re: Galaxy Folds are Breaking

re: Galaxy Folds are Breaking

– Yo guys. So today was not the
greatest day for Samsung and the Galaxy Fold. In a matter of essentially 24 hours, things went from, “Hey, this
thing’s actually kinda cool” to, “Oh my god, what are we gonna do?” (sad instrumental music) There was a handful of
people out there with review and it’s where seemingly one after another devices were breaking, left and right. And this isn’t a video to jump on Samsung, or to bash them, or to make fun of them. It’s actually just a reminder of saying, “Hey, let’s be decent human beings.” It’s one thing to criticize
a company or a product and hey, this thing is like $2,000. That’s a lotta money. You could buy a ton of
stuff with that kinda cash. So if you paid for that
and you ended up with this, I would be upset too. But it’s an entirely different mindset to root for tech to fail. Don’t be that guy who’s like, “Yes, [Bleep] you Samsung. “In the face, Galaxy Fold sucks. “Eat [Bleep] Samsung
boys, iPhone for life.” That’s just not cool. It’s the same people with the iPad and they see some article of it bending and they’re like, “Yes, I new it. “Apple is trash. “All you guys are suckers. “Oh my god, it’s so good.” Like if you get off to this kind of stuff, what is wrong with you? I am by no means saying that
Samsung gets a pass for this, but again, what I am saying is let’s not root for tech to fail especially when Samsung is
taking a huge chance with this and trying to move tech forward. Now the problem from this actually stems from the screen protector like film that apparently was supposed
to stay on the Galaxy Fold and if you removed it, that’s when things would turn really ugly. Where things get tricky
though is there are two sides. You have the retail package
where it’s more apparent. They have it written
on the plastic saying, “Hey, don’t whatever you
do remove this plastic “or you’re gonna screw things up.” And then you have the reviewers side, where it looks like apparently
Samsung seemed to omit that. I don’t know about you, but if Samsung knew this, and you better believe they knew this or it would not be plastered
on the retail packaging, it would not be in the
actual reviewer’s guide, that should be like the first
thing you are telling people so one, they don’t screw their Folds up and two, they can then
inform people who are watching their videos
not to do this yourself. On the other side of
things you have people that did not remove the film
and seemingly had no issues. There was one guy who
even bent and folded his like 50 million times just to
showcase that his was okay. I think there was one where
they did not remove the film and still had problems, but it would be interesting
to see how Samsung responds. Are they going to delay shipment? Are they going to cancel it? Are they going to recall packaging and stamp giant letters on there saying, “Please, please, please. “Please don’t remove this
film or your phone will die.” Now prior to this catastrophe, there were already people
who were writing off the Galaxy Fold, and yeah, I’ll be the first to admit it’s expensive, it’s Gen One tech, and the average person
should by no means buy this, but it doesn’t mean that
we should knock Samsung for at least trying to
move things forward. People knocked the iPad
when that was announced and said that wasn’t gonna succeed. People knocked the original Galaxy Note and look, that changed how we look at smartphone size to this day. We’re at this place in
tech where people want and almost demand
innovation at a rapid pace and the only way you get
there is by taking chances. Unfortunately, sometimes
you fall on your face, but it’s ultimately how you react and I’ll be interested to
see how Samsung reacts. I’m rooting for them. Hope they can pick up the pieces and get this thing out eventually. I’m excited for it. I’m excited for the tech. So thank you guys for watching. Just a reminder. Hey, let’s be good humans. Let’s not root for tech to fail. Let’s root for tech to succeed and I will catch you guys later.


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