Real Reasons Ronda Rousey LOST At WWE WrestleMania 35! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019

Real Reasons Ronda Rousey LOST At WWE WrestleMania 35! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019

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botch, new details on All Elite Wrestling’s TV deal in October, as well as details on
the man who attacked Bret Hart at the Hall of Fame on Saturday night. Click the timestamps
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and outros where we read listener correspondence, which is one of the top banging podcasts to
listen to during Mania season. Not my words Carol, the words of the Metro newspaper. But it would seem we’re not the only people
who are a bit sleepy following the seven and a half hour WrestleMania show. Along with
reports from Bryan Alaverez who was in the Met Life Centre saying that people were leaving
during the main event because they had to catch the last train home, adding there were
also thousands of fans in the line for Uber rides in the pouring rain at 2am – Skillit
of Gorilla Position posted this video on Twitter, which shows some fans sleeping through Kurt
Angle’s farewell match against Baron Corbin. It’s all your fault, Baron Corbin. And it would appear those in charge of the
WrestleMania programme were also a bit sleepy, as they made quite the Good Brother gaff. The WrestleMania programme can often provide
some decent laughs due to last minute changes to the card or typo snafus, with the official
programme for last year’s show hastily adding Rusev to the United States Championship match
– to the point they only managed to get his head in. This year’s programme was no different,
with WrestleMania attendee Nicole posting on Twitter that WWE mixed up Luke Gallows
and Karl Anderson’s names. Something which Karl Anderson found highly amusing on Twitter. It’s been heavily reported that unlike AJ
Styles, it’s being reported that Gallows and Anderson will be leaving WWE once their
contracts expire – possibly adding speculation to the rumour fire by posing with their former
Bullet Club cohorts Tama Tonga and Bad Luke Fale ahead of Ring of Honor and New Japan’s
historic G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden. Or will Gallows and Anderson be joining The
Elite over at All Elite Wrestling, who recently had some new details emerge about their weekly
TV show. Last week it was announced that legendary
voice of wrestling Jim Ross had signed on to be the lead commentator for All Elite Wrestling,
and will also help out backstage in a creative role. And on his Ross Report podcast, Gool
Ol’ JR revealed, “when people hear what network we’re going be on, they’re gonna
be doubly excited, because it’s a network we can all find,” adding, “The weekly,
two hour live television show will premiere in October.” Dave Meltzer has added on Wrestling Observer
Radio that the show will be getting a prime time position, reporting that we should hear
the details on this TV deal very soon, most likely ahead of Double or Nothing in May.
Meltzer said on Observer Radio that AEW are now very close to inking a deal with the network
after negotiating between two major stations, as well as working on an international deal
saying, “if they get that one, it will be pretty significant.” One of the key factors for the deal is the
possibility of not only streaming the weekly TV show but also their PPVs going forward,
noting that both stations they’re negotiating with have a streaming platform. Meltzer reported,
“I think they [the network] would want a deal where Double or Nothing was streamed
on the service of the station they’re going with. So when they announce the streaming
service [for Double or Nothing], at that point you’re going to pretty much narrow it down
where the show is going.” Meltzer also noted in the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter that AEW could have some interest in former Ring of Honor and WWE wrestler Tenille
Dashwood, who announced last week she was now a free agent. And perhaps they could also
have their eye on a former Impact World Champion who recently left the company. A few days before WrestleMania, Impact Wrestling
held United We Stand in New York City, which featured The Lucha Brothers defeating Rob
Van Dam and Sabu, Taya Valkyrie retain her Knockouts Championship, and Tessa Blanchard
defeat Joey Ryan in a special intergender match. However, Ryan was actually a replacement
for the show, with former Impact World Champion Eli Drake originally advertised to take on
Blanchard. However Drake posted on Twitter that he didn’t agree with the match and
refused to do it, saying: “I have amazing respect for @IMPACTWRESTLING and @Tess_Blanchard
and can see that she is likely the greatest female talent in wrestling today. Although
that said, I will not participate in a one on one intergender match.” And then prior to United We Stand, Drake featuring
on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast where he said he could possibly leave the promotion
saying, “It’s time to start thinking about what options I have. Should I stay or should
I go? We will find out. There are so many options out there. How can I best boost my
brand awareness and how can I put more money in my pocket? It’s a matter of figuring out
what’s going to work best for me long-term.” And that decision was made for him, with Impact
Wrestling announcing on their website they had terminated their relationship Eli Drake,
with PWInsider reporting that Drake’s comments on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast as well
as his refusal to work with Tessa Blanchard led to his firing. Drake said on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast
that he’s had “friendly conversations” with WWE, but says no offer has been made. One man who has decided to stay rather than
go however is Rob Van Dam, with RVD telling Sporting News that he has signed a new deal
with Impact Wrestling and which starts at the April 29th TV taping in Toronto. He added,
“It does have a beginning and an end, but they can extend, so this is something to start
