY opinion is not factual as to the accusations at hand! Stick to the FACTS not how you “FEEL” about ANY root cause of EMOTION!

    I want the “PRESIDENT” remove bc he’s MEAN and removed me from my “POST” after I talked crap about him and everything I’ve been involved in has turned to SH!T, but I should be able to keep collecting a non deserved paycheck. BOOOOHOOOO!

  • Oh Snap! Republicans witness just rat them out. Talk about Backfire. I guess Schiff was right and now fox will have to come up another thing to keep the public from the real story here. LMBO.Good night!

  • """"Its important that people trust the SECRET FISA court."""" You must be insane; I will never trust the Star Chamber! Ever!

  • 529 dislikes
    529 hillary and Bernie supporters who belive made up facts are enough to impeach a president

    What i want to know is what happened to them saying… When Hillary when's just accept it …

    Wellllllllllllll trump won accept it …
    And he will win again

  • Its SO PSYCHOTIC that they're accusing Trump of the very thing Joe Biden bragged about doing at the CFR!…and this is the only channel on all media you can hear about this on. 🤯

  • Noonelikes PatrickReed says:

    Ohhhh you don't like other people's opinions. What Trump did is weird and not how we want foreign policy to continue

  • Schiff is acting like a dictator. If he refuses to allow other Committee members to speak they should talk over him. Make him suspend the hearing.

  • All congressional hearings and all processes, meetings, conventions, etc are ALWAYS run in accordance with Robert's rules of order. In Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), a point of order may be raised if the rules appear to have been broken. This may interrupt a speaker during debate, or anything else if the breach of the rules warrants it.
    The point is resolved before business continues.

  • Could perks for DC bureaucrats have included visits to an island where rich pervs go? and Epstein parties? and that's why they risk careers and reputations to cover it all? Could that explain the venom? I realized E probably didn't get that rich with services only to the super rich….. Maybe there's a lot more guests than we can imagine…

  • Since when does Schiff qualify to be a judge… a jury…a prosecutor…. a defence lawyer.. and a plaintiff …and a witness …??

  • The people aren't buying it. Shift is a cad ,corrupt nerd. Spoiled little boy that didn't get his puppy. Quit crying and go to your room. You are grounded untill which time you rd tenure is up.

  • What the hell are you guys doing about this one sided conversation?! Schiff is completely out of order but remains the key person directing this inquiry. This is insane! He lied about the transcript and continues to push his narrative!! This is criminal.

  • Demorats are the pitty party , of losers!
    When will they ever learn to just work together? instead trying and dreaming up ways to make false lies and false problems, they are only making Trump stronger that's why I am a recovering Democrat myself, I will vote for Trump !
    I left this lunatic Democrat socialist party.

  • This is absolutely Priceless how many people remembers when you were in elementary school the teacher would line all the children up in the classroom and she would whisper in the first child ear a story and by the time it got to the end of the line the story had completely changed? So how in the hell is hearsay Sometimes the best evidence? Can you imagine how the story changed Through the Grapevine of hearsay? I'll have to remember this the next time I have to go to court. Again this is cause and reason to drug test these idiots that are sitting in the Senate seats

  • This whole thing makes me sick at my stomach! There is no such thing as justice anymore. Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Jerry Nadler need to be physically removed from office. I want to see the DOJ charge each of them with treason, corruption, fraud, felony, tampering of evidence, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to overthrow our government! I would love to see Federal Marshals walk in the building and arrest them right there on the spot! I would;d love to see that happen live "Breaking News""! However, nothing will ever happen to them. Bill and Hillary Clinton were guilty of criminal activity, and they are still walking free. The Democrats are nothing more than political mobsters aka D.C. crime families! Corrupt politicians need to made examples of by the justice system and shown that no one is above the law! AG Barr needs to issue warrants and arrests need to be made along with prosecution that leads to convictions and harsh prison sentences, and civil asset forfeiture and seize all their bank accounts, property, and strip them of any entitlements. Then justice would be served! What Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Jerry Nadler has done is robbed American tax payers blind by wasting OUR tax money on trying to impeach our President. Our tax money is suppose to help the government with certain programs, not be used for a freak show. They need to be forced to refund every tax dollar spent on these attempts to impeach the President, back to the American tax payers. President Trump has exposed the swamp, now it's time to clean house!

