Reacting To The Funniest Break Up Texts!

Reacting To The Funniest Break Up Texts!

Hows it going guys welcome to Reaction Time Today we are going to be looking at some extremely painful break up texts you guys love this series i already have about 2 difrent videos so lets react to funny to funny text feilds so without further a do so lets just jump right into this and hope you guys enjoy!! I want us to be like selena and justin Babe, They broke up… Ok fine. Seal and Heidi UHH… They Split too. JESUS OK FINE!! Britney and Justin. THEY SPLIT LIKE 10 YEARS AGO Obviously Your not Catching on Its over!! LINSEY!! DONT you get it? we we are breaking up linsey im so sorry I just wanted to show you guys examples. we not we are through Its over I need to tell you something What is it babe? I broke your Xbox!! What!?!?!? just kidding im actually cheating on you. So my Xbox is ok right? *laughs* When your a dude and you literally care about that xbox then your girlfreind he just got cheated on but is my xbox ok? LIKE i need it!? tell me its ok i don’t care ur a skank! U can go! Its 11:11! Make a wish Ok what did u wish for? For you And me to grow up and get married and to stay together forever! What did u wish for?? To find a way to break up with you before it got too serious *pause* Are you serious? Oh my God!! ah thats a great wish u know lets uhh lets we will break up because i dont want to break your feelings! have you seen that movie called people umm.. never heard of it why?? cause that’s what i want to see Are you breaking up with me? WOW! *Shakes head* WOW!!!! Your breaking up with me! The fact that you say wow when your getting dumbed juts show why shes breaking up with you. Hey wana see a magic trick? N0. Now am i supposed to dump you!!? i was going to show you a cool magic trick called im sleeping with your brother. ah so this is from an ex. What the hell you want? i just wanted to tell you something I dont care what you have to say. I was just going to say that your Xbox 360 had had a great time burining in the fire. with the picture of us. you bitch The XBOX! again what did we say about the xbox i cant belive you burned My xbox this is from baby.. Heyy i was told have no soul today thats not true why would someone say that? i laughed when Simba’s dad died in the lion king we’re so over. oh my god bro you you laught when simba’s dad died in the lion king? not the fact you dont have a soul you you dont have a heart your heart is a black hole. that was one of the saddest animated sean in a disney movie. like.. in my opinion this guy probably watches his dog get killed fore free like its fun or something Baby… Dont baby me wer’re done baby seriosly are you retarded NOO did you just respond with justin beiber lyrics as im breaking up with you -_- ohhhh! *sings Baby baby baby NOOO i actually thought she was just messing with him or something.. What would you do if i broke up with you orsomething get back with my ex now i see how much you care im done hey you wana go out? go with your ex. OHHHH that is so clever but at the same time your you guys are kinda over i dont know if their going to get back together but that is soo thats actulay realy funny… Go with your ex but know you are my ex babe babe your my ex now so we can go out its funny how this turned aound I never want to see you again in my life i hope you burn in hell you hore umm this is your mother home know Oh sorry that was my friend emma why would you break up with a girl named emma she was the first girl to look at you naked and not puke!! Fuke you too mom *gasp* his mom is a savage!!! Mom is a savage ok guys this is going to be the last one i don’t think this is really working im breaking up with you im your wife you cant exactly break up with me im in your house you can just walk to the other side of the room and tell me you want to get divorced opps sorry that was meant for some one else ohh ok:) wait what ok guys that’s going to about wrap that up for some break up texts well there are so many more let me know if you want me to do more with that being said how bout you click on my chest here here or here ans subscribe if your new ad have fun breaking up with your boyfreind and girlfriends and friends alright peace out!!


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