awesome BMX here Tuesday July 23rd no summer update but we did get some bonuses and some pretty cool items take a look at that right now hey guys that's right we didn't get any summer update today and we are super bummed we're actually we're a little worried because we didn't get a news while this morning either because the casino update happened in GTA online I was a little worried we're gonna get nothing but lo and behold we know how to wait around here and read a line and we finally got ourselves a news wire and this is what we're gonna go through today daily challenge streak Awards and free roam event rewards plus new twitch pride benefits as they promise for starting this week clothing discounts and more we take a look at the newswire it states wandering the vistas and messes of the frontier is its own reward sure but honest to goodness buried treasure that is a bounty all its own that's right there's first bonus this week already done on all Red Dead online players who reach a 3-day three day daily challenge streak so one daily challenge a day for three straight days will receive a bonus treasure map deadline is the 29th which is Monday so make sure you're getting in there start today if you want three straight days of one daily challenge should be pretty easy you usually there's a daily challenge that is pretty dang easy to do change your horse appearance shave your beard smoke some cigarettes something easy like that to do so three straight days do one daily challenge get yourself a free treasure map that is super awesome free cash and gold right there another big bonus this week and this one's pretty good we haven't seen this kind of stuff in a while last week's was not that great all free roam events will pay out an additional reward this week with 30% extra cash and XP that's awesome so all freedom events that happen every 45 minutes will link our video up here on how to get into those and take advantage of all that every 45 minutes there is a freedom of vent that pops up in Red Dead online if you are not already partaking in some other kind of stranger mission or like that 30% extra cash and xp for participating in those free roam events in addition and we'll be checking this out later tonight to see if you can combine it earn 30% bonus XP on all activities while playing in a temporary or persistent Posse so if you're in a posse temporary or persistent you get 30% bonus XP on everything you do that is super rad stranger missions for your mow events gang hideout clears even showdown should give you 30% bonus xp on all activities and if you don't have a posse yet temporary ones super-easy to start off with your friends get up to 4 people they also state that you get 50% off this week if you want to buy yourself a persistent posse 50% off let you ride with up to 7 players and earn all these extra awesome awesome benefits so make sure you guys are jumping in taking advantage of all that stuff to eat yourself ranked up not seeing too much in here to lead at a summer update at all there I mean there is a deadline of July 29 to get the free bonus treasure map but that's the end of this week anyway which would be the end of the weekly bonuses they're really pushing extra cash and xp this week with 30% for freedom events and 30% for posses so maybe they're trying to get everyone to rank themselves up I know a couple weeks ago there was a push to rank up to get some care packages so maybe that has something to do with the summer update is coming out maybe those rolls that we want to do and partake in you need to be at a certain level or you at a certain level you unlock more of the roll so definitely jump in and take advantage of all these bonuses while they're here this week if you need to jump into a posse we stream on Tuesdays tonight after this video goes up and Friday's always got an awesome pasti up there always ranking up while we're in it helping all our friends out as well as ourselves make sure you guys are doing that get yourself some bonus cash and XP and a free treasure map by doing daily challenges of course a weekly bonus update would not be complete without new clothes that's right so we have a couple new clothes today we've got a couple of brand new ones it looks like or the first one I think is just some colors and then we have some new boots we'll take a look at first we'll take a look at the gibbston pants they're supposed to be two new colors we take a look at them though they don't show us which colors are new and I'm not that familiar with these pants so I don't quite know which ones are new if you guys do when we're doing on the comments which ones are new there is nine in here now so two new would be kind of weird that mean there would seven to start with it's not a weird number you don't see the seven variations of any clothing very often usually it's eight or even a small six or ten but it does say you could slip into a pair of the new Blackburn boots which I believe are brand new they don't say anything on them as new I wish they would give you new when they first add them but I don't think I've ever seen this before because I remember these styles I really like the gold and silver toe that's pretty awesome come in and take a look at those if you haven't seen those we still love our Austin boots of course because you know the name but these boots are pretty cool they got some pretty