us off.” However it wasn’t Rob Van Dam and Sabu tearing
it up with the Lucha Bros that made headlines prior to last night’s WrestleMania, with
the news coming out of from the WWE Hall of Fame of Bret Hart being attacked during his
speech. Hart was on stage alongside Natalya being
inducted as The Hart Foundation with the late Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, when a member
of the audience rushed the stage and tackled Hart to the ground. Meltzer reported that
the security at Barclays Centre was “ridiculous”, noting that it was the wrestlers in attendance
that stopped the man rather than the security guards. More details have since emerged about the
attacker, who has been identified as Zachery Madsen from Nebraska, and has since been charged
with two counts of assault and trespassing. CBS Sports also reported that a member of
the security team and Hart himself suffered “minor injuries” from the attack, saying
Madsen punched Hart before being dragged off. Thankfully, Hart did not require medical attention
after he finished his speech. Online sluethers have since discovered that
Madsen is an ametuer MMA fighter, who posted several negative tweets to Vince McMahon and
Triple H because he was angry that women were main eventing WrestleMania this year – calling
it a “major setback for the human race” in one tweet and saying Ronda Rousey, Becky
Lynch and Charlotte Flair should be in the back “where they belong” in another. But before we talk about the finish to that
main event, we’ve got to discuss a finish that WWE themselves spoiled. Last night at WrestleMania 35, Kofi Kingston
completed his eleven year journey by capturing the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan in
a fantastic match. After the match there was a long celebration with Kofi’s kids, and
New Day members Xavier Woods and Big E revealed the old leather-strap WWE Championship for
Kofi as well as new merchandise that promotes him as the Champ. Which would have been a nice moment, if WWE
didn’t telegraph the finish by clearly putting the old Championship belt on a plinth before
the match, and certainly not by posting the new Kofi Kingston WWE Champion t-shirt on
their website 30 minutes before the final bell rung. Several WWE fans found that if you typed New
Day into the search bar on, you got an image for their new merch, effectively
giving away that Kofi Kingston was winning. These images were then shared on Twitter and
it spread like wildfire to the point that WWE had to take the links down until the match
was over. Now while it could be a simple slip up, WWE
also released a Daniel Bryan t-shirt claiming he was still the champion at the same time
during the match – a t-shirt Alexa Bliss made fun of later on with The B-Team and Ron Simmons. Which brings us to the main event of the show,
and the finish which has a lot of people asking if it was a total botch. In the closing moments of the match, Becky
Lynch rolled through on a Ronda Rousey Piper’s Pit to get her in a pin – and get a shock
3-count to win both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships. The finish seemingly came out of nowhere,
and became even more bizarre when plenty of replays where shown that showed Ronda’s
shoulders were up during the pin. While many believe this was done intentionally
to create a storyline and intrigue for tonight’s Raw – or to protect Rousey in her first pinfall
defeat – it’s been reported by Tom Colohue from Pro Wrestling Torch that this finish
was botched and the original finish was supposed to see Becky tap out Charlotte Flair in order
to win instead. He writes, “I’ve been told by different people, in different positions
within WWE, that was the plan. It sure looks like they’ve just botched the main event of
WrestleMania.” This report was also backed up by Sean Ross
Sapp of Fightful, who tweeted out: “The finish didn’t happen as planned. Rousey wasn’t
happy after, either. Thought the situation made her look bad, apparently.” [28] Dave Meltzer conflictingly posted on the Wrestling
Observer message boards after these reports came out that the main event wasn’t a botch,
and was actually the planned finish – with Bryan Alvarez adding, “The only botch in
the main event finish was Ronda’s shoulder was supposed to be down.” Meltzer reported
on Wrestling Observer Radio that this was always intended to be Ronda Rousey’s final
WWE match for the time being – which has only been cemented as Meltzer is reporting that
Ronda Rousey broke her hand during the match. When asked why didn’t Becky submit Ronda
Rousey in the main event of WrestleMania to put her over, Meltzer said, “At one point
the finish was going to be a submission finish, and there were a lot of people for it and
a lot of people against it. In the end they went with the pinfall… There were a lot
of arguments that Ronda shouldn’t submit, because that’s “fake”. She never submitted
in judo after a certain level, she never submitted in MMA.” And with that, it was decided that
Becky should pin Ronda and not submit her. On a lighter note, Oli, Laurie and myself
had all picked Becky Lynch to win the main event of WrestleMania – giving us valuable
points as WrestleLeague Season One came to an end. Sadly, it wasn’t enough for Oli
Davis, who despite being a couple of points ahead of me prior to United We Stand last
Thursday, was trailing by five points after the G1 Supercard. A sterling comeback saw
him come within just two points off overtaking me once again during WrestleMania, but Mandy
Rose failing to win the Women’s Battle Royal, and Ricochet and Aleister Black not winning
the Smackdown Tag Team Championships meant he lost Season One – and will therefore be
doing a savage music video punishment of Shawn Michaels’ Sexy Boy entrance theme. So savage. Thank you for watching and a special thank
you to our Patreon Pledge Hammers who are currently scrolling their way into my stomach.
Click the video over there to watch Oli Davis’ full review of WrestleMania, and do us all
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been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.


