Regarding The Awful Etika News

Regarding The Awful Etika News

– So as many of you probably heard by now, the news has spread really
fast because I think a lot of people were
waiting for confirmation. There was a YouTuber by the name of Etika. Even using past tense is new and weird. A YouTuber by the name of Etika who was, they were found dead. It’s been confirmed by police. I just watched, it’s an eight minute video called “I’m sorry” that I
believe was on his channel. At this time it was removed. Other people have re-uploaded it. And I will say, having watched that video, even though I was not
very familiar with him, I couldn’t help but
really hear and understand a good portion of what he was saying. I will say, if you in a vulnerable place, I wouldn’t recommend watching it. It’s kind of messed with my head today. Although that’s not the purpose of this, to make this in any way about me. And then when looking through this story I can’t help but feel
like this was a person who drowned in a crowded
room, you know what I mean? Like, a lot of us are
like that, especially, it’s a super charged
situation when you have people that are on camera or
have large audiences. For a lot of people it can
become very hard to tell the difference between
a cry for attention, someone faking something,
and a cry for help. It feels like more and more
we’re kind of trained to not take things that we see
online as reality or serious. Or there’s a belief
that because someone has a large audience that in some
way they’ll always be okay because how can you
really be in a bad place if you can do a lot of what you want and you’re eating and sleeping well. But, alright, someone having
an audience, that’s just, that’s a spotlight. A spotlight doesn’t hug back. And I wish that there was
something in this video that I could say that
in any way would make anything better right now, in this moment, for the people that are impacted by this. To the greatest degree, to the
slightly disconnected place. But the closest thing I have for that is sending my love, and my
thoughts, and my well wishes to those impacted by this. And of course, a reminder,
everyone’s saying it but it’s really, it really
does need to be talked about that if you seek help, you are not weak. You are deserving of love. If you feel like you need it, redemption for the chance to change,
for the chance to do better. Even though a lot of the
time when you have success, you feel even worse, even
guiltier for feeling horrible. And that can make you feel
ungrateful but we’re all human. The way that I often think about the world is we’re all different kinds
of broken and we all just, we have varying levels
of how well we shield it. So yeah, I guess if there is
a way that I end this it’s if you are someone that needs help, I’m gonna link down to
resources down below. But yeah, this is something
that I wanted to say. It didn’t feel right to include it in The Philip DeFranco Show. It was already done. There was a sponsor. I didn’t wanna make money from this. So yeah, that’s where I’ll it. I love yo faces. I hope you’re well. And… Yeah.


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  • Maritza Pereira says:

    Is so sad ? Rest in Peace lovely soul??…is estrange how social media sometimes helps to show the best of our hearts and another’s times the worst, is like there is no rule that you can follow…sometimes master our own mind is our biggest challenge in life and no one teaches us how to do it in the same way they show us how to learn about technology…I think that in our case our generations has been the guinea pig of this experiment that is social media, discovering each dark problem once at a time…definitely is true that technology advance quickest than any human being can, and sometimes is difficult to catch up with all this by ourselves.. I suppose that education and respect is the base, the new generations will be more aware, they’ll grow up knowing the good and the bad, now is more important than ever to have good communication in our families, no matter what type of family we are, because what the young people is facing right now is far away from what we used to face…

  • Professional Gopnik says:

    I'm still having trouble grasping that any of this is real. This feels like some weird, fever induced nightmare.

  • Anyone reading this, if you’re worried about someone, if you become even slightly concerned about someone being suicidal, don’t see it as a cry for attention, contact other people close to that person to help them together and if you can’t do that and you’re worried you can always get police to do a welfare check.

    Don’t see it as someone else’s problem or not your place, don’t feel bad for publicly discussing mental health concerns, don’t be the person who will wonder ‘what if I..’ for the rest of your life. Even if that person you’re trying to help hates you for it, that will fade when they get to a better place.

