Rep. Cicilline previews next steps in Dems’ impeachment inquiry


100 thoughts on “Rep. Cicilline previews next steps in Dems’ impeachment inquiry”

  • I don't always agree with President Trump. But I will give credit where credit is due.
    At the Christmas Tree lighting.
    At least he gave acknowledgement the the Cross and saying Merry Christmas.

  • Catholic Firefighter says:

    It's great we don't live in a Socialist society like the Commies/Nazi's had. We can turn off FOX when they stray, and tune back in when Hannity/others are on.

  • Formally Informal says:

    5:10 excellent point by Wallace.
    As a civil libertarian this concerns me greatly. The DOJ is being used as a political weapon by each party, and l am afraid this will never end.

  • WOW! 8 minutes and 41 seconds……..and the only thing that video clip proves is that the Democrat's are STILL batshit crazy.

  • Oh I can't wait. Schiff opened a can of worms the rest of the Democrats are going to live to regret. As the old saying goes, "Don't Poke the Sleeping Bear!" Schiff not only poked it but he kicked it!

  • Another hard ball interview by Wallace. I love how he vigorously challenged the hair brained assertions of the quack from the important state of RI

  • I respect Chris Wallace! This was an honest and fair interview. 2) I don't see any reason not to use all the evidence from the Mueller report. We did pay for it! 3) I am glad to know about the phone records with Rudy. Nunes is involved in the cover up. Nunes should resign and stop suing everyone with ridiculous "slap suits". 4) If the GOP did not stone wall, we would not need to subpoena phone records. But I don't mind if it is done to both sides either.

  • Collins skating around the facts sounds mr collins but even if he dont get impeached and i dont expect one you cant change the fact that the feds have been on to him for along time and there coming. This hearing is a joke only becuse you Republicans are doing everything under the sun to avoid the truth and you cant. And you cant avoid the feds when they come for you either

  • The facts are right there. But i dont exspect an impeachment alot of people dont. But his problems are far from over even if they dont get rid of him

  • If for some dumb reason he does get re elected your gonna see a horror show in this country thats the word. But id doubt very much he'll get in again.

  • Richard Willette says:

    Someone needs to tell Chris Wallace that Fox works for Trump and is supposed to be an echo chamber. Tow the line Chris or go to CNN

  • Joe Squillacioti says:

    Why does Wallace allow this guy to just LIE! Just because you repeat a lie over and over doesn't make them all of a sudden become true!

  • What evidence? all the hearsay. If you're going to look at all the evidence you need to look at Biden, Schiff the whistleblower.

  • The Republican's rhetoric makes me sick. They can't prove Donald Trump innocent (because he isn't) so they spew all this b.s. doubt because all they can do is show doubt in the facts because the truth is damning to the ENTIRE Republican party. So far I'm 4 years into never visiting the states and my life has never been better. Stay away from that twilight zone of a country.

  • Anyway im done with it i dont exspect a impeachment at all its all to corrupt. But its gonna hit the fan little bit down the road all these sxumbags are done

  • Yea he can and did fire Muller becuse Muller was on to him and all them cocksmokers hes fired everyone who found out about his crimes that right there proves guilt beyond a reason of a doubt

  • How dare Pres Trump challenge the absolute supremacy and infallibility of the Democratic Party! Who does this interloper think that he is. He spoiled the coronation of their queen. Holding the highest office is her divine right. The peasant masses must be controlled and when they dare to get out of line, they must be punished and subjugated! Thine rulers have spoken. The US literally fought two wars about this.

  • The Dems are looking for the exit ramp. They are just learning that what Nunes stated about his phone records being subpoenaed secretly by Schiff and the testimony by Turley of them, the Dems going to court would be for " Their Abuse of Power"…was telling that Schiff and Pelosi have over stepped in a big way. This is going no where…maybe not even to the Senate .