100 thoughts on “Real Reasons Ronda Rousey LOST At WWE WrestleMania 35! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019”

  • Now that Kofi's won the title all I need is for the friendly rivalry for the title with his New Day teammates for my prediction to be 100% correct.

  • William Barnes says:

    Match of the night for wm35 i guess kofi bryan but all in all nxt takeover walter vs Dunne was the best match ive seen in a good minute

  • I reviewed it over and over, ref was in position, becky executed the crucifix roll up perfectly, the botch was on the always awkward poor footwork stepping clumsy got put into the main event scene wayyyy too soon Ronda. She didnt get her legs up and over. She needed time on the NXT scene before coming to the main roster. Great for ufc, not the wwe at this point in time.

  • honestly for the match of the night imo was probably batista vs triple h or daniel bryan vs kofi kingston. now don't get me wrong, the main event was great but it was so late and the show was so long that it lessened it. like probably when i rewatch it at a more reasonable time it'll probably be motn or close second to bryan vs kofi but again with it being so late it was lessened. now I don't think triple h vs batista was a more entertaining match just it stood out in my mind more and was more memorable on the first viewing. cause i can basically remember all the moments for that match. and i think only the beginning was really good. i think after the powerbomb on the stairs my hype for it dropped. but the finger hold with the plyers, the nose ring spot, the table spots, etc. but yeah for the memorable match of the night it'll go to triple h vs batista. for best match itself was kofi vs bryan

  • Qadash Chaayah says:

    When I saw the finish. I was initially thinking that along with the consensus that it was done to make Rousey still look strong because she never tapped or got K.O. pinned, but outsmarted by a crucifix pin.

    BUT: there's a rumor going around saying that Vince made the call backstage and did a "screw job-ish finish to spite due to all the trash she was talking about Pro Wrestling. Which, Im not going to lie, I think its feasible as well.