  • IceMan EtiCuDi says:

    As far as we know, there is no life after death. My time ends now but if there is a way for me too, I'll send you all as many blessings as I can from the other side??"~~Etika Aka Desmond Amofah

    Hopefully Etika, you have a conciseness somewhere somehow and are watching us from there. I love you EtikaWorldNetwork. Rest in peace or live on in the other side of conciseness if there is something on the other side ?❤️?

  • XxRadioactive MoonXx says:

    What jaystation has done is fucking cruel, i feel so disgusted and upset
    Im disappointed what youtube has come to. Love you etika~

  • Phil in his last video: "Made this channel cause I need a place that Isn't so constanly dark"

    Also Phil: uploads this video

    Yeah, okay…

  • Its strange clicking the "like" button on here for this video. Its a good video and Philip is so good at analysing, comforting, and just helping people, me, us etc – make sense of a horrid situation like this. I wasn't a Atika follower but the news brought up issues regarding bereavement and suicide that are close to me.

    Thank you for this video Philip.

  • Pokemon Go San Diego says:

    I feel really bad for Etika. He felt sorry for his actions but he didn't know how to handle to situation. No one should feel afraid to talk about serious issues. Call 1-800-273-TALK

  • Antoine Wilson says:

    I think the tribute the community gave to Etika is very sad and not enough, I have the feeling of it. Pewdiepie, the father of the community, said nothing yet. Big youtuber influencer said nothing to this, they just tweet my condelescence and thats it. Youtube doesn't care and Nintendo doesn't care, pretty disappointing. The better tribute was by the smash/fighting community with a lot of developpment tweet and video and zero have shown an incredible tribute. Sad that big youtuber doesn't care that much.

  • "A spotlight doesn't hug back". Phil that is a fantastic statement. I don't know if you came up with it, or someone else, but it should be kept in mind.

  • Depression is shit thing to live with, mostly due to many people not knowing how to deal with it that don’t suffer from it. I’ve felt so lost before, even when I’m not, you know? That’s what it does to you.

  • SniperNinja-115 says:

    much love, take care my dudes:))??..

    rest in peace, Desmond, love ya and many others do, too??..damn..we'll miss you, brother, rest easy, we won't forget ya://..infinite love??..

  • people are clowning him every time in his streams. now people are jumping on the rip we will miss you we love you train. people sometimes disgust me so much. there's also this fuckhead posted a video titled something ETIKA OUIJA BOARD CHALLENGE AT 3AM!! (GONE WRONG) from imjaystation like what the fuck man, really?

  • "I wanted to make sure we talked about this" Right, because stories like this only have value when they are fresh… I remember you reacting to Brittany Murphy's death in similar fashion years ago.

  • Lovely video but … for some reason, the title rubbed me the wrong way… maybe it’s just how upsetting this all has been.

  • Etika didn’t have a lot of subs but he still had one of the biggest community’s on YouTube and this news has effected millions of people. Etika was my favourite YouTuber on the platform and YouTube will never be the same without him.

    RIP Etika

  • i dunno why there's so many stupid people out there. IT'S VERY SIMPLE!! JUST don't kill yourself and speak the fck up!! How come some people still can't follow that simple instruction???

  • Raven Phoenix says:

    I identity with how he was feeling. The SOLE reason I'm here is because of my kids. There's nothing else left but them. I fight everyday to make that enough but it gets darker everyday. Please, PLEASE be kind to each other!!

  • You know what makes me really mad? You go to twitter and see his tweets before he died, and LOTS of people calling clown and other shits, making fun of him. You go now and click on those same people profiles and they're all "rip etika" "so sad"


  • Iamasillyboy Yesiam says:

    How many more people have to die at the hands of mental illness before we end the stigma and start reaching out hands to help? When will we start looking at mental illness as an illness not something that should be shamed or faulted in those who suffer? When we will no longer have to hide it like a shameful secret afraid of the world finding out or pretend it is not there because we are tought how bad it is? Because when these question can be answered positively then we can start saving lives and people dont have to die at the hands of their mental illness because they are afraid to admit it to themselves or others and they will seek the help that they need.

