Recent Headlines in the Onion | JEOPARDY!

Recent Headlines in the Onion | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] And now, here are the categories. First off, Recent Headlines in the Onion. Watch out for that. – Recent Headlines in the Onion, 200. – [Alex] The foundation
of this husband and wife announces new $17 billion initiative to eradicate all third-world
Mac users by 2040. Jonathan. – Who are Bill and Melinda Gates? – [Alex] Right. – The Onion, 400. – [Alex] She’s the White
House press secretary who flatly rejects Jim Acosta’s assertion that he’s Jim Acosta. Jonathan. – Who’s Sara Huckabee Sanders? – [Alex] Correct again. – Onion, 600. – [Alex] Should this NFL team
that went O and 16 in 2017 use the first overall pick
on a once-in-a-generation long snapper? Gerald. – Who are the Cleveland Browns. – [Alex] Yes. – Onion, 800. – [Alex] This rhyme-named
exercise tech company releases new tracking
collar that gets tighter every second you are inactive. Jonathan. – What is Fitbit?
– Yep. – The Onion, 1,000. – [Alex] Deceased souls backed up at this river’s ferry crossing during underworld transit strike. Jonathan. – What is River Styx? – [Alex] That’s it!


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