Relationships During Month End || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Relationships During Month End || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

‘May I have your attention, please.’ ‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ So, it is the end of the month. Hi, Goldie!
– ‘Where are you? Did you forget what today is?’ ‘Shit! It is her birthday.’
Happy birthday! ‘I had to remind you it was my birthday.
Where are you? Won’t you meet me today?’ ‘She’d expect that I’d buy her a gift.
But, it is the month end and I’m broke.’ Well, I’m sort of busy today.
Shall we meet tomorrow? ‘But I’m throwing my birthday party today.
How can you not come?’ I’ve to cut her somehow. ‘All your friends will be there today.
But if we meet tomorrow, we’ll have all the privacy.’ ‘No! I want you to attend my party.’
– We’ll hang out tomorrow. Bye! I’m too broke to buy her a gift today.
I’ll buy her one tomorrow when my salary gets credited. Why didn’t you meet me yesterday?
It was birthday! ‘Since my salary
didn’t get credited yesterday.’ I’m glad we met today. Belated happy birthday!
– I don’t want any gift. I only wanted you to spend time with me.
– How do I explain this to her? I had to hussle for this gift. So, I couldn’t meet you.
– I don’t want gifts. You know I don’t like gifts. ‘No, I don’t. Had I known I’d have meet you yesterday.’
You don’t like gifts? Please, accept this gift for my sake.
We’ll hang out the whole day today. Today is not my birthday.
– This is a very special gift just for you. Please, I bought this especially for you. Why didn’t Goldie call me up yet? Where are you? You said we’d meet.
– I’m at home getting ready. Hurry up.
– Sure. Are you not done yet?
– Give me some time. – How much more? I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Jones, how irritating are you?
Anyways, I’ve reached. It is month end. Do I need to go out with her?
But I promised I would. ‘You’ve insufficient balance
to place an out going call.’ All these mobile packs are for 28 days.
How do I manage the last 2 days of the month? I’ll place her a Whatsapp call. Hello, Goldie.. Can you hear me?
– Don’t shout, Jones. I’m coming. I was waiting for your call.
– Cool. Don’t bother calling. I’m here. Let me book a Gola auto.
– Nonsense! I’ll book a cab. I’m not broke. I didn’t mean it like that but why splurge money?
– I’m not splurging. I’m only buying you comforts. Hey! Booked a cab?
– Well.. Well, you were right. We shouldn’t splurge money.
So, I booked a ride with ‘Theeska Po’. ‘Theeska Po’?
– I’ve availed a one plus one offer. First, I’ll take the ride.
Then, you take the free ride. Sir, I’m here.
– There is my ride. OTP, please.
– 2346. Goldie, he’ll drop me
and then he’ll come pick you up. Where is this guy, Jones? I rather walk than wait.
– Ma’am, please hop on. OTP, please.
– 1212. OTP, please
– 2535. Where do we go for lunch?
– Any good budget friendly restaurant. Good restaurant or budget friendly one?
– Can’t a good restaurant be budget friendly? You think I’m some pauper
to take you to a budget friendly place? Park Hyatt might just do the job. What do I order?
– Hurry up! – You do it. We’ll go for this one. It’ll be amazing.
– But isn’t that costly? You think I’m someone
how’d be bothered by its cost? Isn’t the food tasty.
– Oh, yeah! The bill is only Rs. 830.
– Let me pay. – You think I’m poor? We’ll atleast split the bill.
– No! I’ll pay. The PIN is 2636. Won’t you like some tip, bro? What a silly chap.
Let’s go. Man, this place is expensive.
– Let’s go. – Sure. I mean, let’s go in.
– We’ll go somewhere else. Why not?
You said you love this place the last time. Well..
Fine! ‘Everything in here is so damn expensive.
I’ll go for the cheapest item.’ Goldie, how about we order this one?
– Nah! We’ll order what we ordered the last time. Well, let’s try something new this time.
– Alright, if you insist. ‘Not again.
Let’s see if she pays.’ Well, I’m sort of broke as it is the month end.
– It is month end for me too. I’m broke too. Let me see if I’ve any cash on me.
– I’ll see too. We just about have the exact amount needed.
– Thank God! It’d have been so embarrassing. Bro, here you go.
– Can I get some tip, sir? Hey, guys! Whatever might be our salary,
most of us go broke by the time it is the month end. But those few people who don’t,
are really good at money management. I hope you liked this video.
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