Reading Comprehension Strategies: SEQUENCE OF EVENTS

Reading Comprehension Strategies: SEQUENCE OF EVENTS

ta da bess first sequence is your row things the days of the week are in the orders the minds of a yahren or the numbers are in a sequence the alphabet is in a sequence and the vet is something that happens anyway is something big happens and that is something big like a party and I've been to something big like a football game and the vet is something big that have been in the story stories have a secret every story has events when we retell a story it is a portion to remember the sequence of events if you get the events out of water it will change the story what if Goldilocks had showed up before the Bears left on their walk that was change the story what if the big bad wolf had come to the little pigs before they build their house that would have change the story secretive event is important when we are retelling a story if that will help Co whenever mom with the rod he will come timeout you want to 90 look when we tell stories need to be sure to use words to let people know you know that secant of events we need to tell the story in the right order and people will know we understand the story I'm going to tell the story of my day notice he could have invented out of order but I will put it in forager Hyundai I woke up first I brush my teeth next I ate breakfast and then I had lunch in the end I went to sleep the sequence of a vine art and the words of a story not the picture you must understand the words don't this look at the pictures the work all the events happen again


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