cool designs come take a look at those for sure they also State for players with more formal engagements to attend they got two new items for us the fanned stovepipe hat this hat is pretty dang awesome there is eight different variations $133 relight the colors it's a nice high stovetop hat it's got a nice band color around it all of them are black but it really makes us stand out and the feathers all change colors as well actually that one has a red one I really like that hat we might pick that one up come check out the fanned stove top hat also the Erwin coat is one coat over here you got to take a look at we can get ourselves over two coats the Erwin coat is limited stock of course it is a nice heavy-duty coat come take a look at that there's ten different variations they all have a sheepskin fur to the collar and the cuffs really stands out quite a lot in a few of the variations come take a look at that we're definitely gonna be picking up at least one I like the black but the black with the snakeskin on the side I don't really quite like that we may we'll pick up the gray I really like not this great the couple of the grays look pretty awesome definitely come take a look at those now onto something big that's right whoa $0 you got that right the Tasman outfit is $0 if you're a twitch prime member so if you guys got all signed up for a twitch Prime member this is one of our first benefits the Tasman outfit and we don't have the other outfitting there's another one here I got it linked up here now the Dan Obi it's a female outfit come take a look at that outfit as well it is also free if you're a female character two free outfits for twitch Prime members thank you Rockstar for the awesome bonus continue it on with our awesome twitch prime benefit bonuses this week we have a new emote we can find it here so how dare you emote is free this week no it's not in this one either I think it's the next one yeah emotions and reactions how dare you emote completely free definitely make sure you come pick that up this week because I think these bonuses are gonna cycle through according to the previous twitch crime news wire we should get bonuses I think I said weekly or definitely monthly and and added discounts weekly as well which we'll get into next year as I stated there's a few new discounts this week as well 25% off a few things a few pamphlets we'll go look out here at offense in a few minutes as well as some gun belts we're going to take a look out here but first our last twitch crime free item if you guys do not have this you definitely want to get over to your gunsmith and pick it up that is right it is a gun it is an awesome gun we already own it unfortunately take a look free Carcano rifle and read that online if you're a twitch Prime member get over here and pick this thing up it's a pretty awesome sniper rifle we use it for fun quite a lot free Carcano rifle for twitch Prime members come take a look at that and as we've stated there's two gun bells that are on sale the Sharpshooter gun belt and studded Explorer gun belt we'll take a look at those right now they are 25% off for everybody and if you have twitch prime you get that extra 10% off all bonuses so it's 35 percent off for twitch Prime members you can see our price here is 35 percent off the studded Explorer gun belt as well as the Sharpshooter gun belt both 25% off for all players 35 percent off if you're a twitch prime member with that extra 10% bonus that's super cool all right as we stated over to the fence there's a few pamphlets that are on sale they include the incendiary buckshot pamphlet small game arrow pamphlet and the potent predator bait pamphlet they are available for everyone in a 25% discount this week and again if you're a twitch Prime member you get that 10% extra bonus so there's 35 percent off take a look we already own the Andheri buckshot pamphlet I believe that's a pretty heavy one up to 850 950 s so with that discount it should be down quite a lot the small game arrow pamphlet as well as the potent predator bait pamphlet I think are right around the 350 maybe even 370 for the predator bait as the herbivore bait one is that price that still is a lot off over a hundred about a $150 off if you have twitch Prime and probably pretty close to $100 off if you have just normal 25% off bonus this week come take a limos pamphlets they're super awesome if you don't have them pick some of those up use those discounts or I yep as we stated no summer update this week but some pretty cool added bonuses for this week so yeah we're waiting for that summer I've to come of course but I guess as a hold us over for other week unfortunately make sure you're getting those challenges done three day three day daily challenge streaks the one challenge a day of gets you a free treasure map this week get that done by Monday getting yourself sinned there and get extra XP on all free roam events as well as extra xp for being in a posse use those extra discounts and get those free items for all those twitch prime pack members out there hey guys if you like this video make sure to smash that like button subscribe the channel for Red Dead online content including tips and tricks' news updates gameplay just good old-fashioned fun hope you see on the prairie sometime but until then see you later [Applause] you



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