14 thoughts on “Ranger RCI-2950DX with TRBX3 Echo Slider and Talkback”

  • Hello Carl. I need some litle help with my RCI-2950DX. I cut D67 and add a switch for talkback. Talkback sound good and loud on AM but poor and unclear on FM and SSB. Any help please ? Apreciate

  • Rob Livingston says:

    It should of came with instructions, easy install, but if you're not comfortable have someone else do it that knows there way around a CB.

  • Echo controls in back? That would be a serious suck factor since mine is mounted on my dash and I would have to stand up to reach it and standing up while driving isn't something i prefer to do.

  • Je ne sais pas de quoi vous parlez, bonbons dans ma bouche. Je l'ai écouté ici et il semble parfaitement clair.

  • Ronnie Schaniel says:

    can someone show better pictures on how to wire the trbx3 in the 2950 DX like in tis video but clearer veiw?

  • John Guillory says:

    Why does everyone want to open the clarifier? It defeats the entire purpose of having a clarifier. Especially when you have a radio that will tune to 100hz increments!

  • @Wificasper What Do You Suggest ? I'm planning to buy a Voyage the VR9000 or The RCI2950 What Do You Recommend ? I 'm 11 Meters user! low frequencies .

  • @Wificasper The older orange face Ranger 2950 and 70's s are the ones that get that trrrrrr sound. The DX radio in this video has a short "pip" type sounding roger beep.

  • Does Have a roger Beep?
    I would like to know how is called the sound on the roger beep in this radio cause I heard a noise on other RCI 2950 and sound different , its like a trrrrrr , well if somebody Know please leave replay Tanks!

  • @KC8YOQ Absolutely, send to CAT Enterprises, 5051 NE 12Th Ave. Oakland Park FL. 33334. Make sure to include a daytime phone number.

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