RCT2 - Beating Urban Park without buying land or advertising

RCT2 – Beating Urban Park without buying land or advertising

hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of it's way too hot to record but here we are anyway yesterday we broke the national heat record in the Netherlands and while where I live it's a few degrees cooler it was and is still way too hot anyway this video is the fifth scenario challenge which I think it's a catchier name than beating snares with restrictions which is what I called it previously today we are going to beat urban park without buying any land and also without advertising if you didn't know urban park is a scenario where you start out with a tiny plot of land it is only 7 by 13 tiles large the goal is to get at least 1,000 guests and the park rating of at least 600 at the end of year 3 you can buy quite a bit of construction rights and land area for quite cheap so you're not confined to this plot of land that's just over half the size of marco park however in this video we will not purchase any land or construction rights to make it even more difficult we are also not going to advertise which means that we need to get the soft gas cap to over 1,000 to illustrate how much this is for a park this small you need 10 corkscrew coasters to reach that gas cap or alternatively 23 merry-go-rounds this might seem impossible but the corkscrew coaster which is the first course you unlock in urban park with research makes this doable without any further ado let's get started first we need to get rid of the guests that we start out with and we need to remove everything and flatten the land when that is done we can build our first layer of six corkscrew coasters these corkscrew coasters are the smallest coasters in the game that still have decent stats to station pieces and have a corkscrew launched a 35 km/h or 25 miles per hour without pausing the station the great thing about this path and the right layout is that it's very easily stackable after we have built the layer on the ground we are first going to build some rights underground before we start stacking up worse the clerks who go sir about fit here as it needs nine metres of clearance and we only have seven and a half on the ground so we will place for merry-go-rounds instead I forgot to connect one of the exits but I didn't have any guests fall into the void because I also forgot to set the right ticket price for the merry-go-round to zero so guests refused to pay them since he already paid through the entrance I fixed this later on when this underground lair of merry-go-rounds is done we can start stacking the corkscrew coasters I think that four layers is a nice amount it gives us 24 corkscrew coasters and for merry-go-rounds which gives us soft guest gap of over 2500 which is easily high enough guests are terrible at navigating multi-level path layouts so I hope that not having more than four layers makes guests not get lost that often now that we're done with building we need to do one more thing before we fast forward until the end of year 3 and that is higher way too many staff members a tea handyman 20 mechanics 20 security guards and 80 entertainers should keep the park immaculate and guests happy we'll also give the coaster some nice color scheme now that this is done we can fast forward it's not even the end of year 1 yet and we've already reached 1000 guests this means that not only did we get enough guests without buying land and advertising we also did it in less than one third of the allotted time it's now almost the end of October year 3 and we have well over a thousand guests so we're easily going to pass the goal the only time that the rating dropped below 999 was whenever it rained and the guests refused to write the coaster so they all got stuck on the main path this caused overcrowding issues and as a result the rating went down and about 200 guests left apart before the rating went up again there we go we've beat an urban park without purchasing any land and also without advertising without a corkscrew coaster design this would likely not have been post but who knows if you managed to do this without a course record sir please let me now also let me know in the comments what other scenario challenges you would like to see me do before I go I want to let you know about the tutorial for building with custom scenery that a friend of mine named – water cooler Tycoon made I have been asked a couple of times to make a tutorial for building with scenery but I'm just not good enough to do that water cooler is great with scenery and has a presentation style similar to mine so if you're into building with scenery give this video a go the link is in the description if this video does well enough you will make more of them for building different things in the future that was it for this video thank you all for watching and I will see you in the next video


48 thoughts on “RCT2 – Beating Urban Park without buying land or advertising”

  • I have made the audio slightly louder for this video as some people said that my videos were a bit quiet. Do you guys like this change?

  • i would love to see you take a starter park and just go with it, see how far you can take (not from rct2 but easy example) forest frontiers, and just…grow it. Megapark from a starter park.

  • Can you make a 10.0+ excitement coaster, which uses every possible element (except photo) and uses equally many of all of them? (e.g. 10 station tiles, 10 accelerators 10 lift hill tiles, 10 tight, normal and wide right and left and unbanked and banked tiles each. Then all their upwards and downwards Iterations and so on.)

  • Tiny park videos are always my favorite, and RCT2 is perfect for them. RCT3 and Planet Coaster aren't great for tiny park challenges.

  • Seriously? 38 degrees?
    In the Netherlands!?

    And I thought having 37-43 degree temperatures semi-regularly in Australia was weird.
    But that part of Europe really shouldn't be getting temperatures like that.

    I feel half dead at 35 degrees. XD
    My condolences.

  • PlatinumEagleStudio's says:

    I have a challenge. Beat a scenario only using flat rides and no roller coasters. Also you can use every flat ride EXCEPT for the Merry Go Round.

  • On the first layer, you deleted the corkscrew to place the next coaster closer. Is the bounding box for a placed piece different to placing a piece, and in what circumstances could you do this to save room in rides or in the park?

  • Did you reupload this? I watched it 10 hours ago, and at that time it was uploaded 45 minutes ago.
    I was just woken up by this lovely storm (nice and cool-ish :D), and this was uploaded 17 minutes ago xd

  • baggio verbert says:

    There is one scenario I believe you can complete it without even doing something. It's one of the later one's. You start with an old park but there are quite a lot of attractions already so maybe it's doable. I Will look up them name tomorrow

  • Watercooler - OpenRCT2 says:

    Thank you very much for the shoutout to my YouTube series Marcel! Hope some viewers enjoy it and learn custom scenery techniques from it!

  • I gave this a thumbs up but i would like to see something like this bur no cheesing meaning i want a unique design on every ride and some deco… Thanks for the videos

  • Great video, but I'd appreciate it if you switched to a different transition effect or made it faster as it strains my eyes when I'm watching the videos while I'm tired before going to bed. Thank you <3

  • Nicholas Hartle says:

    Can probably do basically the same strat in RCT1 by raising and lowering water to get the coasters up higher. Guests might get really lost, though.

  • If you think 40 degrees is hot, its over 100 in California right now 😂

    I hope people understand this is a joke

  • I really like when you do interesting scenario challenges like this. Some of your viewers find the micro coasters cheesy but I think they are perfect for the atmosphere of this park!

    I've always loved stacking coasters and trying to make vertical parks! Excited for whatever the topic of the next video is!

    And here in the United States (virginia) we actually had a pretty nice day. Past week has been in the 100F. Stay cool!

  • In America we only had one heat wave, but I understand in Europe you guys have been hit hard again. Stay cool and drink water!

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