  • I don’t inherently agree with obtaining phone records like that. I suppose there might be a case by case exception.. but its bad, it feels wrong. Soliciting a foreign power to interfere directly or indirectly in our elections feels pretty wrong too. This is a serious issue… and both sides are too busy spewing hatred at each other to make an informed ration decision. All the while Putin conducts an “interrogation” in a Russian torture chamber somewhere with a smile on his face.. secure in knowing the fact that he successfully interfered in the 2016 election,, and joyfully optimistic thats he’s on the verge of pulling it off again. I know better than to think I can have s serious dialogue in a fox news , or cnn Comment section. So I’ll leave it at that. Tc✌️

  • Wallace and Ciccarelli. What a thankless and worthless notion. "Yeah, we'll take our time and look carefully at the evidence. But everyone knows he's broken every law in the book." Listen to the Ciccarelli. Quoting the founding fathers n such. Please. God this is more than incomprehensible.

  • Look Trump is such a crook. Who cares about phone records being released. What's important is who they were talking to. This in the name of freedom and democracy and it's the people who vote for president that decide.
    Did I hear that guy right? Wow.

  • I will tell you what is “over the line”. When the president of the most powerful country in the world demeans the position and pathetically name calls and bullies any person that has a different view to his own. What a tragedy that a president displays such malicious behaviour. He is seriously out of control.

  • Liwanag Bautista says:

    Hey wallace, where is the proof? Show us the proof……we all know you are for impeachment and think the socialist demonrats are right and your preferred group. Show me the evidence!!!! Wallace, did you hear any evidence of collusion? Wallace, the President was under investigation for 2 years and they ones that HATE TRUMP JUST LIKE YOU FOUND N O T H I N G!!!! YOU NEED TO MOVE ON, GO WORK AT cnn!!!

  • Trump did the job that ppl who've never voted Republican voted for him wanted ..shake up the white house so the nation would take politics seriously…

  • Я приветствую вас, мой друг, за службу нашему великому лидеру: Путину.

  • Fox News what are you doing now? – The Communist Socialist Plantation Party already has CNN for their mouthpiece – Are you now giving all the liars airtime too? Don't give these snakes any airtime. Especially when they are busy trying to commit an election coup against majority citizens of America.

  • The Dems are going to start rigging the elections again when the impeachment nonsense fails. Even though in 2016, it helped them nothing.

  • Trump’s latest tweet came just hours after Fox News anchor Chris Wallace interviewed Cicilline, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, who said that the House had seen "a classic example of an impeachable offense,".

    Is Briben's quid pro quo and deliberately getting people fired just for doing their jobs well, okay?

  • TheBestMovieAlive says:

    Lol @ the people in comments insulting Chris Wallace, who might be the only honest journalist left on Fox after Shephard Smith left. I guess you hate him because he sees the facts and concluded that Trump did something wrong and should be impeached. If a democratic president did what Trump did, everyone would be demanding they get impeached. Republicans are such hypocrites.

  • I note that all comments on Rhode Island Democrat Congressman are TURNED OFF on PBS elsewhere . We are are very familiar with Cicilline 's " Mafia democracy " in Rhode Island . So reassuring that he now defends " OUR democracy " against a president completely lacking in his high moral standards. His dime store PROSECUTOR tirades and slanders on Trump are all brainless bombast . But sleazy Cicilline is being puffed up by a corrupt and desperate mainstream news media. Do they want civil war in the United States ? Whose side will the NRA gun lobby favor ?
    As an ON THE LEFT lifelong democratic socialist I can only deplore this Kafkaesque trial of a LEGITIMATE president of the United States Donald Trump. For three long years Cicilline's Democrat Party have promoted the HATE TRUMP, HATE RUSSIA , New McCarthyism. Enough is enough !
    How many here in Rhode Island – still LIBERAL and PROGRESSIVE or SOCIALIST- would agree with me that Trump is now ironically the LESSER EVIL candidate in the 2020 election ?

  • Vote the corrupt swamp king and his corrupt band of officials and family members out of the "palace" (OUR White House) in 2020 if the blind and deaf GOP congresspeople won't do what their oath demands.

  • This guy is a snake. Listen to his voice and watch his body language. If he wasn't in Congress his next career definitely a peeping stalking Tom. Dems load up with pathetic real creeps

  • I had my back turned today watching the impeachment hearing,, I thought it was a woman or a transgender speaking. but it was Cicilline.

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