Renegades React to... Internet Historian - The Failure of Dashcon

Renegades React to… Internet Historian – The Failure of Dashcon

what's up ruining a nation before we begin the video I'd like to give a big shout out to our most recent patreon supporters Daniel wrote an Apache overlord Alec eccentric Tex no Rosslyn Guard and John thank you all so much for your support and if you want to support us on patreon feel free to check out the link down below to find out more thanks I just read the title hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to yet another episode of renegades react and internet historian seems to be someone who is on our to-do list especially when it comes to some of the videos on here including the failure of dashed on the world's first tumblr convention what you heard is what mike had just read and Micah cringed very hard from it look here you would shows up to that like if you'd be surprised I mean I feel like the whole point of an online message board is like you don't like you just it's out there and instantly accessible you don't have to go outside yeah well I know about – Kahn I've looked into – Kahn there was actually a big investigation into it because of certain things which you'll find out about but you'll be very a firm ated with a certain phrase jump in the pit you'll understand whenever it happens now what do you think a convention based off of somewhere we go I think the vendors would show up with absolutely nothing because they'd be afraid someone would get offended by something that they brought well I feel like you have to like limit it to like you know the different tracks will be dedicated to like the different message boards or like really popular I mean I guess right so it's like because if you have like a 4chan board you'd have to have one for like the weirdos that are on random but then there'd be like a political board and then like video games people share stuff oh well that's that's horrible then like obviously it would fail like well I guess well people keep asking us to watch more internet historian and why the hell not I mean I I've always enjoyed the stuff by by him so oh let's see here and uh good god let's see the failure of – cone the amount of 2013 a group of tumblr users come up with a brilliant idea – calm a convention specifically for and by tumblr users this is their story – calm face with the Renaissance Marriott in Chicago only $65 for the weekend epic panel lineup welcome to night Vale reading LGBTQ pip2 gets a a+ massive walton steam powered giraffe live show the biggest street faves and friendly means you better expect 5,000 people we'll see you there woosh here comes Friday and a big fat serving of reality about 500 people show up at 9:00 a.m. nothing scheduled until 1:00 p.m. so people just wait around for the next four hours out steam powered raw canceled months ago sorry it's no refunds oh well here have the games room one TV one console perfect for up to 7,000 people here's that ball pit you were looking forward to overall it's a pretty fucking slow day ok so you dressed up as the Batman movie shooter what made you choose this costume let me you decide to dress up as the Prime Minister of Israel to this convention the venue hasn't even been paid the hotel wants it immediately all the doors will be shot and the convention is over what are you kidding me like people like at this point are actually giving money put your damn fingers down here nerds but they raised the money and the con continued are you serious Saturday tables selling anything because their customers just donated all of their cash tumblers turn on the convention completely bank account money donate to PayPal they call that on a scam and try to have certain events shut down marquel stop a gay Hispanic panelist it's in a threats because they think he's of straight white male is misappropriation to gay for profit Pacific Rim has illegally played to an audience of 100 tumblr sins tweets to Deltora to get them in trouble the dr. Horrible's sing-along blog the sing-along is cancelled due to copyright concerns then the main event as long as we get to see live reading from welcome tonight a little all be okay while everyone is still sitting in that room waiting for the show start they changed the rules on the website so that there were no refunds but don't worry there's a silver lining everyone who paid extra to see welcome to night Vale is entitled to a three extra hour and the [Laughter] by the early afternoon the vendors pack up and leave some shitty panels happened it was again they don't have any cash they're giving out free hotel mints as prizes the teenage unpaid helpers who are promised free meals aren't given anything in go hungry there's a full-on organizer meltdown and tumblr finds out the main artwork used for the convention is in fact stolen copyright material by the evening the unthinkable happens the ball pit starts to deflate and someone pisses in it o Sunday the ball pit is taken away also tumblr finds out the random acts of charity that – on claims to be partnered with isn't in fact partnered at all which means by the way they've just been pocketing money the organizers host an official apology pen No yeah I blame somebody otherwise it's all my fault and it's all your fault 1:00 p.m. this is – gone there has been many rumors online that the whole thing was an alpha males damn so I did some detective work to see whether it was true I think what I found proof that even if the staff didn't sit out they did opportunistically steal and lie but prepare for some high-quality autism – Conte had written agreement to pay $40,000 bust some change to the Renaissance at Hotel Marriott they paid $20,000 before the thing began so they had a balance of 20,000 still remaining they told the hotel that five to seven thousand people would be attending and could they please pay as the door sales came in as financially risky moved the Marriott agreed verbally but not in writing on the first day the hotel sees at most one thousand people they know that – console sales are fucked so they enforce a media payment as per their written contract – con does not have the funds and here's where it gets interesting – con claims they only have three thousand dollars in cash so at 9:00 p.m. – staff everyone into one room too big for the remaining 17,000 list – a head count 33 129 120 maybe another 33 here in cases are people on the mountain and will add 10% to be generous it's unlikely that there are more than 350 people in this room now we know they really that's pretty cool did you do it we did it really what they received donations by paypal and cash but only a small fraction in cash let's be generous and say one tenth of the room at most you can see people donating in the footage in is probably much less so even if each cash donor is giving 20 bucks which again generous that's only seven hundred dollars total therefore the other 16,000 or so is in electronic payments now let's look at this leaked list of transactions hold on they made most of their payment in cash almost twelve thousand dollars but they only could have got 700 from the donors and they only had three thousand in cash so where did the rest of it come from its door sales revenue not donations meaning they lied about only having three thousand dollars in the first place they actually had at least ten thousand now O'Hara the transactions that come from the PayPal MasterCard let's take that from the total owed and what we get is the following in a best-case scenario of the donated seventeen thousand dollars at most they spent less than seven thousand dollars keeping the place open they spent over two thousand dollars on themselves in their own accommodation and the remaining nine thousand dollars also they pocketed also their liars people here delusional delusional [Applause] but there's one last thing I want to touch on as part of the merchandising an official – con DVD is listed and it's possible that a copy exists out there somewhere and I need to find it so I want to put a hundred dollar bounty out for anyone who might have a company it doesn't need to be the physical DVD just a copy of the file itself the hunt is on Wow that was super cringy oh god the cringe oh boy tumblr a lot of people that know or what you would consider tumblr rights seem to have this opinion of themselves that they're just more intelligent than everyone else yes so did those yeah these dumb motherfuckers go on fell for this shit yes were the people that put on the event actually officially associated with the company that owns tumblr or were these really same famous tumblr people use their influence to get people to come yes the first one no they are not associate – con there's a reason why they didn't call it like tumble controi work on is because tumblr the people who actually own the company were like no we don't want to associate with convention it's not officially ours oh yeah I feel like they would have to operate it as like a utility where everyone can use it but that way they're not liable for what's actually said on it yes as opposed like a publisher were then they're curating the content you know which would be impossible yes which that's why YouTube wants to fancy itself as a publisher and treats its and treats its posters like it's a publisher but it's a utility I mean it it is Buddhism but as long as they operate it like that and they can claim you know they're not liable for any of the content on it exactly in which in which which I feel like is a better way to do it that's what phone companies do I mean yeah exactly that's that's that to me that's the best thing to do but for everything that happened at – con I look I'm not gonna pretend I know how it is to run a convention but I've been in the I've been in the room with people who run conventions and everything and the number one thing that is absolutely 100% evident is that money to is that the vent the people who own the venue to them money talks and if you don't have the money for the venue and what are you even doing trying to run a convention anyway was he like the gameroom had like like what was that like Oh a PlayStation PlayStation 3 in one PlayStation 3 and the piano and one TV well that's it Wow that should have been the first clue when you walked in and saw that shit that you're being scamming you need to submit for your refund leave like I feel like they're the version of like the elementary school when they do like the the student elections and like basically the kids just they get up there and they just promise a whole bunch of crazy stuff they can't deliver on but like you vote voted me in is like class president whatever it doesn't matter cuz they're the president and like they don't you know ya don't put snack machines in and all this stuff that like I mean we're did you all have that when you were in school yeah any class elections yeah we had class lecture they just promised ridiculous stuff that like they can't deliver on cuz we're all children but somehow I got like to buy into it I got elected I think it was a fight because they have they had it was first place was president second place is vice president third place was like chief of the house fourth place was secretary it was like Secretary of Defense and stuff like that I was I think Secretary of Defense I got fourth place but it's because I made a lot of