  • shitvideoguy73 says:

    so wwe can have a man put on face paint and refer to himself as "the demon" magically making him capable of beating a man twice his size and strength but ronda rousey tapping out is considered "too fake" lol

  • Erik Stensaas says:

    To be fair on the cloaked title, the new day probably would have give kofi that title if he lost anyway as if to say "you're the real champ to us!"

  • Well i couldn’t agree more with attacker on the women thing but how is that Bret’s fault…and don’t worry buddy we saw how the main event was and this feminism push will collapse on itself and any women who can be in a main event will have to work for it not just given it like Rousey

  • Charlotte was the better wrestler of the 3 but she clearly didn't belong to the Lynch-Rousey match. Would've been a much better main event if Charlotte wasn't included. It just didn't live up to the hype. WWE ruined the main event by adding Charlotte (although I was hoping for her to win instead of Becky).

  • cameraguyjoe36 says:

    Who cares. I watched the show and it wasnt spoiled because a tee shirt. Probably helpful i dont use twitter

  • Match of the night? I'll give that distinction to the main event, but only becausethe referee was able to follow Vince's instructions and give the 3 count to The Man (despite Ronda damn near botching the finish). Actually? there were a few botches in that match… but, Becky "2 Belts" won, so… yeah.

  • El Plebe Uchiha says:

    That was clearly a botch. Ronda clearly wanted to look strong. She actually made herself look bad. Once a sore loser, always…. (×)

  • Imo match of the night was kofi vs DB 2 bad it was on at the same night women broke ground cuz it would be dope if he closed out the show. Especially how they actually had an ok celebration unlike the main event it felt rushed & like it was no big deal.

  • Not only does this Zack sound like a retarded cunt he's also a sexist believing women are inferior to men. Also from other Tweets he put out it looks like he's upset as he sees himself as a future WWE superstar and he made several attempts to get noticed by Triple H so he can get into the performance centre and he's been ignored. Well they know who you are now Zack and no doubt you'll have a lifetime ban from all WWE events. Also his Twitter page banner is Mario (from Mario Party apparently) so showing your mental age there, but he sounds like he does have some mental problems in all seriousness from the Tweets he puts out from what I've seen

  • Why did you guys give that punk any more attention than the five seconds that he got on the HoF show? No one should ever mention this douche bag again. I get it is news, but really?

  • I kinda feel like Cena was wasted on this WM. Sure, the skit was funny (and I always enjoy seeing Elias getting beaten down, even if only verbally), but I think a better swirve would have been that, just before Kurt’s match, Cena beat up Corbin backstage and took his place in the match.

    Not only would it have pleased the fans, but the nostalgia of Cena’s first televised match as the Doctor of Thuganomics (which was against Kurt) would have brought everything back full-circle.
    It would have blown the roof off the arena (if it had one, of course)

  • Y'all complain about how long wrestling is but your videos are ridiculously too long with way too much extra corny shit added. Go figure

  • That dude that attacked is obviously a POS, but why give people like that the exposure they wanted? Even showing off his twitter so he can get more followers (you know there are people who think like that and now they hav one more comrade)…This will also lead to him being bullied now and then he and similiar people will hate the other side even more and do more stupid shit and the circle of hate just keeps going round and round… 🙁

  • Eil Drake. A wrestler with some sense. We should def not have women and men competing in one on one competition. Even in .. ‘sports entertainment’ ?

  • "Kofi t shirt was a dead giveaway"

    Seth Rollins Beast Slayer t shirt was also a dead giveaway

    CM Punk v Cena in 2011 MITB was a dead giveaway that he was staying with the company with the new best in the world t shirt on the actual PPV

  • I don't really blame WWE for "spoiling the match" the shop merch was lame but that's why I never do on social media just before or during events. The belt had to be there in case Kofi won, and honestly to me when the hemp belt was sitting there it just looks like a stand to keep the belt upright, never occurred to be the other belt was there.

  • Rooty Rootyson says:

    I was worried Luke was infringing on Oli's gimmick for a moment when he introduced the news with those S-S-S-sounds. I don't think my heart could live through another Wrestletalk betrayal angle.

