Hello everyone welcome to a new tutorial
of Yobanka Art. In this tutorial we will use a bag
of paper, a newspaper and a bottle for Recycle a beautiful bottle!
The first thing I’m going to do is be a limp open the paper bag and take a piece
… make it smooth, and when I have it like that, what I do is pass the iron so that I
It is completely smooth, I cut it and that I’m square or rectangular.
I put white tail and I will hit the top of a newspaper sheet.
I’m going to do this first because that’s how I it will give time to dry while I go
Preparing the bottle I paste the sheet of newspaper and go
to put white tail on the top, to protect it and also on the part of
down .. to make the paper harder and have more body
Once I have it dry, what I’m going to do is to paint it on both sides, above
and below. I will use a gray color of DECOART ..super
beautiful and when I have it painted I let it dry.
I’ve done two pieces just like this one, to make All recycling and decoration of the bottle.
Now I’m going to take a bottle, which is in concrete is orange juice, and is crystal,
… it’s a shame to throw it away because, … it would be best to recycle it, which we cannot
to do is never throw a bottle like this to the trash, because we can always take it out
a wonderful utility, how am I going to do Me in this case.
I’m going to put white tail and I’m going to glue bits of paper that I have cut … and even if it seems
nonsense .. I tried, choose, things .. I mean news, have nice things ..
because although it’s not going to be seen, I don’t want inside my bottle, there are negative messages,
of murders, of robberies .. politics .. nothing of that.
I tried to put bits of art and things nice to put it in my bottle
and have positive energies .. if this is good for something! jjj but well, I
I wanted to do it that way. Once I have the dry bottle, I have done
some paper rolls, and now I’m going to make a braided, very beautiful, and very easy .. I go
to pick up two pieces of the ones I’ve rolled up with newspaper, I cut off the tip so that
stay straight and stick it with white tail. Once I have them attached, I simply go
to cross, a strip for each side. When we are doing the crosses, we will
try to make the fold flush with the strip below and let’s do it by pressing a
fold over another, so that everyone has the Same size.
Once we have it like this what we are going to do is to pull it before hitting the end, and
It will yield, it will open, and there will be a very curious way .. once I have it like this,
I cut the excess and hit the end. I have made 3 pieces of tape of this species
of chain I have made … but before Paste it, I will use one of the rolls
of newspaper, to give it a little of volume at the bottom of the bottle ..
I imagine that most of you know how they are made these paper tubes, … there are simply
than cut a piece of newspaper, so rectangular, and roll it up … for example,
on a wooden skewer .. once what we have rolled up, we flatten it a little
and I paste it in the bottom, in this way I’ve managed to give it a little volume
down .. although this, then, practically It will not be seen.
I try to mold it to the shape of the bottle so that they look just 4 equal stripes. Once I have it stuck, one of the strips
of these that I have done that is like a chain I’m going to pay for it at the top, the
close we can use white glue or silicone hot and leave it reserved, just below
at the bottom where I put the strips of newspaper I hit one of the
tapes I’ve made with this chain This is how the base of the part has been
from below and now that I have it stuck I will take another one of the strips I’m going to close this
once with silicone because with glue the truth is that as the paper pulls, it has a bit of
tension costs another place to endure so it is almost more comfortable to use silicone
but I will also mix it with tail white because if we use only silicone …
I didn’t just convince myself because things they can end up taking off,
once I have it stuck, this piece …. I have stuck in the central part of the bottle
as if it were a circle, I take another of the newspaper strips and I stick it around
to form a frame The bottle is already beginning to change completely,
Now I’m going to hit the top one of the strips I’ve made that I’ve closed that
it is the first one that closed and placed it just in the upper contour once I have it like this
what I’m going to do is paint the, and I’m going to use two colors gray and white first what I do
is to put the color on in this case a piece of cardboard or on any site and I will mix
a little white tail to do two steps in one, paint it and harden a little
more paper on the whole outside of the bottle I put
with the white one but the ribbons and the bottom does not wear white tail then what I do
is to mix it in one step to do it all. I will use, gray throughout the top,
at the bottom and around the frame I’ve put in the center, when I have the
gray placed i will use white to Paint the rest of the bottle.
When I have already painted what touches the color white, whatever you do with the brush with little
painting I mark the reliefs and the parts more superficial than before I had painted
with the gray Now it’s the turn of the flowers, this
paper that I did at the beginning that I pasted the newspaper on the paper bag, I’m going to use it
to make flowers and leaves with which I go to decorate the bottle, what I do is draw
the shape of a good petal I make five petals for each flower, … once I have them drawn
I cut them out. In total I have cut 15 petals, because I am going
To make three flowers. When i have the petals cut in addition to those five petals to
a circular shape, a small circumference, in which I will put the petals and use
a wooden stick, a skewer … or what whatever … or something that is finite, the part
from behind a brush, to round a bit the tip of the petals and then when
I have them rounded close the bottom. To paste the petals I will use silicone
hot because with the white tail it would cost a little bit that will hold in place
I will place the five petals well distributed On the circumference that I have cut.