the kids laugh and they voted for me like we actually I remember like thinking how ridiculous it was we got a kid like promising like yeah if I get elected I'm gonna like have them install soda machines in the school it's like I'm legalizing everything this is like this and I just love Steve I'm like we're children like you can't like you any money like but this is what this is like the grown-up version of that Suze I mean really it's like oh this is our game room is somebody just you know brings their ps3 from their dorm like yeah it's like dude dude dude we promised people games well how many games do you have on your Playstation 3 it's like think 15 maybe 20 bring it dude bring it Bri we need we need you to have it there so that people can play it and that we can say we have a game room okay all right yeah I feel like hell no I'm not letting a bunch of random people I don't know play oh yeah I I feel like a lot of the footage from that guy he was just like a troll who just went to see what a like dumpster fire was gonna be and he got a lot of good footage I think so I think that's the truth because he can't you know saying the normal stuff that they usually say on tumblr and shit like that you know free Palestine death to Israel you know and all this all that you know it's like oh I I I make it I make I make posts on tumblr this is the thug life I'm like no no it isn't don't you pretend you know what the thug life is I actually saw actually someone I think I was 14 4chan pulled off one of the most ultimate trolls of tumblr ever to be fair tumblr threw the first punch because tumblr what they did was they went on to four champ and in pole and in the random board they just started posting like kitten pictures cute pictures selfies and all that just to try and flood tumblr our flood fortune with a bunch of a with a bunch of cutesy stuff to try and teach 14 lessons you don't teach those guys listen they're bananas for chanting gets it in their mind that you know what let's wreck their shit you you don't get in a poop throwing contest with a chimp like it just well anyway for chanting goes on tumblr and in every single tag they post gore they post porn they post all the nasty shit – – which tumblr has the bright idea hey you know what in order to get all this stuff off the main off the main boards and the tags let's do nothing but post selfies – which 4chan then took all of those selfies spliced the faces out and shopped it in hardcore porn as you do those guys tell my surround they don't they are bananas they're freakin crazy Jesus Christ that's what gets me about about and tumblr they after you know after lighting the fire then decided to play the victim yes be like we have no idea why 4chan is doing this too I'm like because you're all a bunch of twins Mar mean that's like that guy on stage like using all that hyperbole to make it sound like he was about to get rushed by a crowd of 5,000 people and how they save the day it's like no you didn't you were in front of a crowd of at least okay let's be generous and say 500 people were in there let's just be generous he was generous and gave them 350 I mean even more jitters and saying okay there were 500 people in there and even if the numbers were like way off and like each of those people walking out gave $100 it still doesn't like change those numbers enough like that was that was totally like massively from door sales and they were lying about what they had yes yeah they were just trying to get more money that's it that is messed up you should be ashamed of yourselves – Con in which – code is dead and it's never happening again I mean good like I can't believe they got on that panel and had the audacity to say they were gonna try again the next year I mean right goes to show you man I mean they the it's just the air of confidence they have about themselves you know it's just like we're in the right here we're intellectually better than everybody else I'm like no you're not you're not intellectually better than me you're not even Intel actually better than a freaking dormouse I mean you're just another individual who's spouting pop cultural references and watch his Sherlock too much and things and you think that Benedict Cumberbatch is actually a ninja he's a great actor but he's not a ninja I'm sorry there's people on there who were convinced like fully convinced that you know that that Benedict Cumberbatch is is a god – which I'm just like no he's just Benedict Cumberbatch the man's a talented actor but not a god yeah YUM I was kind of surprised I didn't hear about this but I'm I'm not really mad I missed it because this I I'd be afraid to go to a convention like this no you're wrong I love the conventions I go to I mean I've had fun at every convention I've gone to I mean I don't know that one guy sound like Hughes had a pretty amusing time walking around and talking to people Julie oh yeah I bet he was like I'm sure he had a great time with it yeah but if I were a vendor like if someone asked me to be a vendor there they were just like yeah come on in well we'll give you a free table and you all can sell your wares and everything Drive all the way up there sell nothing and I'm eternally disappointed by the shit that they have going on there and I had to drive all the way back I'm like nah I yeah I'd be pissed I'd be super pissed man in compensation of some sort yeah as they say on tumblr how dare you make my gay eyes watch that watch that straight shit they litter that was literally somewhat somewhat actually I loved going on watching tumblr eat it set like devour itself when Samurai Jack the last season Samurai Jack happened and Jack and I she kissed they were tumblr lost it