  • Loretta Formes says:

    Losing someone to suicide is such a daily struggle. You rack your brain to think if you missed anything….. People need to stop feeling like no one is there to listen.

  • I live on the other coast of the country. There was something to Etika about his authenticity and content that made you feel close to him even never meeting him. I saw the tweet and I really didn’t wanna believe it. I definitely shed some tears cuz I didn’t wanna believe someone that charismatic and great is gone so early. He’s out there with Mr. Iwata now ❤️??

  • I feel heartbroken because I've been watching him since 2014, when he had those fun super smash bros wii u character reveals and it feels horrible losing him. I really didn't want to believe it when I heard what happened.

  • Oh my god, I remember watching his reactions to Undertale and Animal Crossing Switch's reveal. He seemed so funny and energetic, not seeing his reactions anymore is going to be a slow burn.

  • George W. Kush says:

    Give him his grave in front of youtube HQ in a silver casket with the tombstone reading "No b** n*****". Play his song too. Its the only way I can think to repay this man for awesome content that he gave us for years.

  • Chrislovesgames says:

    Think about this. If social media did not exist or people with nothing better to do then to hate on people didn’t exist then etika would still be alive right now being happy. It just hurts everyone so bad that we’re his friends or fans cause they knew etika would never do something like that. We knew that etika was a happy funny positive person and to see that he died just because of some clowns really pisses me off. This could have been prevented easily if lowlifes that have nothing to do with there life’s didn’t have to mess with Etika. Now we have to sit here and accept we will never see etika ever again. Fuck social media and fuck all the low life’s on it. Social media had turned so many people into depression cause of fucking clowns. Rest in piece etika we will be joy con boyz until the day we die.

  • You can see the pain and suffering he was going through in the video… I wished someone saw him and talked to him on the streets or even a fan asking for a photo to change his thoughts…. just somebody… but we’ll never know how he’ll react to it . But sometimes you need family or close friends who are not in this industry to bring you back to reality, internet fans and friends come and go … Rip Etika …? rest easy now

  • Made a video on this topic, it pains me to see people to be sad like this. Hope YouTube restores his videos so people know how he influenced YouTube. R.I.P Etika

  • That’s why actors and comedians kill themselves all the time, they try to make others happy without focusing on themselves. Tragic…

  • The thing that killed me about his "suicide note" video is that he didn't seem to want to kill himself. He talked about all the things that he wished he'd be around to see. He talked about missing Attack on Titan. A person who is sick of the world and wants to die has usually lost all joy for things like that. It seemed like he decided to kill himself because he thought he deserved it. He talked about mistakes he'd made and how friends had warned him against bad decisions, and how it was time for him to pay for all that stuff. It felt like someone with a warrant for their arrest finally going to turn themselves in to the police. Like "I don't really want to, but I've gotta pay my dues". God damn it, it makes me pissed off at the world that someone couldn't get through to him that atoning for mistakes you've made doesn't mean jumping to your death. It's just a fucking shame and a massive tragedy. I feel so bad for him that he felt like he deserved that fate.

  • Etika apartment place or that bridge will be haunted by him in some what way and now i'm curious if his soul is lurking there.

  • Gendum_The_ Great says:

    Honestly I don’t know what could have brought back out of the state he was in in his goodbye video. He seemed so convinced that he needed to die and even thinking about his family didn’t bring him back. That’s so sad

  • -WoF- DarkNewton says:

    I was wondering if I'd know the YouTuber who it was, but I had no idea it'd be so close to home. I was literally just playing Smash… minutes ago. He's always been part of my smaller subcommunity within YouTube. So sad to hear…

  • Ismail KhanOfficial says:

    Finish the next line of the song after after me. “Man try say hes better den me. Tell my man …. “ ?

  • Jillian Torrence says:

    I just found out about this today. I had no idea. Etika was one of my favorite people to watch stream or just watch his stream highlights if I missed a stream. He was another thing that helped me get through my own issues. I stopped paying attention to shit months ago and I didn't realize this would happen. I don't even know what to think or how to feel right now… I don't believe in any afterlife of any sort, but.. I guess at least he isn't in pain anymore.. I mean, I get it. I get how he felt and what was going through his head completely, but.. Damn, man.. I'm just at a loss for words, truly.