In the central part of the flowers I am going to squirt hot silicone and when
it’s still hot I’m going to use some decorative stones to put in the center,
we can also use stones to fill the fish tanks that are very small, or also
we can use sand, or we can use sawdust or sawdust.
The flower is already finished, as you can see it remains beautiful, in addition to this flower I have made two
more … in total 3 exactly the same, and I’ve also made one that is like half a flower
only, with four petals And now to finish my floral composition,
I need to make some little leaves. I shape the paper, With this form that
are you watching and then helped me with a crochet with a crochet hook …
to close it a little and have a little More leaf shape. The paper to have
stuck on the other paper of having put the white tail is hard enough to
Let them endure the form without problem. Now I’m going to take another piece of paper and I’m going
to put enough … a little silicone hot to see not a little … quite
but well distributed When it’s still hot I’m going to catch
the little leaves and I’m going to beat them big to smaller towards the front
and I’m making a composition that is pretty and this is going to do right behind
flowers. When the silicone has cooled I will use
the scissors to trim the excess paper what’s on the bottom and don’t see
behind the leaves, because it would remain ugly.
Then I will try to trim it as much adjusted possible, only that it remains
what is the union of that paper with the leaves because that little piece that is left behind I don’t know
going to see. when the silicone has cooled I will use
the scissors to trim the excess paper what’s on the bottom and don’t see
behind the leaves because it would be very ugly then i will try to trim it
as tight as possible only to remain what is the union of that paper with the leaves
because that little piece that is left behind I don’t know going to see.
Now I’m going to start pasting the flowers and the leaves that I have made, I will start with the part
upper left hitting one of the groups of leaves … I’ve done several.
And I’m going to start pasting the flowers I’m going to use, Both hot silicone and white glue
.. hot silicone will help me to leave things in place and don’t move and
I find the job easier, but then I will use white glue, to fix it ..
where I see that there are points where they touch the flower with the bottom I put a little
white-tailed, and I will do the same until Paste the pieces that I have prepared. At the bottom between the chain is
what have I done with newspaper, and the strips that I have pasted ….. on the strips that I have glued,
I’m going to glue a piece of lace so that It was a piece I just looked pretty
And now I will do ….. once pasted all the pieces, so far I have hit are you, then
I will paste some more I will make the plug of the bottle and I will use newspaper
as I’ve been doing so far, I’m going to make a ball that has a little way of
pear, with the tip a bit exaggerated Once I have the ball done I will use
another piece of paper to line this ball and that is taking a little consistency. To reinforce the form it has and so that
It doesn’t move, I’m going to fix it, I’m going back to do the same thing I’ve done with the bottle,
put white glue and cover it with small pieces of newspaper.
I already have the plug dry and I have done another piece of chain what is just the piece that
enters the bottom of the cap, what I hit the cap I made with this
so fun and hot silicone ( this piece has to be a little smaller
than the top) … bone chain that I put on top of the bottle,
To make this shape so pretty. Once I have everything glued I paint it gray
and then I’ll give it the last finishing touch. I will use a piece of paper that I have
cut with this shape … with a scissor that It has a very irregular shape … but also
we can do it, straight or we can do it making spikes, I will make a very simple flower
that surely you have seen more than once … very easy to do, simply
I make many cuts and then rolled it up …. I roll this earth on itself,
I hit it with hot silicone, I open it and just in the center I’m going to put a little bit of
hot silicone, and then with this shine wonderful from DECOART the “Galaxy gliter”
I’m going to put a touch of silver glitter. I made a few flowers, in the part
from inside the center circle of the bottle, I’m going to hit three, right next to
the half flower that I had stuck, and then I am going to distribute some also in the part
top just where is the bouquet of larger flowers and then I’ll put
groups of three flowers, also in the plug and at the bottom.
And what can I tell you … you what You are watching, this is getting beautiful!
The truth is that when I started doing it I didn’t bet because it will look pretty, but it’s
that is being spectacular! Now on top of the cap I want
give it …. it has to have a little harmony, with the bottom then the best way
that has occurred to me, and it looks so pretty It is to use the same stones as
I’ve put in the center of the flowers, both to decorate the cap to give it a
small touch at the bottom of the bottle.
To finish the job, although it is not seen in image, I have given a spray varnish to
Protect the entire bottle. And it’s over, …. and well I can
Say? I love it! It’s super pretty … with this pearly grayish tone with
white, it seems super elegant and super pretty.
Anyway I hope you liked this one a lot tutorial that you put it into practice, and how
I always tell you, a very strong kiss and until the next tutorial


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