shit why blur was just like how dare you Jack he's a frigging is it a sexual male he's not supposed to have a romantic interest and I'm like how dare you think you can decide what someone else is allowed to do with their characters right actually actually someone someone actually did you know that annoying clap thing like every time they say a word they do the clap yeah emote to it like in other words the most annoying thing in the whole fucking world yeah someone did that other thing that immediately makes me take you zero percent seriously well someone did that someone did that on the talking to you like you're the dog look like yeah someone did that on the board they were just like Samurai Jack is not it is is a sexual leave him alone to which someone went down below and said make your own series you entitled little fuck yep to which yeah that's the truth like all these people out there yelling make it gay you cowards make your own damn series you fucking entitled little asshole guess what not everything has to be gay hell even George Takei said that George Takei one of the gayest men on the planet who he himself said it said actually I can't repeat that because I'm afraid this video will get banned but he said some pretty he said some pretty messed up shit we're gonna give me shit too because they're gonna be like we're gonna talk about gay we're talk about asexual but not everything has to be not insists whatever your whatever your deal is yeah if you want it write it yourself I mean it there it'll have the right to write their characters the way they fucking want do and you have the right to it's too much it's too much work they just want people to pander to them whatever yes and it's it's as the old set as the old story goes you give a mouse a cookie he's gonna want a glass of milk you paying her to the you pander to the idiots like this and they're going to only ask for more you cannot pander to that's just like Scarlett Johansen Scarlett Johansson the other day I thought was actually going you're like stand up to all the bullshit that people forced on her because you know she played the major in ghosts in a shell which I thought she was actually one of the best parts of the film but and she I think she looked a lot like Mikoto what's the actual dude that wrote the series came out and said that he did never intended for major to be like of Japanese descent or anything yeah you know a lot of anime like they're intentionally made to look you know like different cultures like yeah some emergere I mean because I think like the one guy the lot oh yeah he's specifically Japanese like I mean he looks he doesn't he yeah well yeah Bato is Japanese but he's tall he's like very very big tall white got blunt platinum blonde hair and I'm just and the guy that got to play him final aspect did really good as well and and everyone and everyone chiming in trying to you a benefit from the outrage like Jimmy Wang look Jimmy I thought you were funny in video game high school shut the fuck up yeah this is why I've said if I ever make any kind of fictional series pretty much I'm actually going to not disclose the sexuality of any of my characters and if anybody asks they're all gonna be asexual yeah it's gonna be like none of them have any interest and fucking anybody yeah why cuz it doesn't fucking matter to the story they don't if it doesn't matter the story yeah well that's that's actually the thing that about the story I've written sorry ever written no the characters really have any anything like that I don't want lots are boring and overdone any well some of them are some of them are some of them are actually pretty interesting but yeah I get what you're saying they're sometimes overdone to death and it can get very annoying they're just shoehorned into fucking everything – it's just for no fucking reason like what was it we watched recently where I was like just fucking met them like an hour and a half ago why are you making out well that's that's true to humanity though people shoehorn romance into their lives whether it benefits them or not this is true this is very true that humans are in fact just animals we are we are compelled to breed sexy dirty animals you know so what's gonna isolate you saying that that's now going to be like one of their ring bring it on it's not gonna be any of the asexual we can put that on a shirt – and just Michael being like waving his hair up from that patreon intro doing the face and just be like Dirty Sexy animal yes of course yeah with the the CEO of random industries from IT Crowd popped into my head when they were doing the calendar you know and he's like you've got to make it sexy sexy sexy and then there's all the nerds or the IT department they photographed it so they're like they're panicking yeah does he train home because he kept like saying like he kept going doing like the sexy sexy sexy thing like throughout the episode they're just like oh no he's crude yeah we messed up God all right well we're gonna get out of here before – cun melts our brains any further we hope that you enjoyed this if you want to see more from Internet historian there's a link in the description down below we'll take you to the original video the guy has a lot of videos a lot of different stuff and yeah if you want to see us watch more internet historian and decipher all the shit that he brings up feel free to let us know the comment section down below or on our on our discord where we have a request channel and we are more likely to see it there and take the requests more seriously there so again thank you so much for tuning in until next time I'm Nate Micah okay I'll see you in the next and everybody peace out


