Recaps Her Star-Studded Gorillapalooza Fundraiser!

Recaps Her Star-Studded Gorillapalooza Fundraiser!

How many have you got to
experience the virtual reality thing back there? [CHEERING] Isn’t it incredible? It’s like you’re
with the gorillas. And after the show,
they’re going to wait and you can do it
again if you missed it. You have to do it. It’s a great experience. It will make you want to go to
Rwanda and see the gorillas. Because you probably
remember, a couple of years ago, Portia gave me the
best birthday present ever. She started the Ellen
DeGeneres Wildlife Fund to help save the
mountain gorillas in Rwanda. And this past Saturday night
we threw a huge fundraiser. We called it Gorillapalooza
And it was a big deal for me because there are only two
things that can get me out of the house on
a Saturday night, that is helping
animals or an open bar. [LAUGHTER] This had both of those. So a lot of thought– a whole
lot of thought went into this. So first of all, I want
to thank my wife Portia, my sister-in-law Casey Rogers. All the time and energy
they put into it was– I mean, they worked really,
really hard on this. They carefully planned
every detail even down to the dress code. It was concert cocktail chic. And if you’re wondering what
that is so was everybody else. [LAUGHTER] People really had no
idea what to dress like. So it was all over the place. Of course, there were a
lot of celebrities there. There was one name
that was mentioned over and over all night long. And I would like to thank
him for being there. His name, Don Julio. [LAUGHTER] The people of Don Julio created
a special bottle of tequila. They put a gorilla logo on it. And everyone got one
when they went home. They sponsored the
bar for the night. So not only did
people spend money, Diane Keaton got a
lower back tattoo. So they were
enjoying the tequila. Not everything went
exactly as planned. Miley Cyrus was supposed
to be there to perform. But she ended up
in the hospital. She had tonsillitis, had
to get them taken out. So Miley we send you love. Hope you’re feeling better. But you know the old saying,
if you can’t get a Miley, get a Martin. So Chris Martin from Coldplay– I asked him to fill in
at the very last minute. And he had already bought
a table for $25,000. So he was going to be there. And then he said,
Oh, I’ll step in. And then I said, well, then
I’ll give you your money back. He said no, keep the money. So basically he paid
us to perform for us. [APPLAUSE] Right, I mean, what a great guy. I love Coldplay. I love Chris Martin. He is a sweet,
sweet human being. And he is really hilarious. I don’t think people
knew how funny he was. And so he did a couple
of Coldplay songs. He also decided to sing a
song that Miley may have sang. And he just learned
it for that night. (SINGING) So I put hands
up, playing my song. I know it’s going to be OK. Yeah! It’s a party in the USA. Yeah! It’s a party in the USA. Sweet, right? [APPLAUSE] He sang a song that
the monkeys sang. He said I think
Ellen’s trying to save the monkeys or something. So he did a song
from the monkeys. Very funny. And then Bruno Mars
headlined the night. He was amazing. I mean, if you’ve never seen him
live, and we all got front row. It was incredible. Every person was just jumping
out on the dance floor. This is a tiny bit
of his performance. (SINGING) Gold jewelry
shining so bright. Strawberry champagne on ice. Lucky for you,
that’s what I like. That’s what I like. Lucky for you,
that’s what I like. That’s what I like. He was amazing. [APPLAUSE] We had a live auction. James Corden and
I did the auction. And it’s always awkward
to ask people for money. So we wanted to make it as laid
back and casual as possible while we asked for money. And when that didn’t
work out, James Corden just yelled at people. You are looking at a man
who has been told tonight there are only
1,000 gorillas left. That is more viewers
than watch my show, Bill. OK, this is technically
the biggest audience I’ve ever played for. And are you going to
let me down, Bill? The Bill I know
wouldn’t do that to me. He’d raise that paddle. $100,000. $100,000. He bullied him into $100,000. [APPLAUSE] He’s saying the Bill I know. He didn’t even know him at all. [LAUGHTER] The gorillas and the people of
Rwanda are so important to me. I wanted to donate
something to the auction. And of course, the one
thing I have that people care the most about
are 12 Days tickets. So I offered them– I had no idea how very, very
rich celebrities would go crazy over free stuff. 50– $50,000. –down here with Julia Roberts. America’s sweetheart
Julia Roberts. $50,000 sitting on her lap
of her husband. 55 on Sofía Vergara. $55,000. Oh my God– She’s going to take
America’s sweetheart down. –it’s on. She says $55,000. I got money. 60 in the back. 65. $65,000. Sofía says do not
push me around. And that was aimed at Julia. She looked at you and said 65. $80,000? $80,000. Julia Roberts says $80,000. Wow. $85,000. $85,000. Sofía Vergara says $85,000. Good for you. Both of you can come together
for the 12 Days of Giveaways. Done. So they’re going to be
sitting in the audience. [APPLAUSE] I’m so thankful to all my
friends who came and helped. Leonardo DiCaprio donated. Diane Keaton, Kendall Jenner. Sean Hayes was the first
to bid on naming rights for one of the buildings
at my gorilla campus. My mother stole four gift bags. We were hoping to
raise $2 million. That didn’t happen. We raised over $5 million. [CHEERING] This is so important
because there are only 1,000 mountain gorillas left. And that means each gorilla
after taxes gets about 3,500. I don’t know what they’ll
do with the money. But I want to thank Walmart
for sponsoring the event. We couldn’t have
done it without them. And thanks to my friends
who were so generous with their time, their money. Jen Aniston stayed
after the event. She did the dishes and gave
Portia and I a ride home. So you’re a sweet,
sweet girl Jen. And you can see a montage of
the whole night on Ellentube right now. And if you want to help the
gorillas, and I hope you do, there’s an online auction
that’s live today. Go to our website to find out
how you can bid on some really cool things online.


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