  • Demonrats 👹 should all be fired for not doing what the American People has Voted for them to do, their job. Demonrats are just obstructing and harassing this President Donald J Trump.

  • Shifft reminds me of my college friends that did cocain or meth or crack in college how are his eyes so wide open with the spotlight s in his eyes if he isn’t on drugs

  • Does anyone find Swalwell credible after that FART on live tv?!?  lolol  I honestly cannot look at him without thinking… your defense is it was a coffee cup?



  • Want a massive tax return on fake Russia and Ukraine BS. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr Johnson Hungwell says:

    Schiff should be arrested for obstruction of justice he never produced that proof of Russian collusion he swore he had .

  • Hmmm, so if a President sacking an Ambassador is an impeachable offense, why wasn't Obozo impeached after he sacked SCORES of ambassadors????

  • "the boy who cried wolf"
    i don't think the democrats realize that all of these failures are just exposing them for what they are.

  • Shiff is a domestic enemy. Who appointed any kind of power to such a person? He’s filled with the same hateful lunacy as Hillary Clinton. He’s detached from reality and oppressive to others. Especially those who still have a connection to reality. Nothing this man does benefits Americans. Maybe politicians and lobbyists profit under Shiffs reign of terror (of the shrew variety which is nothing to be actually afraid of unless we do the wrong thing and keep him in position).

    This attack against our president is an attack against all American people. It’s an attempt to save the plan to enslave us all. They can only win if selfish egos continue to blind the foolishly self brainwashed into fighting their own best interests.

  • Adam Schiff needs to be thrown out of office. Or a bullet whichever is quicker. Trump will be reelected in 2020 no matter what the Left Wing Nutjobs do. They are just wasting their time and terribly hurting their party.

  • The democrats ignore the law and there is no one to enforce it on them. And its quite ironic that the criminals are trying to convict the innocent

  • None of this will be settled until this meets fully in the third branch of government this is where this will be settled. This is nothing but political theater and a poor drama at that!

  • It almost looks like Adam Schiffs nose and cheeks are moving in to assist his liver, in filtering out the impurities in the booze he's pouring down his gullet. I'm just guessing, as I don't know Adam Schiff, nor do I want to know him anymore than he wants to know me. I do know he babbles on like an idiot in a nuthouse, who imagines he a Congressman. It's not real, is it? I'm just having a nightmare, aren't I?

  • Psychological Operations/Warfare, control the narrative to win the minds and hearts of the populace in support of your agenda, which is exactly what the Democrats have been and still doing to unconstitutionally impeach the President.

  • Oh… we're back on the FISA issue. How many times you gonna beat this Dead Horse! Let's have another Binghazi hearing while we're at it!😊 Trump's buddy Netanyahu received 3 indictments for corruption today. Now… he wants to "investigate the investigators"! Maybe Billy Barr will go over to Israel and help him out. Why not.. hes been to Spain and Italy on our nickel!

  • Many fail to see what's the most important , to understand, why all this is happening at all.
    Take a good deep look at Schiff, his eyes.
    Do you realize this guy is actually possessed by an entity?
    Can you see it? Can you see this is not really a normal human, that there is something very alive, AND NOT A HUMAN, behind all his actions?
    Take a better look at his eyes, look again, you will see there is an entity this man is possessed with.
    Clearly a demon on a mission.
    If you know anything about the invisible world, you won't miss it

  • Schiff is a lying sacoshitt who needs to be investigated, prosecuted and imprisoned.

    These impeachment hearings were a total sham that revealed NO GUILT on Pres Trump's part.

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