  • Eli Drake Is better Off Without Impact they were wasting his Talent because he didn't Kiss the Bosses Asses or Sucked their Dicks & Impact was in the wrong to make A match having Eli Hit a Woman No Man Should Hit A Woman That Is Domestic Violence & It Doesn't Matter If The Woman Is A Professional Fighter So The Dumb Asses From Impact Fire Eli Because He Won't Hit A Woman But if Eli Would Hit His Girl friend He would get Suspended Until the charges are dropped So Impact are Hipacrits #FactOfLife

  • Cameron Morgan says:

    Stupid idiot and hypocrite had the nerve to send out threatening messages to Vince and other people then attack Bret Hart. The wrestlers should have killed him!!!!

  • I was there at Wrestlemania, you could see the faces of women in the main event, and it was not planned that Lynch would win. When all 3 women entered the ring, I noticed that Lynch did not have a grand entrance. Rousy had Joan Jet singing Bad Reputation, Flair came in on a helicopter, but Lynch just walked down the catwalk. It looked like she was thrown into the mix so that Rousy and Flair could duke it out. Wow, what a shock.

  • Natsuki Is Best says:

    That botch goes to show why the Women's Championship shouldn't have main evented. There were too many botches in that match. They weren't ready. Kofi was much more deserving of the big closing moment.

  • Even if it wasnt planned. Becky shouldve dedeated ronda to finish their story that charlotte thinks shes apart of. So others can believe what they want. But a becky beating ronda finish just makes more sense to the story giving it a clean finish. So yes the botch thats believable is rondas shoulders shouldve stayed down.

  • This is honestly the best wrestling new channel on youtube.
    Olly and luke are great presenters that actually love the product and not just reading of a prompter.

  • The plain triple threat main event was idiotic. WrestleMania 2000 had a triple threat with two titles Angle, Benoit, Jericho. That was two out three falls first fall I.C second fall Euro. That’s how it should have been done.

  • I just can't go along with the Becky Lynch love, I don't no what it is but I take a nap when she talks now…has Alexa done something wrong? as she's more entertaining than most of the chicks but seams to be given stupid things to do to keep her away from the big belt's. How long will it take for WWE to get the belt back on soy boy Bryan? Also was Cena playing to the troll's saying he's about to turn heel and bury Alias? Because I could get back into the show to watch a heel Cena…keep him away from the G rated idiot comedy crap and stop him prancing around like a little girl though….

  • Norberto Mangunay says:

    this just got me thinking. if Bray is returning with an reboot he will need a new fiction right? what if dean is coming with Bray? just a thought. since dean's wife is still in wwe, it is safe to say that dean is still in wwe.

  • Carlos Melendez says:

    Lol! Vince did it! Vince did it!(montreal screwjob 2)…er…I mean Becky did it! BTW Becky Lynch I still love you but this was montreal all over again.

  • Guys, why are you giving this asshole who attacked Bret more spotlight and Twitter followers by not only mentioning his name but also showing his Twitter? I would have thought you are smarter than that…

  • Becky sucks what a stupid name the man how is that helping women's wrestling, Charlotte should of won Ronda sucks makes mistakes and not great on the mic match was ok tho

  • Poor main event. Lynch needs to call herself the WOMan anyway as that makes more sense than calling herself The Man. It's an anti female implication while simultaneously benefitting from the women's movement / "Evolution" at the same time. Contradiction/conflict. I'm also not impressed with Lynch ripping off Stone Cold's gimmick as well as misusing Flair's "The man" phrase and am sick of Charlotte ripping off her infinitely more skilled and talented father's gimmicks. Rousey is a crap promo but legitimate performer who was the only one of those 3 who belonged in any main event. Best part of the show for me was the start. The surprises of Hogan appearing and then also Heyman appearing and the Lesnar match being moved to first match of the main card.

  • C'mon it was obvious that Kofi was going to win. That's what fans expected. McMahon isn't going to disappoint. It would be "BAD FOR BUSINESS".

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