29 thoughts on “Renegades React to… Internet Historian – The Failure of Dashcon”

  • Renegade Media Group. You guys should watch the youtube series tales from the internet. Its similar to the internet historian but he goes more underground. Recommendation the silent hill circumcision theory. It sounds messed up but its really funny and not as bad as you might think. Also if you see this comment i just want to say o love videos.

  • Apparently the ball pool wasn't part of the convention, it was just something someone brought with them and let people use out of pity. And someone pissed in it.

  • The Nex Reviews says:

    Oh man this Convention was a failure of amazing proportions. People severely underestimated the idea of planning shit out in advance.

  • The Rogue Admiral says:

    Hey nate, you know that 4chan counter trolling you talked about? Internet Historian did a video on it. Called the tumbler wars.

  • i came for a laughing Micah. instead, i got a cringing, uncomfortable Micah. that was more than what i bargained for.

  • One of the founders of Dashcon, who immediately got pushed out of any ownership status by the eventual owner (who screwed up everything and scammed everyone) is Lochlan O'Neil. She was 15 at the time of the con, and she made a video talking about what happened. She said she was the one who came up with the ideas for it, and claimed it was her fault that any of it even happened, which is commendable, but at the same time she ultimately had no say in what happened. The actual adults running the whole shitshow would rather pretend that everything was out of their hands instead of taking responsibility. Like heck, Lochlan ended up being the one passing over the badges, and not even allowed to go to the toilet. Then she got locked out of her hotel room.

  • all_late_gamer56 says:

    2:46 is when the video starts. Also guys seriously check your equipment after every third video or at least after the first video so the rest of the videos don't end up having an issue. Also take the keyboard away from that man on the left.

  • 4Chan > Tumblr

    Why, you ask?
    Because 4Chan /pol trolled all known news media by creating Pissgate SPECIFICALLY to bait the media. Which they fell for.
    However, conveniently enough, the media thought "yes, pissing sounds logical" but completely negated the parts about the sex dolls.

  • iamnotamouseok says:

    I didn't even know what Tumblr was while this was happening. I have an account now and people speak of DashCon like some kind of horrifying legend. I didnt realize it was that bad, y i k e s

  • Christopher Stead says:

    World first Tumbler convention??? Who the actual FCK thought that would be a good idea???
    after watching the video
    Made by Tumbler users for Tumbler users??? Holy shit, dude. Talk about a massive waist of time and money
    Whoever thought that this would be a good idea should be shot in front of everyone who attended this thing

  • I'm gonna be completely honest here. Yes, there are a lot of fucked up idiots on Tumblr but I don't think it's entirely fair to say that everyone on the platform believes they're intellectually superior or to insult the platform as a whole. I'm a fan of you guys, and I agree with a lot of your points in this video but I think that there are dumbasses like myself on tumblr that just want to have a fun time and interact with people with similar interests to ourselves. Regardless of that, I am genuinely a fan of the channel and have been for a long time 🙂

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