  • Lianne O'sullivan says:

    Unfortunately a lot of times people DO seek help, but they don't get it. Twice in the last 18 months I have found myself in a severe mental health crisis, and the help just isn't there. This last time it's turned out that I've been being prescribed medication and "treated" for the wrong mental health problem, because no medical professional took the time to listen until very recently, but unfortunately even after seeing someone who understood I need help, I was told the waiting list will be months. I am so lucky that I have people that help me through these times, as without them if I'd had to rely on getting help from the medical/mental health field, I'd already be just another suicide statistic. What makes it horrifying is my story is not unique but alarmingly common.

  • Does anyone remember when Etika thought he saw a ghost by a gas station? While he was eating a slim Jim out in the middle of nowhere

  • 悲しみDreamy says:

    I'm sorry I can't watch this and I call that stupid number hotline whatever you call it. It doesn't help me at all I tried. And I'm so heartbroken..

  • It’s been 2 weeks since Erika was found. When I watched his video my heart broke. No one is to blame, his pain was so intense he saw no other way out. Being an internet creator/gamer is not easy. I dislike the word irrelevant or cancel. People are not irrelevant or should not be cancelled. To think no one cared/ loved you, to feel that alone is painful. You can hear the pain in his voice. Praying and sending positive thoughts to Erika’s family/friends/viewers.


    Some of us who struggle with issues such as those that Etika dealt with find it nearly impossible to reach out in our times of need. Fears of incredulity, being turned away, being a burden, having someone judging, not being good enough, being deemed as weak or even called a liar scream in our minds. We feel like we cannot reach out or shouldn’t.

    There certainly exists a stigma around mental health issues. Looked down on. Told to “get over it”. And statements of “but aren’t I enough to make you happy?” It is sometimes enough to silence a person and keep the issues hidden. And some of us are quite skilled in faking it till we make it…..or more so until we just crack, break, shatter.

    I withdraw more and more each day from those around me. I haven’t had friends in quite a long time. My family lives next door to me and they no longer wish to speak to me. And I understand why these people didn’t care to be around me anymore. I’ve mostly come to terms with who I am, and who I will never be.

    I’ve always felt I am seemingly the most beautiful gift (not that I am personally anything to look at) at the party. When the paper and bows and ribbons have been removed, I am ultimately the least liked gift. Then tossed aside for something far more wanted.

    It’s a difficult life. Made nearly impossible for those who do not have the access or the income to pay for treatment.

    I seek no sympathy for myself with this post. What I want to impart is that if you see signs of depression, anxiety issues, mental health issues of any kind, please reach out to that person. You may be the one person who cares enough to help. A kind word can truly make a world of difference.

  • Goombaholic Animations says:

    Not about Etika (Rip Etika you won't be forgotten) but isn't this the "Let's just jump into it" guy?

  • It is okay to not be okay. That is the truth. But Western society at large has and will likely continue to reject this truth. Western modern society treats us all like it is very un-okay to not be okay. This is the reason why people are so scared to ask for help. We are very scared to let anyone know if we are not okay because it seems we will be punished for it. We need to repent of this ASAP or humanity will continue to suffer and possibly be irrevocably lost. It is okay to not be okay. We need to accept this if there is any chance to get our world back to a better condition. Wake up! Tell your peers! We can help! It starts with us!

  • “A spotlight doesn’t hug back” ? That is so true. Pain doesn’t discriminate based on subs and views. Watching his video all I wanted to do was give him a hug and let him know it would be okay. May his soul be forgiven by all and Rest In Peace. ❤️

  • Do little things for you and those that care about you, especially when you're unsure you ever knew how. Your eloquence is always appreciated Phil, I'm glad I found this and it means a lot from someone regularly covering major crisis that seem to only worsen. Remember that most of us are hurting somewhere; that we should All feel worthy and capable of healing.

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